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What you can do in a week

It’s our last full day in Austria. Tomorrow it’s on the plane, destination Ireland (and possible bad weather). I used to love travelling and flying. I guess it was back when I would only go to New York or Asia. Now I really loathe it – the ques, the hassle with passport, emigration, seating in the plane, stewardesses always nagging about ipods and magazines.
But same time – I love seeing new places and experiencing a breath of different air.

This week in Austria have provided a little of each:
1 Mountain climbed (Plenge: 2400m)
3x 10K mountain run (Topped my run today with 100 push ups/ 200 sit ups)
1 trip to Venice
1 swim in glacier flood
2 horseflie bites
and the eternal walks… ♥

Hoping to squeeze in a last run tomorrow morning before it’s goodbye Europe mainland, hello island life.