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Might be back on track??!!

I might be back on my training track!! Anyway, woke up and didn’t want to go to the gym. Went anyway and set the bar for 1hour on the treadmill (first long run in my new Asics shoes).

After getting on and feeling great for the first 20 min. I decided to go further than 1 hour – preferably 2 hours, or for as long as I could. After 50 min. right knee starting acting up a bit, and the last 10 min. became a battle between knees and right shin. As usual the treadmill stops after 60min. so, I took a short bathroom break and got some water as well. Jumped on the treadmill again to see, how far I could go after almost 2 weeks of little running.

Before I reached the 1k, left knee (backside, ligaments) started acting up, and despite how I changed my running style, it just kept getting worse. Ended up taking 3 one minute breaks for the next 3.8K – which made my run today a 10 mile – or 16K run. Not bad – but not happy either.
Also the shoes are eating on existing blisters on left foot.

Todays WO:
16K/ 10 Miles in 77.3 min
35 pull/ chin ups (3x 6, 2x 5 +7)
100 Abs
Stretch & back bridge

Am off to Womens Fitness later and am the lucky winner of 6 hours non-stop work, including two classes (1 Kettlebell, 1 boxercise).
Welcome back!!

My new runners

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Do you know the type?

Day 20 of ’40 days Lent Challenge’ (which would actually come to a 48 days, since Lent last until easter sunday!)

Had a mentally tough weekend, as I entered the Deadlift competition on saturday, despite not feeling up for it. Already on my warm up, weights felt heavy, and I had to see myself step down from my second lift, and I opted out of trying for more. There simply wasn’t anything left inside me.

* 1 K on the treadmill for warm up
* 2x 5x 70 kg for warm up
* 1x 85 kg in competition – Approved
* 1x 92.5 kg in competition – failed

It really sucked to back down, but in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have entered. I did feel weak and suffered severe stomach pains on friday. But I kind of always think, that I can get away with it anyway. Weights are just not as forgiven as thaiboxing. At least not in competition – you only got one shot at the time to do your thing (3 lift in total). And there is no room for doubt.
So a hard lesson learned… not everyday I’m giving up on myself!

Sunday was rest day!

Today’s challenge – day 20th of Lent Challenge
Half a marathon (21.3 km) – got it in the bag, in around 1.42 min. Not a really good time, but not terrible either.
The best thing about my run, was the first 50 min. Felt good, flying and no pain or aches, blisters or other annoying distractions. Then, as I started on the last 9.3k, a woman decided to use the cross trainer just next to my treadmill (despite there was lots of free crosstrainers on the aisle behind us), and she just wore this heavy, smelly perfume!!
Do you know the type – who just load on perfume before training?

 I do think my sense of smell is oversensitive as it is, but this was just too much for me. The heavy musk scent almost blocked my airways and it felt, like I couldn’t breathe right. I stayed on the treadmill for 18 min and then I knew, I had to switch, if I was to carry out todays challenge.
I felt really bad for the woman, I mean, it isn’t very polite manners, to get up and move away from a ‘neighbour’, but it was either my training, challenge and goal – or being polite. I chose my challenge today.

* 21.3K in 1h and 42m
* 30 Pull Ups/ Chin Ups (3x 6 + 3x 4)
* Abs + back work

Later on Kettlebell and boxercise at Womens Fitness! (oh and picking blister on my right foot, so I can go running again tomorrow)