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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry take from Vegas (My first live UFC event: UFC 98 – Machida vs Evans)

The first picture is from my very first trip to Vegas. I spend 1o days in the desert training and learning under Master Toddy and then I had a few days in at The Palms – and got to attend my first UFC event (98). I always liked this photo because of all its different shapes, shadows and hidden figures.
Thought it was fitting on this weekly challenge – even I didn’t crop it.

Buakaw performing Wai Kru in Thai Fight Cannes

Second picture is of course – the worlds most crazy geometric figure: The SQUARE boxing RING. Photo is from Thai Fight in Cannes, where I was lucky enough to be with Fight Club. The fighter in the photo is Buakaw – one of the worlds best! He’s performing the ritual Wai Kru, which is a blend of honouring trainers, gym, parents, ancestors – and showing off your strength, flexibility and balance to your opponent. Buakaw did a wonderful job for both.

Edited: Another photo kept hunting me – saying it had shapes and storie as well

From a sky train station in BKK

More ring photos:

Well you can’t see much of the ring, but it’s one of my favorite photos from Lumpini – so I added it anyway 🙂


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Photo from the Long house, Borneo, Malaysia. Once upon a time home of the headhunters

This weeks Photo Challenge is about ‘Foreign’. Now, I could step outside and take a pic of myself surrounded by 20 Irish people – and I would look foreign. I also admittedly feel foreign from time to time as my Denmark vs Ireland blogs are telling, but mostly I know how to conduct myself here.

The picture I chose for this challenge, is not about, I didn’t know how to conduct myself. I seem to remember a green light for GO, money as trade currency, smile and say thank you – like the rest of the world. However – the photo is from Borneo, Malaysia. It’s from the inside of a very old (preserved) authentic long house, that once was home to a tribe of head hunters.

It was my first time visiting ‘the old world’, in that part of our world, so it was a big deal for me – and I did feel foreign in every sense of the word. Geographic (I was far away from home), housing (my place in Cph had nice lacquered wooden floors, the floors was made of bamboo), cultural (they lived in a small village in the jungle – I lived in the capital of Denmark) – and the list could go on. However I also remember the things we shared: The man I bought a bottle of home-made whisky (or whatever it was) from, to give to my father on return, smiled and said it was a great gift for father. So even feeling – and being foreign, there is always the little things, that make us connect.
I visited on a brief press tour, while I was working as a freelance travel journalist for Ekstra Bladet Ferie  – the story about my travel companions is another adventure in itself.

Another photo from my Malaysia trip