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A quick way to suicide

Day 11 in the Ross-mare training circuit @fitness.dk ABC:

Part 1: * 10 Burpees
* 20 Lunges
* 30 Bodyweight squats
5 circuits
30 – 60 sec rest btw circuits
Part 2: * 10 pull-ups (5 underhand grip)
* 20 Power Overs (12 for my part)
* 10 resistance Band High pulls (performed in weight thing with 12.5kg)
Repeat 5 times, no rest

First half left my thighs for dead, second one my arms. Hardcore day with Ross.

50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training, training

Explosive strength II

Explosive strength @fitness.dk Nyegaardsvej
Both hard and not so hard – Hard to explain haha.

Struggling with the muscle ups, but Liam apparently thought he should do some extra weight training (lifting my butt up and above the bar, so I could turn my hands and reverse to a dip-grip).

Muscle ups (4 sets, 8 reps – did 5 either chin ups (overhand grip- or 5 muscle ups with help + super settet with 5 dips)
Squat jumps (4 x 12)

Full body ply pushups (4 x 8)
Explossive step ups (4 x 12)

One arm band pulls (4 x 6 – performed in weigth thing with 30kg)
Ankle hops (4 x 20)

Rope climbing for time ( 3sets of 3 climbs) – No rope available: did 3 sets of Pull ups (different grip)

Pull-ups are getting better and at least I get my chin up and above the bar. Locking the arms out straight and get back up however is terrible hard. Will say I keep my arms bend about 10%, but it’s looking better. Yesterday evening was supposed to do muaythai too, but we ended up going swimming. Swimming is nice!

50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training, training

Explosive strength ala Never Gymless style

Pew – day 4th in the new 50 day programme: explosive strength. So very hard!!

Drills performed super settet – 2 excercise paired up and performed 4 sets, before moving on to the next pair. About 45 sec rest btw. excercise.

Muscle Ups (4 sets, 8 reps)
Knee tucks (4 x 12)

Depth Plyometric push ups (4 x 8)
Lunge Jumps (4 x 12)

Clap Pull Ups (4 x 8)
Ankle hoops (4 x 20)

Finisher: Power overs 3x 20

First of all, I’m just starting out here, so my regime does not include muscle ups and clap pull ups. I tried to do just one muscle ups, but couldn’t pull through the second part of the excercise. course my companion did 😉

So my less impressing schedule had:
Muscle ups replaced with Pull Ups (4 x 5 – shifting btw under/ over grip)
Clap pull ups replaced with Pull Ups (4 x 5 – same, same)

Finisher: 1x 12, 1 x 14 and 1 x 16

In the book Ross explains that the muscle up is a tough excercise to master, and it might take a few weeks of practice. I’m not sure he didn’t mean a few months – or maybe never?? Also – right now, no idea on how to train the movement as I’m still struggling on pull ups performed as chin ups. But hey – maybe one day… 😉

Fight Club tonight!

50 day challenge, ross training, training

ICT – first tryout

New Ross challenge: Never Gymless.

First day was ICT #1 (integrated circuit training)

I tried it out by myself last thursday. Home is not the best place, as the pull-up bar is located in the bedroom, so was using seconds on going from one room to the other.But might not be the worst as I was pretty much out of breath after the first minute. And my pull-ups sucks. Couldnt press more than 5 cohesive – and for the 1st round full minute, I only got 5 + 2 x 2 x 0.5. Very weak.

ICT 1:
* Burpees
* Pull- ups
* Squats
* Pushups
4 round

Round 1: 60 sec
Round 2: 45 sec
Round 3: 30 sec
Round 4: 15 sec
No rest btw rounds

Aside from that, I’ve run by myself and with my good friend Pui Yee, bicycling and swimming some.

Friday I did a heavy strength training for once: Squats, bench, calf raises, pull ups and swings. Was hard lifting real weights again. It’s been over 6 months.

Today only consisted of short swim and biking. Not that great.  But the weeks total workload ended up being acceptable thanks to Pui Yee and my own running.

Sitting here on a saturday afternoon I do however feel quiet lazy, and not so happy with end result. But sunday might have some training in it too.

Skipping country soon – It’s time for new input and inspiration.