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Bank Holiday update

Not much… thoughts pre-occupied with the launch of The FighterGirls Club tomorrow, so mind and body not that much in sync. I guess when it comes to the body, nothing causes more trouble than stress. It affects diet, training, sleep – if I was trying to drop weight for a fight or for a bikini body, I would go nuts at this point. Luckyli I’m not.

Anyway re-cap from the Bank Holiday weekend:

Friday: Nothing

15  min skipping, 3000m C2, level 10

Clean pulls x 5 @20kg
Circuit x 5
100 Skipping
10 ATG Squats BW
10 Burpees
10 Push ups

Followed by:
5 OH Squats w/ 20kg plate
2x 20 Back extension
2x 20 Hamstring raises
2x 20 x 15kg Lunges

Weak finisher of pull / chin ups

8K in the hills. No 70% run possible. The hills screw everything up and in the end, I got worried, that Liam forgot to look after my clothes drying on the AGA, so hurried the last 2.5K.

Tomorrow is my first FighterGirls Club event.
So nervous, anxious and excited!


The FighterGirls Club poster


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800 meters of delight and agony

Firstly – my monday and Tuesday this week has been a bit ‘lazy’ and personal stuff has taken a bit of the energy as well. However – as always the lovely ladies (in no particular order) at Womens Fitness, K2C & CIT (and guys) have been making sure, my days haven’t been a total stand still.

Today I just survived:

4x 800m sprints
4x 50 sprints

All sprints on track – all with Liam in what seems like miles a head. My running confidence is blown to pieces! He haven’t done any serious running in the last couple of months and still pulls out 30 sec a head of me.
But at least, I survived and didn’t feel like dying as much!
This morning before the sprints:
10 Burpees
20 Push ups
40 Squats (BW – ATG)
15 Squats (12kg KB) to OH press
20 Tricep ext (12kg KB)
2x 5 Farmer style push ups (12kg)
2x 6 Long Cycle (12kg)

Total resume of Monday: 
KB drills 12kg
120 Swings (incl. Top & pull backs)
60 Squats + OH press
60 Sidebends
60 Tricep ext
80 Russians
80 ½ TGU
20 Halo
20 mid halo
20 ½ figure 8
3x 10 BoR
20 Press from floor
2×4 Amazon Get Ups
2×6 Long cycle – feeling really strong with 24kg pressed above head!!

Other stuff:
60 Saxon (5kg mb)
100 Abs
20 back raises
40 Push ups


60 Push Ups
240 Squats (ATG)
50 sit ups
+ partner up in the last boxercise class at K2C
+ 3x 10 min warm up routine
Falling a bit in love with the Long Cycle! It’s a great way to get the cardio and strength up – and to feel immensely powerful: Fit and strong!

All my classes are getting my mission statement these weeks: Beautiful strong summer butts in Cork. So everyone get to learn the perfect squat and get their a** to the grass!


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Ireland likes me after all

At least enough to make the sun shine today and give my spirit a helping hand. And it was much appreciated, since I had my back and forth day to Womens Fitness, so could need a little extra boost to enjoy my day. I decided to run to work too, so I could enjoy the nice weather a little extra.

Also my classes at Womens Fitness was a big boost today. Both classes was full – and that means, I actually succeeded in getting a full booked morning class for the boxercise as well (evening class books out 99% of the time). So happy little asian dane in Ireland today.

Training today:
12kg KB:
20 Swings
20 Squat to OH press
20 ½TGU
20 waist swings
2x 10 Side bends

Afternoon/ evening:
6.6K run to work

40 Swings
40 Top swings
10 Pull back swings
20 Squat to OH press
20 Tricep ext
20 Lunges – sweap ups

A fun fact about running in Cork: The more overweight the person coming towards you (or standing still) on the sidewalk is, the less chance of the person moving an inch, so you can pass by, when you’re running.
And since sidewalks aren’t big enough for two, if one decides to keep walking in the middle of it, it means that you – the runner – has to run out on the road to pass by.
Not judging – just observing. I bet in a few years, with an increase of the fitness wave in Ireland, Cork too, will have developed a better culture on outdoor training (running, biking etc.), as Copenhagen has.

Dronning Louises bro separating two of the five lakes in Copenhagen. This was close to my old home in Nørrebro.