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Day 89 – Running in Copenhagen

Spend the day with an old friend of mine, walking around in the city and even I wasn’t shopping, it was a thrill to go in the shops and look at all the stuff! It might sound stupid if you’re a guy, or if you’re never had ‘the shopping gen’ – but if you did, you’ll sympathize with someone who’s been living in Cork (which besides TK MAXX has close to zero great shopping opportunities and who’s only spend money on training gear for 18 months), to all of a sudden being hit with the wast options of shopping in Copenhagen.

In the evening Liam and I went for a run around the lakes. It’s a great run – almost 8K from the apartment I think – and it’s all flat with one way ‘build in stops’ as in light signals.
Unfortunately I was feeling horrible and the run was just as hard, as had it been in the hills of Clonaklity.

I seriously felt like I haven’t been training for months, and just turned into a vegetable with no legs, no muscles and no lungs. It felt really strange. We were joking about going to die when we get back to Ireland, having to run in the hills again.
Hope it will be better next time – and still looking for new runners.

Ps. Again still apologizing for the late blogs. Trying to get up to date!

I seriously need new runners - just haven't found the right ones

I seriously need new runners – just haven’t found the right ones


Weight issues

So today I found out, that I’m 7% obese – or at least according to the Tanita scale, that just arrived in the gym today. It also told me, that my BMR is around 1306kcal a day and my metabolism is 19 yrs old.

I actually don’t know so much about the electronic weights anymore. A couple of years ago, they were – at the best somewhat accurate about weight and body fat. But I don’ know if technology has gotten better and more accurate.

From training with some very dedicated bodybuilders, I know they preferred the skinfold method to the BIA (BioElectrical Impedance Analysis). And I for one, think its safe to say, that the 5lb (2.2kg) bone mass the Tanita reading gave is not right.

However, the Tanita scale does give an correct weight measurement and even it doesn’t give 100% exact reading for body fat percentage, it gives a good idea and most importantly, brings attention to this issue, which many forgets about.

A lot of people I meet in the gym often just think about loosing weight or getting skinny. Being healthy and fit, doesn’t equal any of these. Fitness for me is about feeling great and know that you’re capable of many things. Like everyday stuff, such as being able to run to the bus, without puking your heart on the sidewalk. Walking dogs, taking bike rides, go skiing, swimming in the ocean, lifting babies,and climbing trees and picking apples (fill more stuff in here). Or – take a fight, run a marathon, play a ball game or compete in fitness. For most of us – unless you’re a pro athlete or someone like me, who like to take a fight, or sport competition on occasions – Feeling great is what it’s all about.

So the Tanita scale – by mentioning ‘Body fat percentage’ opens up to a dialogue on what a healthy body is. Cause a skinny fat person, is just as unhealthy as a fat person.
Which means, the aim should be getting strong and fit, not just skinny.

For me personally, I’m in trouble on my weight for saturday. But that’s a whole different story. Living in Ireland has cost me a few kg.