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Baby steps

So tonight was my first night in Siam, in a very long time. Actually I think my last period of committed muay thai training is two months or more – so it was with a heavy heart and hesitating feet I went to what use to be my other home.

Time passes by so very fast, and since Liam broke his hand, it has been so easy to just do the Ross with him and forget about gloves, wraps, mouth guard and a fist full of love. But now, when I’m back in Copenhagen on my own, I really can’t sit around eating popcorn every night – even I tried. Plus yet another assignment for WMM – and my own curiosity and will to learn, takes me to Holland for a week with legendary Lucien Carbin. So I better get started.. and today was first day back.

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Could have been worse – the guys could have killed me. Easily! But fortunately everyone took it easy – also from orders from Abdul and Rasmus, who’ve been taking over for Tony. Man, I’m gonna miss him so much. For various reasons he was one of the best trainers, I ever had the pleasure of training under.

Was great to see some of the guys again, thou. Reys, Morten, Michael, Abdul and Rasmus – in heavy training periods, they all becomes a big part of the gym-life. In a way, I kind of missed it, but also, I have been content with a happy heart to do the Ross thing with Liam – and enjoying all the other stuff in life.

I noticed going home from training, I got myself a small headache. Nothing major or painful – just a little hint of having sparred again. I never noticed this before. Well gonna see how the days pans out.

On a ruin in Ireland

Check out the gym:

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GPP # 5 and core 10

Saturday with Ross in Siam!! (weiii!!)

GPP #5
* 30 sec burpees
* 30 sec shadow box

6 rounds of 3 minutes, 30 sec break btw rounds

Very hard work! After first round we looked at each other and couldn’t believe we had 5 more rounds to go. My burpees in every 3 min. round was: 12, 11, 11. Tried to push hard in the shadow box breaks – and left my self out of breath several times.

Phillip, Munta and Kasper – had a clinch clinic going, great to see Phillip really upped his game!! The lads are off for Amsterdam tomorrow to train with Lucien Carbin. I so wish, I could join them!!

After this, Liam took me for 4 or 5 rounds of pads. Plain boxing. Felt good to punch something again. But arms feels tired and there was no speed left in my double jab. Just shows that you should never skip training 😉

Finished off with core # 10
* 5 Dragon flags
* 25 Knee hugs
* 15 Supermans
* 30 Side crunches, 15 pr side (slow cadence)
* High rep crunches (todays number: 50)
3 rounds
Dragon Flags are killing me. Wonder if I will ever be able to do just one correct?!

Felt good to be back in Siam. Hope I can remember this feeling, and get my as* back in training. Wonder if I should try to get a fight in September?

Watching Germany vs Argentina! Interesting!!

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Another Fast and Furious

A morning with Ross @, ABC

Explosive strength

5 Pull Ups
10 DB Swings pr arm
10 Plyometric push ups
10 Knee tucks
– As many rounds in 20 minutes –

Hard awakening – was going dead after second round already. Pulled through and got 10 sets done in 19.43. Fight Club@ Eurosport tonight

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Sprint day and first Siam-day back

Yesterday I really tried to kill myself – or so it felt. The day with Ross prescribed 4 x 800m sprints and the usual 5 x 50m – then after work and little eat – first time back in Siam in what feels like forever.

AM w/ Ross:
4 x 800m Sprints – and jog back
1x 800m Sprints – did an extra round to try out a different route
5 x 50m Sprints – very good pace!!!

PM w/ Muay Thai
90 minutes of Muay Thai. Mostly pad drills with Phillip. Skipped the sparring part – apparently got too fat and too awkward on my legs in my break. The past month of bad stuff has cost about 2 kg and lost of speed, power and balance. It feels like I’m starting over.
I guess one thing is to do the (often) 20 – 30 minute Ross sessions and exploding into it aka feel good and strong throughout the whole session – quite another is to have energy for 90 minutes of Muay Thai. Not only kicks, punches, knees and elbows – but also basic footwork and balance.
Dam* it – breaks sucks!! And I miss going to the gym with Liam, was a lot easier to get out of the house, when u have company! But then I get a lot from the Ross sessions we’re doing together. Pull-Ups starting to come back – and he definitely help by inspiring and just plainly – ask me to perform.

Today is strength day according to the Ross bible – but I’ll be going to Eurosport tonight, to do Creative Breaking. So probably be doing strength on my own

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Fast and Furious & a teaching tuesday

Fast & Furious (after 1½ hours of a ‘good’ night sleep)

* 5 Pull ups (Ross says 10, but my puny arms says 5)
* 10 Swings pr arm (12 kg KB)
* 10 Plyometric push ups (jump with whole body)
* 10 Knee tucks

As many rounds in 20 minutes. I managed 10 on 17.01 minutes
Stopped after 10, as I was just happy to be alive!

Teaching 4 Classes! Got to do a little myself too 🙂

Toning class:
* 30 Ski-thing with weights
* 20 Saxon sidebends (5 kg)
* 25 Squats with weight plate (5 kg)/ 25 (pr leg) Lunges w 5 kg
* 20 Push ups w/ weight
* 30 Russian side twists (5 kg)
* 25 Supermans
3 Sets
* 3 x 1 min. Wall Squats
Superset with
* 3 x 10 Jump squats
* 20 Push ups w/ weight
* 2 min plank
* 2 x 1 min side plank

Abs ‘n Back class:
Ball warm up: 25 front, sides and back (w/ 5 kg weight plate)
* 3 sets of ‘GSP’ Calve/core ball
* 3 x 15 V- ups
* 50 Split back on ball
* 3 sets of diff. Ball drills
* 1 min. intensive back
* 1 min. intensive abs

Boxing class:
Warm up:
* 50 KB Swings
* Circle routine (incl. frog leaps, MB Slamms, boxing etc)
* 2 x 2 min drills (time pr partner)
* Squats, Push up – time drills
* 3 min challenge

Muay Thai Beginners class:
Warm up:
2 GPP rounds:
* 30 sec burpees
* 30 sec Jumping Jacks
* 30 sec Split Jumps
* 30 sec Burpees
* 30 sec Jumping Jacks
* 30 sec Push Ups/ Squats
2 sets

Normally goes 4 sets, but they looked smashed after 2, and so was I + it was beginners, not conditioning class. So let them off the hook after two sets. One of the guys actually remarked, that he knew why it was called burpess. Said he could taste it. Tasted like iron. Haha… If you don’t taste your burpees, you don’t do enough 😉
Diff combinations
Games (tags, one arm boxer, foot squash)

Time drills (punches, knees, push ups)
Knees/ abs

All three classes seemed pretty happy afterwards – so was I to be able to go home, take a shower and relax. However in the muay thai beginners class, I might should have said more. From some of the guys and gals, I could see, they did the opposite of what I said. F.ex. ‘Shoulders down, elbows in’ when punching – or ‘turn foot’ when kicking. Looking back, I probably should have said a little more, than just given the rules. But had taken time to explain why.
I guess it’s from my classes at – and as a student myself, I really dislike a trainer, that just goes on and on. You don’t want to get cold in the gym, while someone polishing of their ego and passing out endless amounts of ‘gold’ – however – you do also sometimes want to know why you should do things a certain way (or get examples of why its a good idea). I think however, some of the drills created an explanation in itself.

Hm.. I will give this some more thought, so I’m prepared if I have to take that class again.

Unfortunately I opted out of the Fast and Furious day (yesterday), because I suddenly had 3½ hours in the gym, so that was left for me to do, today.
And so I did – in record time.

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Day 8 – still to come

Meanwhile training and teaching full on.

But 8th day on Ross is still delayed. Yesterday was a good 2 hours teaching classes at – and I finally got pictures from my class of stars. Training consisted as usual of different core exercises, combined with strength and explosive drills. Among the good stuff:

3 x wall squats
3x squat jumps

Saxon sidebends
Weighted lunges
V-ups with ball
Push ups – different styles

Boxing class got an evil drill of GPP warmup and hard circle + the 3 minute finish race

Photo from the ABC class of warrior women

Tonight will consist of 2 x Muay Thai – Fighter Class and then teaching the second class. So I guess tomorrow will hopefully be the day of Ross! Can’t believe it’s been put off for 4 days now.