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First Hello in the new year

So this is gonna be my first Hello in the New Year! I would actually have thought, it would have entered sooner, but I guess not much on my mind and then too little time gave this result.

So here 8 days later – I’m in Ireland (again). Training has been picked up (again) and I actually managed to get a Personal PR (today!).

So let’s get the training down first:

Tuesday 4th:
Gym Session!

Warm Up: 12 min, 2K

Clean & Jerk (15K, 20 K, 25K) – Can’t remember how many sets and reps – but a lot! Technique suffered the first times around, as it has been a while. But came quickly again – and felt really good.
Flys 5x 6 (8K)
Pull Ups 5x 4

Wednesday 5th:
1½ hour Thaiboxing @ Brucies Gym – Really good and hard. Someone drove me under the bus with the pads
1½ hour Jujitsu @ Brucies Gym – Lot of fun! Got to try some techniques for armbar, reversing position, choke and sidecontrol

Thursday 6th:
Gym Session
Warm Up: 10 min running 2.2K

Flyes: 5x 6 (8k)
Leg raises 10x 3

Ross Circle x 7:
DB Bench Press (5 rep)
Burpees + 16K KB overhead raise (10 reps) – New one! Going down as to a burpee, instead of jumping and clapping when getting up, you take the KB from the ground and lift it above your head. Was pretty tough!!
6k KB Side raise (15 rep) – This was a little mystery for me.. I didn’t get much out of it, and I would swear the guys got even less. To be efficient we should prob have used a 10K DB.
Knee tugs (20 reps) – Always a winner and great for feeling like Kermit!

4 x 2min rds of Shadowbox
4x 2min rds of Pad work

Friday 7th:
Big Ol’ Nothin’

Saturday 8th:

1½ Hour Thaiboxing @ Brucies Gym – Pads with Bruce! My kicks seemed better today! Curse my flexibility – sometimes I forget my hip – still!!

Afternoon session:
Warm Up: 1.3K in 5 min

Snatch (trying w/ 20K barbell – fell flat on my butt) – really have to practice this one a lot more. And with a 15K barbell, as I learned it with!!

Run: 1K in 4.17 min
Clean & Press 5x 3 (20K)

Bend over row
5x 2x 16K
5x 2x 18K (PR)
5x 2x 20K (PR)

Run: 1.03K in 4.09 min

Finisher: 5x 3 Pull ups (mixed grips) – super set with – 10 x 3 leg raises

West Cork is as usual very beautiful and the sea view is from another world. I even got a christmas present – which was slightly embarrassing as I only brought for the family – Ah well did actually get two presents. A nice one and another one. Have had a rough day too.. but the sun was up again this morning – which was a bit odd, as I’d dreamt about spring time, and the loveliest blossoms!

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Return to Ross

I can’t believe I neglected to blog this past week. Sry!! I don’t even really know, what I’ve done, so it can’t be that much either. Which is a very shameful statement to put in black and white. But.. I guess it is so..

Today was the return of Ross Training! After a 4K fast paced run (17min flat)
More specific the dreaded ‘Fast and Furious’, and I tend to believe, I use to do 10 rds, but I could be wrong. Will look after putting this down. Tonight however – only 8 full ones.

The Fast & Furious consist of 4 drills:
10 Pull Ups
10 DB Swings (pr arm)
10 Plyometric Push Ups
10 Knee hugs

Did 8 rds in 20 min:
4 rds w/ 11K DB
3 rds w/ 8K KB
1 rd w/ 12K KB

Pull ups:
10, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5

Shared the pull-up bar with two guys and had to sit and wait to get started two times, during the 8 rds – but even if they had not been there, I doubt, I had been able to squeeze another rd into the 20. It was freaking hard!!

Flyes (decreased) 5 x 5 – 6K
Third time I do the drill, think I can take 7 or 8 next week
Evil Wheel 5 x 10
Shadow Box 6 min

Todays lesson: Guess I have to do more Ross!

From the other days:
Saturday: 1½ hour of Muay thai in Siam. Did 3 rds of pads with Philip! Very cool and very nice of him to take me ‘to hell’
Friday: Morning box with Johnny De Lima
Thursday: Rock n roll with Kevin @
Wednesday: Morning box with Johnny De Lima

After edit: Big bummer – did 10 rds last time around in 17.xx minutes. With a 12K DB. Have NO idea how the F I did that. But.. Guess I gotta try and pick up the Ross again.

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Blogging: Training sessions & Eurosport, life

4K in 17min (good pace – not too hard)
Cosy Muay Thai with Kru Toy @Butchers Lab

6K in the snow – beautiful run

Training with Pernille in

Made plans to train with Pernille again in – and this time I’d put a program together for us. Which turned out pretty good, except I forgot my trainers. So had to skip instead of run for warm up.

So saturday program:
4 rd of shadow
3rd of bagwork

3rd of Amsterdam combo
4rd of leg tech (2 min rd)

2rd sparring
3rd clinch

Finisher Core & weight work: 3 rds
Pull Ups 5
Saxon 16
Russian 20
Chinnies 30
Back extensions 20
Evil Wheel 10
Flyes 5


What I did on my friday

Main event - Strikeforce 5.12.2010

Life is a funny size. Yesterday was a low – and a high.
To start with the high! Did the first StrikeForce show on Eurosport 2 (Danish TV). Fights were mostly awesome, except for the first one, which I thought should have ended in the second round. Then – one could argue, that Benji Radach (Radai) returned for a small piece of glory in the third – but there was substantial long moments in the first and second round of the fights, where he didn’t defend himself actively (or very intelligent – he turtle up).

Rest of the fights were awesome, and I got really cheering over Paul Daleys KO over Scott Smith. It was beautiful!  Even it would have been fun with a reprise of the Smith vs Sell fight. And Dan Henderson showed that 10 years waiting for a rematch doesn’t necessarily changes the outcome. Once again he beat Babalu Sobral. Peeew…
So that was the high of the day. My low – well, one of the precious lessons I’m learning in this life, is if you put your nose out there – you might get it beaten. If you eat too much – you get fat – and if you trust someone with your heart – you set out for misery (maybe). Given your heart up can set you up for failure, cause it leaves you so vulnerable.  If you trust someone to have your back, you might end up getting beat up…

Or – when your (socall) best friend is choosing to be friends with a man who calls you – among other demeaning things – a racist. A stupid, ignorant man, you could think yes. But also a man – whom of a lot of people I know – should keep himself too good to use the R-word (he’s arab and muslim!). I got annoyed and bothered by him insulting me like that, because I know, that he had encountered a lot of obstacles in the Danish society due to his nationality and religion – and I would never use his origins, religion or looks back on him. But he chose to attack me that way. Totally unfounded btw. as the reason for his attack was a result of his paranoia, rather than reality. So for no reason – and with no right, he calls me a racist. And it annoys me, that he doesn’t hold himself too good to be so low. He has no idea, what its like to be an asian woman in Denmark. Not only the generic difference – but struggling with the battle of sexes as well. It was a low blow by him, not to have any empathy at all to view the world from others pow.

But hurt – no it didn’t.  Hurt was applied from the person I thought had my back – from my friend, who I thought would stick up for me. The people we trust. The ones who supposed to have our back and stand up for us, when the world is unfair. But maybe loyalty is too much to ask – all one have – is oneself?

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Last training session in Ireland

For now at least! Had a very easy day. Not quite sure why, but wasn’t that motivated today. Too bad, as I get to spend 9 hours travelling tomorrow, and probably end up wishing, I was in a gym somewhere.


3K – slow paced 11.8average speed

1x 10x 40K – warm up
2x 4x 40K
2x 4x 50k
2x 4x 60k
2x 4x 65k – Felt pretty strong today, and could probably have lifted about 70 – 75K. However settled for less and will try to make a slow, but steady progress in my DLs. Hopefully ending up on 106-108K, which would be twice my bw.

1x 20x 20K warm up
6x 20x 30K

Push Ups:

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Monday blues

Really didn’t feel like anything at all, when I woke up today. Except for maybe go back to sleep and dream, be cosy and warm under the blanket. Instead had to get up, wash, rush coffee, cereals and yogurt down, while packing gymbag, laptop and getting dressed.Truth to be told, a little stressed, cold and sleepy – a ‘real’ monday morning blues.

Decided however after 2 cups of coffee to do the gym thing. Even it was with a tiny bit of entusiasm, I did get a small amount of work done and needless to say, feel good about it now.

Warm up: 3K – in slow speed, average 11.8kph

10x 20k – warm up
2x 4x 40K
2x 4x 50K
2x 4x 60K

Pull Ups superset w Pistols
6 sets of 4 reps

20 x 20K warm up
2x 4x 30K
2x 4x 35K
2x 4x 37.5K

Dragon Flags
5 (trying hard)

Abs: 200
Push Ups: 100
Back: 100
Bridge: 2 x 30 sec

Training notes: Underhand Pull Ups allready starting to feel better again. Still not on lock down, as I tried just once, before I left for Ireland, but pretty close – and full up – chin above bar. Tried some ‘sideways’ pull ups (holding hands palm facing palm), small grip worked fine, broad grip not so good. Could feel, that the overhand grip wouldn’t work for me today either. Next up hopefully!

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Third day with gym access= av!

Todays little WO:

6K (30m) – Yes as time goes by, it’s all going downhill 😉

Warm up8 x 40K
2x 4x 40K
2x 4x 50K
2x 4x 60K

Pull Ups super set with Pistols:
6 sets:
4 Pull Ups/ 6 Pistols

200 Abs – w/ weights
100 Push Ups

Notes on todays training:
Pull Ups still sucks!! Even the tiniest break can’t be allowed, when training for the good ol’ pu’s. Underhand functioning good – to chin up style. But overhand is very, very tough. Guess, I just have to keep at it!

Ps. Someone invited me to join a competition on Facebook. First price = 100K candy and chocolate. Now wouldn’t that be something.. my guess is, a weeks time later: 1st price + Tania= Tania 150K, So – I’m not gonna enter… am afraid to win!!

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Gym day II

Ohhhh the joy of having access to a gym when abroad… means you gotta go and train – everyday! (oh the joy!)

Thursday morning drills:

Warm up: 5K (24m)

2x 6x 20K Warm up
2x 4x 30K
2x 4x 35K
2x 4x 40K

1x 20x 20K warm up
2x 4x 25K
2x 4x 30K
2x 4x 32.5K

2x 20x 20k
2x 20x 25K
2x 20x 27.5K

Barbell Push
2x 10x 20K
2x 10x 20K

200 Abs
100 Push ups
100 Back

2x bridge