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I know where all the smokers went

They’re standing on my running route – so not only I get to breathe ice-cold air, I get it with a harsh after taste of cigarettes… eeiiiw!!
Its been about a week or so since my last outdoor run, so tonight was the evening to get the sneakers and hat on – and get outside. It’s -3 outside and its freezing cold. My nose felt like it was about to break of the first 7 minutes, but from there it got warm, thighs and butt (and fingers) however never got that warm sensation.

About 23min out for a 5K – in snow and ice – not bad for an evening ice-run.

Also today: Muay thai with Kru Toy in Butchers Lab
Pretty cool training – did spend a lot of time with a newbie, but she was ok. Pretty strong Cross Fit/ Wing Chun girl too – so it wasn’t so bad, and fortunately, not like some of the newbs you come across, that just pushes – and can’t control what they’re doing – and hence injure you – or themselves.

Also got a nice round of sparring with Dennis – an old-time student of Kru Toy. Really nice to let go a little and spare on a 80% level. Felt great! But haven’t forgotten yesterday. Have to pick up Ross again! 😉


BKK 2010: Great evening celebrating Saenchais win over Petchuboom. Saenchai Sor Kingstarr, Kru Toy & me




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Return to Ross

I can’t believe I neglected to blog this past week. Sry!! I don’t even really know, what I’ve done, so it can’t be that much either. Which is a very shameful statement to put in black and white. But.. I guess it is so..

Today was the return of Ross Training! After a 4K fast paced run (17min flat)
More specific the dreaded ‘Fast and Furious’, and I tend to believe, I use to do 10 rds, but I could be wrong. Will look after putting this down. Tonight however – only 8 full ones.

The Fast & Furious consist of 4 drills:
10 Pull Ups
10 DB Swings (pr arm)
10 Plyometric Push Ups
10 Knee hugs

Did 8 rds in 20 min:
4 rds w/ 11K DB
3 rds w/ 8K KB
1 rd w/ 12K KB

Pull ups:
10, 6, 5, 4, 4, 4, 4, 5

Shared the pull-up bar with two guys and had to sit and wait to get started two times, during the 8 rds – but even if they had not been there, I doubt, I had been able to squeeze another rd into the 20. It was freaking hard!!

Flyes (decreased) 5 x 5 – 6K
Third time I do the drill, think I can take 7 or 8 next week
Evil Wheel 5 x 10
Shadow Box 6 min

Todays lesson: Guess I have to do more Ross!

From the other days:
Saturday: 1½ hour of Muay thai in Siam. Did 3 rds of pads with Philip! Very cool and very nice of him to take me ‘to hell’
Friday: Morning box with Johnny De Lima
Thursday: Rock n roll with Kevin @
Wednesday: Morning box with Johnny De Lima

After edit: Big bummer – did 10 rds last time around in 17.xx minutes. With a 12K DB. Have NO idea how the F I did that. But.. Guess I gotta try and pick up the Ross again.

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Return to the blog

On a lazy snow filled sunday, not much else to do than catch up on whats been a trusted training and travelling diary: My blog.

Malik and me at the afterparty (and Maliks victory)

Last weekend was awesome! Did Rumble of the Kings for Canal 2+ Sporten in Stockholm. Same time I got to do commentary my first two MMA matches! Big fun!! And big men!! Got my pic taken with Bob Sapp, haha. Its like – you kind of have to.. now he was there.
Too bad however he lost his heart in fighting. So obvious its just business for him now. But have to give him – he’s entertaining and know exactly what the media wants!

The wonderful Sana and I

Mr Sapp & me

Mr Sapp & me

Also got to hang with my wonderful friend Sana. One of the strong, fine women I know. She was brilliant company – just too bad we didn’t get access pass for her aswell. Then we could have get lost in the arena together.
– And got to meet up with peeps: Nathalie, Johan, Malik and Peyman! So fu**** great!! Haven’t seen these guys for about 2 years. Too bad Ole was injured.. would have loved to meet him too.

Was a little disappointed about commentating from a small booth, as I had been running around to find a proper ringside dress.. however.. it was quite relaxing and un-stressfull. Just hope next time it be different.
After the show we went to the hotel – and from there to afterparty! Got to practise my moves with Johan. Sana wasn’t feeling the rhythm unfortunately – but that’s how it is sometimes.

And yesterday I got even more practice: Julefrokost with Every dane know what I’m talking about reg. Julefrokost. And it was exactly like that! Freakin’ Awesome Julefrokost.
Just what I needed after a month of…. bs! Sat with ABC crew – and they were just a happy bunch – and luckily a dancing bunch!! And.. a shout to all the dancing fitnisser I danced with.. You guys rock!

But in short: Weather changed for snow. I’m in Copenhagen – and I picked up training again this past monday. Life is returning to normal, and I’m launching  my long-term project within these next few weeks – and hopefully also got a new connection in Sweden that might turn out to be AWESOME!!
A lot of new prospects, projects and ideas are floating – and it’s just about working for the moment and grabbing it.

More of this later as the news hopefully will start to tick in.

To pick it up again: A slow recap of my training week. This time including a PR in pull ups!

Monday: Siam (muay thai)
Tueday: Mikenta w/ my friend Pernille. (muay thai), (teaching classes – YAY!!)
Wednesday: Siam (muay thai)
Thursday: Weight training w/ Katja, Butchers Lab w/ Kru Toy (muay thai)
Friday: Off day
Saturday: Run 6K + Pull Ups PR
Sunday: … snowed in 😉

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Short saturday training

Keep trying to get some gym time over here, but it’ll probably not happen!

Todays training: 3K in the hills – which is hard enough, believe me. But still, not like a proper gym session, whether we’re talking muay thai or steel.

On the other hand, stopped eating anything meaningful after lunch, so hopefully it’ll make up for it.

West Cork still gorgeous! But today my mind went west…

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Aint no mountain goat

And my butt hurts!! That’s from running three days straight up, down and around the West Cork country side.

Yesterday I did the trip to Ballinglana by myself and today Liam and I went on another trip. Run was beautiful, as always, but got caught in the rain around midway and probably looked like two wet mountain running fools – at least to the cows, who were standing on the fields, watching us with disbelief and laughing at us.

All wrecked now, and its only Tuesday!!! Can’t freaking believe it!

I wish.. haha

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Running the hils

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

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First training session in Ireland:

About 7K running around in the hills around the beautiful West Cork.

Started the run going upwards – after about 200m I was seriously doubting, I would ever survive the thing. And I sounded like ‘running low on gas’.  But as the body got warmed up, it became slightly easier. (But then, had to run against the wind too!! Like the hills wasn’t enough). Liam discouraged me from taking the last steep hill – so stopped half way, and ran back up. Might have been good idea. But I think, I’ll try the whole run next.

Overall – a great run! Look forward to do it again, even legs are a bit sore now!

Maybe going thaiboxing tonight!  But first lunch at the beautiful Inchidoney beach 🙂

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Short training note ABC

5k – 20.43

Clean & Press 4×6 (11 & 12 kg)
Pull Ups 4×6
[Super set: Clean & Press 4 reps, move on to Pull Ups 4 reps – 6 sets total]

½ TGU 4×6 (8 & 9 kg)
Wall Squats (1 min) & Jump Squats (10)
[Super set: ½ TGU 4 reps, move on to Wall Squats/ Jump Squats]

Stretch and finish

Pull Ups were easier than I had imagined, but also just did 4 in a set. shifted between under/ overhand grip. Nice to feel the progress. Clean and Press weren’t so cheerful. Had to back down from 12Kg to 11 after 2 rounds, due to my wrist. ½ TGU’s was good, and 9Kg was fine (did 8kg first set and 9 for the rest). I think, I can up the weight soon. Wall Squats and jump squats was nearly killing me in the first 2 sets. After that, it seemed like the body adjusted and got the hang of it. Great workout!
Thaiboxing later!

Wall Squats in my toning class - ABC

Post Thaiboxing class @ Siam

90 minutes of muay thai with Clemme! Very nice – picked a bag as partner tonight on purpose, as my wrist are making trouble again. Can’t hold pads for the big guys. (Don’t think it really like the press and clean).
Got to sparre 2 rounds with Klingen – which was very nice, except he landed his knee on my elbow – on the ‘funny bone’.
But great to see, my knees are beginning to get incorporated more natural, and also a few of the moves from Amsterdam, was able to pull them out.

Also: 5 rounds of teeps, knees and angle work.
Felt very good afterwards!

Only issue – ate too quick, when I got home, so have a pretty bad stomach now 😦