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Day 76 – How do you move

Morning training in Mikenta!

Except for my poor elbow being beat up, morning training was a delight!
Shadow box
Push ups
Shadow box w/ weights
3 round pad work: Elbow, Knees & punch/kick (same side)
Abs and back
+ Ido Portale movements with Pernille. Pernille did Ido Portale’s movement camp in Singapore, and has generously offered to share a bit of all the stuff she learned. Today we tried 6 different ‘crawls’*, which were all super challenging: Working on balance, coordination and mooooovement. Really fun and exciting. Definitely going to continue with these and when I feel secure in them, I’ll try to pass it on.

Poster from Ido Portales movement camp

Poster from Ido Portales movement camp

Training update:
Monday 12K
Tuesday Body toning class in Fresh Fitness Hvidovre + 5K
Wednesday Thaiboxing + Movement (sprints tonight)

6 ‘crawls’ – as best I can describe them:
**2x rolls – one ‘normal’ and one landing on the heels with open legs
*One crawl with only 1 hand/ 1 foot on the floor at the same time. Sounds easy, but you’ll have to think and coordinate to make it work
*Same crawl as above, but with push ups and partner setting the distance. (Partner showing where to set the next hand – when the hand lands, you do a push up. Move leg before hand at the movements).
*Open chest crawl: Yoga position with one foot and opposite hand forward. Other leg far back and other arm straight above head – Open
chest. Lift hind leg, set hand down as far forward as you can, turn sideways on first foot (which are already in the floor) – lift other knee to the chest  and put up other arm straight above head
*Frog crawl: Start in squat position, put your right hand out in front of your left knee, and follow up with your left hand (next to right). Jump to the left, by putting your weight on your arms, and jump with the right leg going in front of your body. Land with your left leg straight and right leg in squat. Lift your hands and get into the squat position again.

100 Days Blogging challenge, Blogging, muay thai, Sport, Teaching, thaiboxing, training

Day 79 – Joy!

Well – I’m actually a few days late. I know!! (last entry is from Saturday and today is Tuesday). Once again I ran out of internet and didn’t get around to it, until today. So I’m just gonna pick up the puck from where I left it – even I know, I’m probably about 5 days behind at this point! (My appologies, if you’re following the 100days challenge).

Lot’s of joy this morning! First time in 2 weeks, I made it to Mikenta’s morning class. It was really good, with headcoach and owner Brian Tallerik as the captain. Lot’s of padwork, followed by 4 rounds of bagwork. Worked with a very young girl (Anna) and had a good time. I’ve really come to love Brian’s classes, as I always seem to be learning a bit new and get inspired to better myself, and ofcourse, as always in the back of my mind: I’m thinking of what and how to bring it back to my girls in Ireland.

Also joyous: I got more internet pay time!

And last joy but not least: I got a Cross training class tonight in Fresh Fitness
I really look forward to teach a class again and I’m pretty sure, it’ll be a good class. Have planned 3 rounds with various exercises of different difficulties and challenges. But!! The best plans can easily change when it comes to classes; more people need more stations – less people might benefit from following each other. We’ll see!

Liam and I after sprints at Østerbro Stadium (Never seen so many fit people at a track before! Ireland - you're lacking behind!!!)

Liam and I after sprints at Østerbro Stadium (Never seen so many fit people at a track before! Ireland – you’re lacking behind!!!)

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Ode to Katie Taylor


Sitting in Debarras for the third time, just to watch Katie Taylor’s beautiful ballet in the ring. Apart from being one of the most complete female amateur boxers, Taylor is probably also Ireland’s surest bet of a gold medal at this Olympic.

Having ties to (now) three countries, I’m pretty blessed with plenty of opportunity to cherish, celebrate and brag about ‘my countries’ gold meldals: South Korea is currently in fourth place overall, and little Denmark has two golds so far! But, I can easily say, that Katie Taylors gold will warm my heart more than either Danish or Korean.

Queen of boxing – not just postergirl for Irish boxing, but for fightergirls all over the world!

First of because it’s a huge step for female fighters (of all disciplines) to have female boxing represented at the Olympics, and I’m sure her style, her performance and no least her confidence as a fighter will rub of on all female fighters out there. She’s definitely showing the world, that female fighters can and will compete as stylistic and fiercely as men.
Secondly I am currently living in Ireland, so it makes sense to being swept away with the nations love for Taylor – thirdly but no least: Asians have always been good at the whole Olympic medal thing – as with anything else – and Denmarks golds in 2 man rowing and indoor cycling: It’s good!! – Ofcourse it is, but come on! Boxing (fighting) is something completely different! And you can’t compare a medal won in the ring, to any other. Training is hard no matter for what sport, granted. But competing in a sport where loosing equals getting your as* kicked, is a different matter, getting beat in a boat or on a football field. (I guess I am a little biased here, I admit!)


My training week:
Monday: 7K
Tueday: Kettlebells and Core
Wednesday: Thaibox
Thursday: Watching Taylor and going for a run

A small selection of my drills for your inspiration and curiosity:
Amazon Get Ups (AGU)
Squat to Oh Press
One legged BoR
Push Ups to Sideplank
Pull Ups
Thaibox (Knees of sets of 100)
Reach Ups
½TGU (Double hand)
Burpees to press up


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Yes! I can stand

Yesterday I finally got my first surf lesson down at Inchydoney beach. And what a treat! Great waves (at least for a beginner) were rolling in on the beach, and after a few ‘body boarding’  and ‘paddling’ trips, our instructor showed us how to get up on the board – and so I did! (For a few seconds 😉 )

Surfing was a lot of fun! Felt like a child again, rolling around in the water, getting up on the board – trying to get balance, and catch the right wave. It was – however also a bit of a work out: The board does get heavy, running/ walking in water (against the current) and of course the ‘jumping on – falling off’ board makes this a fun – yet hard session. I see why surfers are so lean 😀

Only thing I can think of mentioning for newbies, except for try it is: Get a wet suit that you’re size, unless you want to end up looking like a little fat black turtle like me. (See photo for details)

Wednesday also had:

8K in the hills
2 hours of Surfing (Guess 1.45 of practical time)
1 hour of Thaiboxing (Think I died at least once during training!)

Internet and coffee! (Might go for a run later)

Carrying my yellow shield


And some good news for my Womens Fitness Ladies:
I’ll teaching the Kettlebell and Ab Attack class next tuesday (august 7th) – so get your ‘Bells’ on and let’s get rocking! Looking forward to see you again!

40 day Lent challenge, training

A day on the benches

We’re in Dublin today, more accurate at ‘The Eastcoast Barbell’. Liam is doing his first competition in Olympic weightlifting and I’m so thrilled to be here with him.

Currently we’re watching ‘masters and ladies’ divisions and it’s great to know that you can lift when you get old and grey! (and you can start young.. an estimated guess is that the lifters are between 14 -68 here!) I’m guessing most of them (the masters group) just came into the game recently and I’m so excited that they’re taking their training all the way and dare to compete.

But ofcourse I’m mostly super psyched for Liam. It’ll be so cool to see the results of his training. It’s funny in a way, I’m more excited to be here and watch him compete, than I was about my own powerlifting competition.

Liam ended lifting 105kg C&J and 67kg snatch. Nerves got the best of him for the snatch, but he did really, really good! Lifted heaviest in his group on C&J – only other guy to get that much up was 15kg heavier. So am very proud and happy for him!!

I ofcourse got my third day challenge down as well:

* 100 Rope turns
*10 Burpees
* 10Push ups
* 10 Squats
Ten total sets
Aimed on making both burpees, squats and push up to perfect form (a phrase I got from friends at Cultfit )

The series is obviously from Ross again and it’s either a GGP or The fast and furious. I don’t remember.

After the Olympic Weightlifting we drove down to Cork again for a night out with Corks finest – Thaiboxers. We’ve been invited to see The 8 Man Eliminator tournament, and it was a blast. Place was buzzing and for a second it almost felt like Lumpini. People screaming and cheering. What a blast!


Young guy in the white shorts from Siam Warriors Cork had some of the best timed knees. A little doctor Petrosyan in the making perhaps?


Running craze

So I might have done something stupid today. As with so many other things, truth will show itself later. Either tonight, or later this week.

It might not sound like a biggie for runners, but for me – its kind of big deal. First time in 2½ years: I ran for an hour just before noon. With an ok pace – not super fast, but I’m satisfied with my effort – about 13  km, including two sort breaks, walk and sprint in between keeping an ok pace.

This in itself, is not that stupid. But with my weightlifting competition saturday and thaiboxing tonight, it might prove to be a bit of a mistake. Oh well, you live and learn. I don’t have any high expectations for my lifts on saturday. How can I? Haven’t trained properly since before christmas, so just doing it for fun and see where I am after a month of slacking with the weights.

Thaiboxing tonight, however – that can be a problem!! Especially if we have to kick too much (I could have sworn, there is no such thing), but I have no idea, how my leg will feel tonight.
A peculiar thing I did notice however, my upperarms started to soar a bit after the run. Which I found a bit surprising, as I would have expected to legs to cave in. Lucky I’m still standing.

Now it’s time to relax until tonight!