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City run (or how people I met on my run just got broader on the sidewalk)

Maybe its lack of running culture in┬áCork, but for some reason – and I’ve mentioned this before: People I meet on my runs in Cork, seems very reluctant to move, just a few inches when you come running toward them.

Now I should probably write ‘me’ instead of ‘you’, cause I don’t know if it’s a general thing here, or if I’m just unlucky with the people I meet on my runs.
It’s not like I’m overly huge or demanding tons of space either. I just wish the little courtesy of Copenhagen running culture was present in Ireland. Myself – I would always step aside for a runner, as to not disturb their run or make it even harder by swinging out, instead of going in a straight line.

Courtesy among pedestrians – hoping it’ll translate to include runners

A half a step a side, would mean, that I don’t have to run into the road, where the cars are driving, in already too narrow streets. But no! Out of the about 30 people I passed coming towards me on my run, only one took that half step in.
It even seemed like some people even seemed to get wider shoulders, when they realised, there was coming someone running towards them. Most people however simply just pretended they didn’t see me.

I’m a little surprised since Cork has hosted a marathon for a few years now. You should think the city had developed a running culture by now. But then again, I think Copenhagen is one of a kind in regards to ‘outdoor activity culture’: biking and running in the streets.
I never thought about it or appreciated it before I moved to Ireland, but have to say now, I miss that about the city.

Anyway happy with my run in the city today. Almost 13K in 1h and 13s., including a few stops at light signals, running out in the street due to very broad pedestrians and getting lost a bit (of course) from the course I sat from home.

Tuesday training so far:
12.78K city run: 1h,13s

DL (return of an old favorite)
2x 5x 60kg
2x 5x 80kg
-Tried a more narrow grip as suggested by Len (a friend from Thaiboxing), worked very well. Could feel it’s been a while since I did any DL at all. Last two 80 in each set actually felt heavy!

Edited: My new Asics has once again proved to be the wrong choice for a longer run. Backside of my left leg around the knee is in pain. Remembering I specifically asked for running shoes good for long runs!! Am now HUGELY dissapointed in the Asics guy who tested my running form (am a natural forefoot runner, with a slight overpronation in left foot) and recommended the Hyper 33.
Since the initial break in with 10Miles, I’ve done a few short runs: 3 & 5K, with no aftermath. Today after only 12.78K, is bad again. Dam* you Asics guy!! I’ve could have used those 180euro on something else!!