40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Skipping day

Might – might not have a weightlifting (deadlift) competition tomorrow, so took it easy in training this morning.

Day 17th of Lent Challenge:
* 30 min of skipping
* Ab work

Not sure if I enter the competition tomorrow. Part of me really don’t feel up for it. Tuesday would have been a great day to do it, as I was so happy and full of energy, but yesterday and today (so far), I’ve felt drained and tired. Plus my nerves seems to get the worst of me, when I’m competing, which takes it tolls on the energy level as well. So I’m not sure if I should enter. Liam think I should, but I’m not sure I can cope with the stress and pressure, I seem to put on myself.
Things have been stressful enough this week and I just wish I could take the plug out and chill without being rushed, stressed, pressured or pulled for the rest of the week.

So todays challenge is on hold, as I hardly can put down 30 min of skipping as a challenge 😉
-Thou skipping is tough, especially when you lose touch with it. I used to skip 2 – 3 times a week in Cph at my muaythai gym. That was back in October last year. Could really feel that today…

For skipping inspiration see below video!





Running craze

So I might have done something stupid today. As with so many other things, truth will show itself later. Either tonight, or later this week.

It might not sound like a biggie for runners, but for me – its kind of big deal. First time in 2½ years: I ran for an hour just before noon. With an ok pace – not super fast, but I’m satisfied with my effort – about 13  km, including two sort breaks, walk and sprint in between keeping an ok pace.

This in itself, is not that stupid. But with my weightlifting competition saturday and thaiboxing tonight, it might prove to be a bit of a mistake. Oh well, you live and learn. I don’t have any high expectations for my lifts on saturday. How can I? Haven’t trained properly since before christmas, so just doing it for fun and see where I am after a month of slacking with the weights.

Thaiboxing tonight, however – that can be a problem!! Especially if we have to kick too much (I could have sworn, there is no such thing), but I have no idea, how my leg will feel tonight.
A peculiar thing I did notice however, my upperarms started to soar a bit after the run. Which I found a bit surprising, as I would have expected to legs to cave in. Lucky I’m still standing.

Now it’s time to relax until tonight!