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Strength and Conditioning KBTe style

This past weekend I was in Dublin for the KBTe Strength & Conditioning level I course. The course covered Weightlifting (Olympic), powerlifting and Kettlebells.

Despite I was staying next door at O’Sheas Merchant Hotel, I had a good weekend. The course was good, and even I’ve been doing Olympic weightlifting for some time, I learned some new stuff, as they broke down the lifts. When I had my first day with OL lifting, I got a broomstick in my hand and was told to practice the snatch. After about 30 min, I was promoted to the bar. Hahaha. The KBTe guys had a different approach, which was more beginner friendly to newcomers – but then, I doubt most people will try and tackly Olympic weightlifting before they know their powerlifts.

As for the hotel, I really have to say: DON’T STAY there, unless you’re having a hen or stag party – or just want to party, be drunk and awake all night. Staying there just to have a bed for the night (and stuff to do next morning) as I did, is a big! mistake. There is a live band playing from midnight to 2.30am. In my case the first night was George Michael covers (which weren’t terrible) and Tina Turner covers (which were terrible!!) last night. On top of that, you have drunk Irish men (of both sexes) running around screaming, slamming doors and trying to get into your room, because they’re so drunk, they forgot what room they’re in.
And to make matters worse: No breakfast before 9am sunday morning! Which sucks double, when you have to lift kettlebells for 3 hours before noon!
I can never recommend this place to anyone. I’m sorry!

Back to my course – last day sunday consisted of KB work, to which the guys added a compound. After every new technique, we did the compound all over again – adding reps from the new technique. I think, I saw grown men cry in the end, but I’m not sure – was busy crying myself! (It was a tough cookie! – see picture for details).


Last KB Compound of the day

Last KB Compound of the day


Anyway, it was a great weekend even the lifts were simple. (For example did they exclude the split jerk!) It was fun to be ‘in a class’ again for once!

My own training so far in 2013 consist of:
Weight training
Muay Thai (unfortunately not so often as I’ve would like)

For the next 4 weeks I’m following my S & C program, which is also the last part of the assesment!
Day 1, week 1 look like this:
* Snatch 5x 5
* Squat 4x 6
* Military 3x 8
* Pull Ups 3x 8
Everything is 80% , except for pull ups. Going to do some small adjustments in weight, but kept resting times according to program (almost), so everything felt good.


Powerlifting competition, Sport, strength training

Can I have a carrot, please

Spend half the day driving and most of the other part, waiting around in a sports hall, to compete in powerlifting. I have to admit, that I to the last-minute, didn’t feel very up for it, for various reasons.
Like – my deadlift training stopped in the end of december, I’ve been constipated for about a week (yes, it’s that time of the month) and.. we got about 3 hours of sleep from friday to saturday. So things were not lining up in my favor, as I entered my first powerlifting competition.


Aside from feeling tired, wrecked, bloated and constipated, I also have to admit, that I was a nervous wreck or rather a nervous hungry wreck.  So after my first lift – the dreaded squat, which I haven’t been training. Just been doing a little here and there, without dropping to competition depth! (mind you), I went next door, to the restaurant to ask, if they could hit me up with an apple, a carrot or just anything fresh. Judges dumped my third attempt by disqualifying my spotter, who shouted depth (apparently a moment to soon). But I got two meek lifts out. A bad – but expectedly bad start.

The cook, an older warm gentleman seemed confused at first: No irish breakfast?? But then he lightened up and asked me, if I would like a coleslaw, with carrots and cabbage. I answered, that would terrific and if I could get a splash of lemon on top. And then I waited hopefully for my first meal of the day.Out it came, in a big white bowl. Thou, it wasn’t exactly, what I would call raw coleslaw. It was small old bites of diced carrots, with chopped leaks and whole slices of raw potato. And my desired lemon on top (two boats).


I ate the carrots and left the rest in the restaurant. And then I had to bench. Now, I haven’t really trained bench pressing either. Again, it’s just one of those things, I would do on occasion, when I’m in the gym. So now – why would I enter a powerlifting competition one could ask. Well, I sort of tried to up my deadlift before christmas, and was pretty serious about it – and from that, to here.. well, I guess, I must have thought it would be fun. Or for the crack as my boyfriend would put it.

Bench was fine for first lift, I felt strong and confident. Second time around, I thought I waited to press up, till I heard the judge go: ‘Press’, but again apparently I didn’t. Mind you also – the judge really took his time to count on the press. He was later replaced. Anyway, on my third attempt, I went to high and died on the way up. It was a weight I’ve done in the gym, with a fast touch and go lift. I think, my mind got fu*** up by the second lift disqualification, so I payed more attention to the judge, and less to the actual task: Lift that bar.


After benching we went to a gas station to get some food. I found a meal deal offer: triangle sandwich with ham, salat and tomatoes – and as I took the first bite: half the sandwich was actually mayo. Well I did get an old orange and a bottle of water too for my 5 euro. So I won’t complain. Just say, I didn’t finish my sandwich.
Deadlift was coming up next, and my boyfriend had to leave me so he could get to work. So still hungry, alone and a half damaged confidence, I had to do, what I actually know how to do: Lift that iron from the floor.


I chose to start on tiny bit more, than suggested, as I warmed up with my opening. A friend from thaiboxing – Len – who is also a former powerlifting champion, advised me to go a little higher. But still a little scared, I started off somewhat conservative – did so with success. My next two lift was equally, even I struggled a bit on the last.. but it was actually my best lift in my mind. Not only because it was a new personally PR, but because I struggled, thought about quitting and decided not too. Decided to overcome…. That was the best feeling

Later I got my hands on nuts, olives and sugar peas and a banana. What a feast!


Powerlifting and Boxercise in Ireland

NB. I am no longer doing this class or am a part of Womensfitnessplus in Cork. Big differences in our professional ethics (or lack of same) put an end to our collaboration. I will miss all the wonderful women I’ve met in my classes and PT sessions, but I will not miss being treated with condesenting arrogance for my professional knowledge and/ or as a fellow human being.
Since Womensfitnessplus made it mandatory for their trainers to sell at least 3 Kinetica products on each shift, I had to say I wouldn’t do it. I’d give information about the products, but under no circumstances would I push the products to women, who didn’t need them. I don’t believe in selling useless stuff, or even worse telling lies to make a profit like.
I’m a fitness professional with ethics and beliefs on what’s right and whats wrong – I work for results, not for greed.
As a result our ways departed – and despite I miss the happy women – I would choose to stand by my ethics again.



5.2K in about 23 min  (Felt fast this morning, so after first 2 min warm up, I was between 4.48-3.50 for the rest of the time)

3 x 5 Pull Ups (5 chin ups)

2x 20 Full Contact Twists (30 kg)

Ab work: 100 on floor, 80 on ball
20 back on ball

5K on average 4.48mpk, speeded up last k

4x 40
4x 60
2x 4x 80
4x 85
1x 90
1x 90

4x 20
4x 40
4x 45

4x 20
4x 30
4x 40
1x 40
Followed by ab work – app. 100 of various kinds + stretching.
In the end, it got so cold in the gym, so I couldn’t continue benching. Went to the shower as a human popsicle.


Two classes at Womens Only Fitness gym:
1. Kettlebell class. I got a new program together for this monday (my third KB class), which I really liked. Only have a few repetitions of drills and goes on by 20 or 10 reps pr. drill. Class is 45 min. and we spend around 5 min in total for warm up and cool down. Ladies were very good at the drills and a few went all 45 with a 8kg. (I’m very proud of them!)

KB program:
Mid Halo
Push Up (touch chest)
Sit Ups
Pelvic Tilt
Swings (both hands to top)
Top Halo
Twists on knees
Push Up (touch chest)
Pelvic Tilt
Swings (one hand)

2nd Class: BOXERCISE
This class is really taking off! Fully booked and was booked a week in advance – new record according to the owners. (And yes, I am very proud of that!) Boxercise was one of my favorite classes to teach back in Copenhagen, and it seems like its gonna be the same here in Ireland. (To be honest – I like teaching all my classes! Boxing however – you just can’t help falling in love with it)

To my big delight a lot of the ladies who came last monday for our Boxercise premier, returned this monday (yesterday) and did a great job.
I can’t wait till we get longer into the season – when the basics are down, a new world is going to open up for us. And as with the real deal boxing – boxercise only gets better with time!

When I moved to Ireland in november last year, I re-stated an old goal on my deadlift: 100 kg. My previous attempt was a bet with Jacob Søndergaard – an old good friend of mine. He was supposed to do 200 kg and I was supposed to reach 100kg. For reasons not recalled we decided to skip the bet and I stopped at 86 kg.

Now, I won’t be able to make 100kg saturday. But I hope to make 87.5 or 90kg.