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Does sport makes us better women?

Working with – in – and ‘on’ (my) sport, is very rewarding for me on many levels (otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time on it) and I’m sure it have somehow made me a better person (woman).
I watched the ‘Born for the fight’ videos on You Tube and in the third episode a gym owner explains how Muay Thai made him a better man. It made him want to take in the young poor boys of his village, teach them, train them, put them through school, feed them and give them values and discipline.

It resonated with me, that the sport which have given him so much, made him want to pass it on. As I’ve stated in many posts before, that’s why I like teaching: I want to pass on my joy – I want to ‘give back’.

Sledgehammer training (on a rare summer day)

On a more societal level, I think sport have made me a better woman:
* Having trained for all these years, I’m confident walking home alone at night-time whether in New York or Clonakilty
* I cherish working in a team, even my sport are individual: No one gets strong all alone!
* I’ve also realized, I’m stronger than I think
* I enjoy feeling my body is healthy, strong and capable (of what I might throw at it)
* Even I sometimes feel like crying while at it, I do like the feeling of pushing myself (or being pushed) to perform better and do things, I wasn’t sure I could do

I think being active in sport, does makes us better women (and men), because it teaches us to have confidence in ourselves. To take on challenges. To learn to trust others (our trainers and team mates). And it also allows us (as women) to be aggressive, strong and dominating in a world full of contradictions to what ‘a real woman’ is.

If you’re a female reader of mine – I’d love to hear what sport/ fitness/ fight sport means for you! Ā (And if you’re a man, I’d like to know likewise. What does sport/ fitness means to you?)

Training update for past week:
Tuesday: Track run (20 min), 2x Boxercise classes ( The FighterGirls Club and Mayfield)
Wednesday: 13K run in the city (including 3 stair case hill sprints. St. Patrick Hill)
Thursday: 3x Boxercise classes (CIT, The FighterGirls Club and Mayfield)
Friday: Core session with Ania in RB Fitness (made me realize, I haven’t been doing strict core in over 1 year)
Saturday: Hill sprints in Clon x5 (5K total) + Core session:
10min skipping warm up
*Evil wheel
* Weighted sit ups
* Sideways sit ups (x2)
4 drills, 4 sets and 10, 15, 20 & 25 for reps
Sunday: Relaxing. Went to see Skyfall with Liam. Great entertainment, thous reminded a small bit of Batman

This past week I’ve come across two strong women in sport:

Sport, training

Speed day and the birth of The FighterGirls Club

I don’t know why I do these things to myself sometimes…but I do it again and again!

Yes, today was another speed day and again I almost made myself cry. Of course in the end, when it’s all over, …no, everything was not good. Satisfied by hanging in there and grinding it out, yes! But felt wrecked afterwards – like in being run over on the as* by a truck, or something.

Anyway – as bad as my training was yesterday – I felt just as bad today. (Must that time of the month coming close – female readers know what I’m referring to. Well I guess men with women in their lives, know as well). But today I got the job done – on the track at least.

6x 400m sprints
800m warm up
200m jog/ walk/ gasping for air and crying on the inside in between
200m cool down

Blasted out in the last sprint. Upped my heart rate with 1 – that’s 2 since we started using Heart rate monitor in the end of Sept.

Total distance: 4.66K (a tad more than the believed 3.8K after conferring with the Garmin Forerunner)

2 Boxercise classes at CIT and Mayfield – excellent work for both classes. A lot of upper body work in both, to the ladies big surprise šŸ˜‰
Did a half hour session with Aoife before the Mayfield class in the gym. Second time in the gym = second time touching the weights! She did really well, but poor thing was tired in the class afterwards.
She told me later, that she thought, you’d only got tired from cardio work. She’s amazing – I can’t wait to follow her and her friends progress on the weights and in class. If they keep at it, they’re gonna witness some changes!!

Next week I’m jumping out – on my own here in Ireland: I’m opening The FighterGirls Club, which will be hanging out in RB Fitness on Tuesdays and Thursdays (for a start anyway). It’s gonna be bang on Boxercise with a kick classes! With sandbags, mats and boxing equipment, my plan is to put some smashing classes up, that’s gonna rock the girls!
I’m a little scared, small bit stressed out – and very VERY excited.

I’ve missedĀ all the wonderful ladies I’ve met in my classes – so hopefully The FighterGirls Club is gonna bring us together again. I’ll save the story on my refusal to sell out of my fitness ethics cost me my girls at the greedy womens fitness plus to a later day – now it’s time to celebrate The FighterGirls Club

Curious? Find the club on Facebook and please share with all the wonderful girls/ ladies/ women in your life

If The FighterGirls Club is something you like the sound of, you find the link to the page here to your right —–>
Feel free to click, read – and if you do: Like (even if you’re not a girl)
It’s just as much a way expressing joy, strength, training, health and feeling good – as it is an actual class!

Sport, Teaching, training

Heart rate monitor training

For the past two weeks (I think), I’ve been practising the ‘Heart rate monitor’ training on my runs. That means instead of going ‘As fast as you can pace’ for x-k, I’ve tried to do my runs at the recommended 70% pace.

It’s harder than it sounds! First of, it’s so easy to get into a nice rhythm (runners will know, what I’m talking about), where you enjoying yourself, the pace and the run – only to find, you’re running to fast. Secondly it’s almost impossible to run at 70% pace in Ireland = there’s too many hills!! + I found that crossing a street with or without light signals, spike my heart rate to go through the roof.

However it also made my runs more enjoyable. Partly because of the extra challenge (of keeping track of the heart rate), and partly because running this slow doesn’t wear me out! Legs feel fresh even with 5-6 days a week run.

Program also include 1 day a week with max effort: Preferably sprints. I ran with Liam Tuesday. That must be my effort run for the week.

The program is designed to increase your pace over distance runs (short and longer). I’m intrigued to see results in the weeks ahead.

CLA TEST Updates:

3 week into the CLA test:
Fat percentage (CLA’s biggest claim = help burns fat):
1 week: 22%
2 week: 22.9%
3 week: 22%

Bodyweight is up with 0.2kg

Measures are down for waist, tummy and hip (see slips for more details), but that’s expected output from the running.


Tanita slips


Will continue my CLA test the last week and post updates on this as well on my Heart rate monitor training.

Training this week so far:
Monday: Run 6.2k to work (slow mo run) (in Asics Rush 33)
45min Kettlebell (teach and participate)
Boxercise class (teach)

Tuesday: Around 8K with Liam (tempo run) (Puma minimalistic)

Wednesday: 6.2K to work (trying to run slow, but failed. Another tempo run) (Asics Rush 33)
Boxercise (teach)
PT (teach and participate)


Sport, Teaching, training

Challenge yourself – a least once a week!

It’s been busy Wednesday again, and even if it’s not as busy as usual, it’s still a ‘back and forth day’. With a lot of PT (Personal training) sessions included.

My day started with a PT session that involved lot’s of KB’s. PT sessions at Womens Fitness isĀ 30 min., and the aim is to give the member the best possible work out – taking her condition, mentally and goals into consideration.
My ‘client’ this morning, have worked out with me for quite some time, and it has been a delight to watch her physically and mental progress, and witness all the benefits, that being active gives her. (Gives us all)

However – as many before her – and many right now. Results seems to be staggering. She’s happy and feel much better, clothes fits better. Has more energy, feel stronger and fitter – but the scale/ measurements stays the same.

So – it’s not life threatening or the most important thing in the world, to shave some of those centimeters. But when you’re in the gym 3 days a week, and feel like you putting in an effort, what is the answer then?

I told her: ‘Get out of your comfort zone’. The body is an amazing tool, that can do almost whatever asked of it. And the best part is, it learns, so you can get better at, whatever it is that you do. (swimming, jumping, kicking, lifting, biking, running or flip flopping. But to keep seeing progress, you would want to always add a little extra. Don’t get comfortable and settle with that. Once every week, take it up a notch.

Whether its working on getting up from the knees and do on toes push ups, doing a faster sprint on C2, lower your knees better in lunges – just do it. Challenge yourself – and if there is one or two things, you want to be better at: Keep working on better them.

I’ve actually been preaching this all week. Mostly because I hate see people wasting their time in the gym. But also because, I love to see people get the benefits from training – to share the same joy, as I feel.

My own day (which was little):
50 min KB (12kg)
60 sit ups
40 squats
40 push ups

My knee is much better, so hopefully I can train normally tomorrow. However, probably not 10 miles in new shoes again. I am still learning from my mistakes
Ps. If you be interested in training, in any of my classes, please click the ‘Classes’ page (Left top corner)

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