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Ireland vs Denmark III

More ‘them vs us’ fun – or maybe rather ‘being Danish abroad’.

Let’s start of with more traffic!

1.Bikes! Biking in Cork equals the death-defying spirits of the first New York bike messengers: Cars have no clue how to act around bikes – or pedestrians/ runners for that matter. In Copenhagen – mind you Cork is equivalent to Århus – second biggest city in Denmark – cars actually have last priority when it comes to traffic. First pedestrians – then bikes – then cars. Here it’s drive or die – I think, I’ve mentioned this before

There you have it!


2. Running – another one of my Irish traffic complaint moments! There doesn’t seem to be any running culture here. If anything people seem annoyed when I come running towards them. And mind you – it’s not like I’m taking up the side walk, I was actually raised to be considerate to others. Most people seem to get broader on the side walk  so I have to sidestep out on the road. I seem to remember Copenhagen as being pretty runner friendly.

3. Irish service is magnificent! Coming from Copenhagen, where the Netto worker would grunt at you (unpleasantly) if you asked about – yeah, anything at all, even on your best polite behavior – people in the shops here are overly friendly and helpful!
In my local Netto in Rantzausgade, the shop manager was the worst of them all. You’d be almost afraid to shop there, when he was in. Grumpy can’t describe him.
Here you met with a smile and a ‘How are you, thank you and please’. That’s really something!

A typical Irish chip – covered in curry and mushy peas. I bet there’s not one crispy chip left in there.

4. Chips! What with this notion of putting everything possible on the chips? They get soaky (not sure if this is a word, but you prob. get my drift)! Last time at Jackie Lennox (best chipper in town), I accidentally said, I wanted peas with my fish & chips = they poured a cup of mashed peas on top of my chips!!! I had to ask for another. I like my chips crispy.

5. Steaks! Irish steaks are fab! Filet steaks in particular. And they’re actually affordable. I thought Denmark was agricultural – but meat prices in Ireland makes one think, Denmark is aligned with Norway, when it comes to steaks.

This kind of view – definitely Irish!