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Ireland vs Denmark IV

It’s VS time again!!
-Warning sarcasm and a rough tone might read at first, hopefully the love and humor will shine through with the after thought.

Weather! A condition that’s been on my mind lately (after 2 weeks of non-stop rain!!)

Before I moved from Copenhagen, I thought Denmark had the worst weather ever! After living in Ireland for more than a year, I can truthfully state I was wrong!! Nothing beats the irish weather in terms of bad, worse and worst. The sky over West Cork some days lie above us as a big, fat, grey blanket. And I mean it’s all grey!! Not a ray of sunshine or a glimpse of blue sky. It’s not even ‘cute, bubbly white ala cotton balls skies, it’s grey ‘after the nuclear-polution-post-apocalypse-sky’. After a few days with this, it’s easy to understand the level of drinking here. If you’re not depressed by economy, you get let down by the weather.

And to help the feeling of bad – the houses here seems really bad when it comes to insulation. For some reason – unknown to me – the irish, who have lived in these sh***y conditions for centuries, have not taken upon themselves to learn how to build insulation into their houses. Example: The house I live in takes a couple of hours to heat up, but only one hour to return to it’s frostbox-like state.

No real winner: Both countries are shit when it comes to the weather. However Denmark getting +1 for having nice, warm, insulated houses in the winter, and the Irish getting a +1 for handling their lousy weather with dignity. I’m not sure, I could have handled growing up here.

irish weather

Public Transport: Now this one is tricky.
Time table service: In Copenhagen where I lived, busses ran on time, every day – all day (and in all sorts of weather). If late, it wouldn’t be more than a minute or two.  And the popular routes would be running every 5-8 minute in rush hours.

In Cork, Ireland where I live now, busses seems to run, whenever they feel like it. Several times a month I’d be waiting for a bus that never shows, and by frequency of busses here, we’re talking at least 20 minutes more waiting in the freaking cold (see above). Then of course there is the bus to my new work, which only make a stop on my road 5 times a day. Rest of the times, it just passes by!! (Yes it’s true!!)

Price: Public transport prices are insane in Copenhagen. I think I paid around 26dkr for a ticket (almost 4 euro). On the other hand, you can use the same ticket for 1hour within the same city zone. In Ireland tickets are 1.80euro (12dkr), but if you’re changing busses, you need to buy a new.

Face to face service: In general – Irish bus drivers are more easy going. Probably because they have nicer passengers as well. Here it’s costume to say ‘Thank you’ to the driver when you leave the bus (at the front door, cause there’s no backdoor). In Copenhagen I’ve heard of bus drivers who got spat upon when asking for ticket money.

Winner: Despite nicer drivers, I do prefer busses/ trains which runs on time and more often than 5 times during a day!! Ireland, you should take note of Denmark’s way with public transport!


Blueberries muffins: Hands down, beside Starbucks – Dunnes make the best tasting blueberries muffins. Denmark could definitely need a Dunnes stores! (but this will be for next VS blog).


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Lazy sunday

Sunday is so far a chill out day, under a big cloudy white blanket, that prevents the shine of the sun. Yesterday the sea was alive with billions of small sparkles, reflecting the sun. Today its grey and quiet like the sky. Big difference, but still gorgeous.

Breakfast in Rosscarbery at Pilgrims Rest. Lovely little cafe, with the fire burning – great for a chill sunday. We got fry up full Irish breakfast with bacon, eg, sausage, baked beans and pudding. Nice – and a LOT!
On the way out, I noticed that their brownies looked fab! Have to get back there on day and try one!

Pilgrims rest, Rosscarbery, West Cork

Been climbing in the cliffs out here in Simons Cove. The tide is out, so where we’ve swum a few days ago, was all bared today. Wierd to see the bottom of the beach like that. We did find small crabs and fish, that was left by the tide – all kinds of seaweed. Oh yeah, and some very strange-looking red things, which grew on the stones – actually found out, its sea anemones.

Sea anemones when the tide is out


More than the usual

A side from being far away from any gym, West Cork is a fantastic place. Every day out here, I take Heidi – the German Shepard – for a walk along the beach. We walk on cliffs, rocks, grass and sand to the sound of the waves clashing against rocks. So different from Denmark and practically everywhere else I’ve lived. (Ain’t much coastline like this in either Copenhagen or NY). And I have to admit – I really enjoy it.

Flowers growing on rock

The sight and sound of the sea is just so calming – and sparks my creativity. What more can one ask for? Except of course a good ol’ fashioned gym, with some heavy sandbags, a couple of KBs, Dbs and Barbells, a pull-up bar and a place to stretch. Hopefully tomorrow!

Yesterday was spent in school, but later on the mountain goat is going for it again!
Edit: Did the 8K track. Legs felt much better today, after yesterdays break. Still huffin’ and puffin’ uphill thou..

Todays sunrise on our morning walk

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Aint no mountain goat

And my butt hurts!! That’s from running three days straight up, down and around the West Cork country side.

Yesterday I did the trip to Ballinglana by myself and today Liam and I went on another trip. Run was beautiful, as always, but got caught in the rain around midway and probably looked like two wet mountain running fools – at least to the cows, who were standing on the fields, watching us with disbelief and laughing at us.

All wrecked now, and its only Tuesday!!! Can’t freaking believe it!

I wish.. haha

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Running the hils

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

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First training session in Ireland:

About 7K running around in the hills around the beautiful West Cork.

Started the run going upwards – after about 200m I was seriously doubting, I would ever survive the thing. And I sounded like ‘running low on gas’.  But as the body got warmed up, it became slightly easier. (But then, had to run against the wind too!! Like the hills wasn’t enough). Liam discouraged me from taking the last steep hill – so stopped half way, and ran back up. Might have been good idea. But I think, I’ll try the whole run next.

Overall – a great run! Look forward to do it again, even legs are a bit sore now!

Maybe going thaiboxing tonight!  But first lunch at the beautiful Inchidoney beach 🙂