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Fighter Galla 13

Tonight we’re heading out for Fighter Galla 13 – Denmark’s biggest MMA production. One of Denmark’s best MMA fighters in the cage: Kenneth Rosfort, and one of the ‘long lost’ muay thai heroes: Mikkel Guldbæk. Going to be interesting to watch.

Edit: Fighter Galla 13 had some really good match ups. Due to volcano sky, injuries and last regrets we ended up on 17 fights in total. Event as a whole was AWESOME! Great place, great seating (Thanks Otto), hot ring girls – everything a fight fan expect.
Especially the undercard with the amateur fights had some very exciting fights. Pro fights was mostly very one-sided with the danish fighter on top (litteraly 😉 ). Dennis Pillai VBC Stockholm Vs. Shamal Tashkilot Submission Fighting Aalborg, was an amateur fight that was swinging back and forth. With both fighters displaying good technique and heart. And not sure, but think it was Tashkilots big brother that got a fight by KO on the pro card, with a vicious high kick.  Audience was loud and clever – the big ‘OOoohs’ came in on the right time, and a few fighters really displayed A-game. Not to say the rest was bad, just on another level.
Too bad Kenneth Rosfort didn’t fight – his opponent couldn’t make it in. Dam* volcano sky, makes it hard for everyone who needs a flight. And G knows, we need one!

P.s. Sorry, no pics. Saw the event was packed with photographers, so enjoyed a night off for once.

Did also start out slowly to move the body a bit today: GPP 3
3 min set: excercise change every 30 sec – full-out:
Jumpin’ Jacks
Split Jumps
Jumpin’ Jacks
Squats/ Push ups

Total duration: 4 sets, 1 minute break in between. Almost like warm up in my ABC box class (except we’re only doing 45 sec break btw sets). Finish off with plank: 3½ minute – new PR

Tomorrow we’ll start the 50th day programme again. Can’t wait to get back into shape again!!

Enough of this already 😉