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Just to say I’m still alive – and kickin’


Days in the country side has it moments, as the other morning, when we spotted seals of the coast. (We also have dolphins, seagulls and whale-sharks coming by). But for OLympic moments, Blog Updates and the ever so often ‘googling for some answers’ – it’s not a good place to be. Hence my short, short updates and greetings on the blog.

Since my last update – I got a little training down:

Wednesday: 8K in the hills
Thursday: Ocean kayak
Friday: 12K in the hills
Saturday: Thaiboxing at Brucies
Sunday: Visited Mizen Head
Monday: Kettlebell class at Womens Fitness (80% of the time with my new 16kg friend)
Boxercise + PT sessions
-Super classes, thou the Kettlebell was a bit tooo full! 20 Ladies rocking it!

Tuesday: Taekwondo speed work tonight!

In the spirit of the OLympics, tonight will feature speedwork of the legendary kicks of the Taekwondo world