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NYC Blues

Got myself a good ol’ NYC Blues today. It comes every now and then, and reminds me of life in different places,  New York City in particular.
And I miss that feeling of walking down Fifth Avenue, with music pumping in the earphones, people stressing by, face in the sun and just feeling like a part of the big, big apple.

Anyway… Cork and Ireland is nice too 😉 (just different).
I was supposed to go home to Denmark this weekend, but had to change a flight and couldn’t get back in time for work, without it costing a fortune. (Damn* you airlinbes). So I’ll be missing seeing my girlfriends, which I’m a little sad about, might be a contributing factor to my blue state of mind today.

A little down from yesterdays gym visit:
2000m C2 (1000m sprint 2:03, 1000m alternate: 100/400/200/300)
2x 5x 15kg C&J
2x 5x 25kg C&J
2x 5x 30kg C&J


Not having the best gym days for the moment. But knows, I’m gonna turn it around.. keep hanging in there! Life is nothing  but adventure!