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Laying the foundation for happines

These days, I’ve yet again ‘broke the rules of conformity’ and decided to try it out on my own. First time I did this, was when I quit my very well paid PR job in Copenhagen, to pursue a career as freelance journalist and photographer. (Still working with this: I just turned in a short article on Tivoli, Copenhagen to The Irish Time).
This time around in Ireland – I didn’t quit (was asked to not come back, because of my ethics as a fitness professional), but I once again jumped out and trying to create something on my own  – this time for and with others.

The FighterGirls Club is my new baby. It’s all the best from my years with Martial Arts: Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and Taekwondo. It’s all about having a great time – celebrating life. Getting stronger, fitter, better and faster – and getting the girls in my classes to do more, than they thought they could.

Today is one of those days, where it just felt ‘Right’. Like things are starting to come together. The girls (of all ages and sizes) who came in tonight (and day in CIT) just did amazing – and had fun at the same time. The glow on someone’s face who just had a brilliant time is worth gold. Eyes shinning, mouth a big smile, red cheeks and hair wet with sweat.
This is how I love seeing ‘my girls’ – and it makes all the extra trouble of starting ‘my own thing’ worth it.

I’ve come across several sites and stories lately, about how we are afraid to ‘be who we are’. How many people live like zombies to support themselves and their families. It reminds me how I could easily have stayed in my well paid job in Copenhagen and been unhappy, or told the bosses in Womens Fitness what they wanted to hear, instead of my genuine opinion. These realizations made me feel really blessed, that I can do what I love – even I’m living on a stone, and don’t have money for shoes or hairdresser.

Maybe this is my path – sharing what makes me happy (be it muay thai, stories, photos, research). Maybe I’m laying foundation to happiness. I think I’m on some path anyway.. we’ll see in the future, if this is mine!

After my first muay thai fight (with Liam in my corner) – a very happy moment


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Tuesday on a half stomach

Fåk! Hardly got any sleep as I ate something weird yesterday and suffered stomach cramps all night. Crazy it’s so painful – caught myself thinking I would rather die than breathe – let alone move my body. Haha.
But fortunately woke up and felt a small bit better. Had my 3 Tuesday classes, and enjoyed it, even had to go through with a half stomach.


3 classes:

30  min Conditioning (incl. Saxon sidebends, lunges, squats, russian sidetwists, push ups, v-ups, challenetics)
30 min Abs n back (Incl. TGU w/12k KB, ½TGU, V-ups, Hugs, back, plank)
60 min boxing class (All the usual – and some new ‘baseball hitting)



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Tuesday Jam ABC

Another Tuesday in

Toning Class
Abs and Back

First two classes – not the big show today, but good classes with lots of strength, toning and core work. Tried a ‘flow’ through the first class – from standing to lying belly up, then belly down, to on all fours – to end standing up again. Went well – strange girl claimed that she couldn’t do the Saxon Sidebends cause it hurt her back.
Next time, I have to tell her, to take a lighter weight.

Second class: Finished off by 1-1 drills for abs, back and sides. Maybe too little crowd to make it work today, but I like them, cause they make people work more focused, when they know, someone is watching them. Performing right and to their best!

Third Class: A full boxing class!! Awesome energy, and as promised they got the full circle today. Not that much boxing, except for 2 boxing drills in the circle – but they got box jumps, push ups, saxon sidebends, box with weights, plank (up the wall), ½ TGU’s and three of the fun 1-1 boxing drills.

Great energy from everyone!! Very happy – and almost sad, I’m not gonna be there the next two Tuesdays. But hopefully some cool instructors from ABC will cover for me.

Raymond (boxing coach) and fighter - photo shot in FFC

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Tuesday jam

Day two in my ‘preparing for Amsterdam’ regime consisted of mostly light training. Didn’t felt too bad this morning either, but know, that if I join the muay thai class tomorrow evening, I’ll likely be killed.

Tuesday jam:
Early morning jog/ run with my clever, pretty chinese friend Pui Yee. And she’s also a Practical Wing Chun wizard. Not a girl I ever wanna end up in a fight with…. unless we fight shoulder by shoulder. Then it would be an honour.

Evening – my three favorite classes in
First I was running 5 minutes late, so was kind of warm after sprinting on the ol’ grandmother bike through the city. Secondly had an awesome Toning class with lots of weighted lunges, saxon sidebends, russian sidetwists, walk over push ups finished up with wall squats, squat jumps and the infamous two-minute plank.

Abs n back class also rolled as usual business. Playing with the big balls, the V-up/ knee hug, one minute back and ab dedication and again finished of by three planks.

Boxing rolled a bit differently. Not so intense as usual, several new guys on the team, so a little more instruction and longer breaks. However everyone looked sweaty and tired when they walked out, so hopefully no one felt cheated – or they all were happy that the first day back from summer holiday was sort of easy peasy 😉

Boxing class ABC

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Camera, lights, action

Headline doesn’t really have anything to say about this blog. It just sounded really good in the Britney Spears song ‘Kill the lights’. And why would I listen to that? I’ve been running for the first time in.. uhm… days…yesterday after my class. So Ipod logged on, music to the max – and away we go. (Or so I always hope, before I start out). Yesterday however, wasn’t ‘away we gooooo’. It was more like… ‘uh puf… here we come.. wait up’.In other words, not the best running performance and the worst thing is – you just feel too heavy, after a run like that.But the heart was light, as I saw my classes perform brilliantly!

The happy feeling came from two of my Tuesday classes: I teach 3 classes in (ABC). Two short 30 min. (tighten up, abs & back class) classes and a 1 hour boxing conditioning class. ‘Unfortunately’ for my class, I’ve began experimenting with Ross Training programme as a supplement to my muay thai training, and this means, that my classes often gets exposed to single Ross drills. Sometimes I alter them a little, but basically I make them do different GPP’s, Density day and different core routines.

Ross Training

Yesterday we did half the strength workout: Wall squats and squat jumps (x5), in the end of the 30 min. class. In class I’d took some core exercises and paired them up with one back excercise, so we did have 4 drills (V-ups, Russian side twists, push ups and back excercise), each going for 30 seconds – for 4 sets. Only one minute break between set 2 and 3. It has to be said, that this class only consists of women (in all ages and shapes) – so it could be a very feminine class – but luckily these ladies like to push them selves, and I couldn’t be more proud, than seeing them pull through the class, and giving that little extra.

Especially the last 5 minutes of wall squats and squat jumps. How incredible these ladies just bite their teeth, and went along! I’m full of awe – not ONE of them gave up! They all strived to do their best!!

For my boxing class its mixed group: both men and women, the age spread is not as remarkable as in the first two classes, but there’s a good variety. And ‘my regulars’ likes to be pushed, so that’s what I’m aiming for in my classes. Challenge them and their ability to push through. Naturally we do different stuff than the ‘All ladies class’,  but the main focus is the same. Stay with the programme. Dont give up. Your body are capable of more than you think. And in most cases this is true. However – I did send someone to the locker room before time.. and it wasnt intended. Appearances can deceit. She was one of those young, slim girls, who looks like they’re in good shape, but the conditioning and muscle part is missing. ‘Funny’ enough, its like the girl in the ad for Fitness World. She’s also slim -bording to skinny, and doesn’t look, like she has a muscle in her body. A state which apparently is called Skinny-fat. (A skinny person, without a muscle in their body. Who therefor has a high fat percentage).
Anyway, I hope the poor girl feels better today!

Skinny-fat girl in Fitness World ad

The guys liked the challenge of course, and the regular girls are also into the ‘Hitler-drills’, as my boyfriend so ‘lovingly’ called my training one day. But hey! If you don’t make people sweat, they feel cheated! And yes – I always do the dreadful drills with my classes. Who am I to demand this workload from them, if I can’t perform myself? And like I tell them – its true for me – the body adjust. What seems like a killer one week, will the next month be a walk in the park. Quite magnificent!

Back to the run, there wasn’t anything magically or magnificent about my 4.5 km for 20 minutes work. Legs were tired after wall squats and alternated GPP Workout 3 (Burpees, jumping jacks, squats, burpees, jumping jacks, pushups: 30 sec each= 1 set. we did 5 sets, 1 min or 45 sec rest between the sets). But the music was good.