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Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Geometry take from Vegas (My first live UFC event: UFC 98 – Machida vs Evans)

The first picture is from my very first trip to Vegas. I spend 1o days in the desert training and learning under Master Toddy and then I had a few days in at The Palms – and got to attend my first UFC event (98). I always liked this photo because of all its different shapes, shadows and hidden figures.
Thought it was fitting on this weekly challenge – even I didn’t crop it.

Buakaw performing Wai Kru in Thai Fight Cannes

Second picture is of course – the worlds most crazy geometric figure: The SQUARE boxing RING. Photo is from Thai Fight in Cannes, where I was lucky enough to be with Fight Club. The fighter in the photo is Buakaw – one of the worlds best! He’s performing the ritual Wai Kru, which is a blend of honouring trainers, gym, parents, ancestors – and showing off your strength, flexibility and balance to your opponent. Buakaw did a wonderful job for both.

Edited: Another photo kept hunting me – saying it had shapes and storie as well

From a sky train station in BKK

More ring photos:

Well you can’t see much of the ring, but it’s one of my favorite photos from Lumpini – so I added it anyway 🙂


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Work capacity 101

Yesterday was another one of those grueling workouts from the R-bible. Bf did it some weeks ago, while I was preparing for my fight. So back then, I had the pleasure of watching and timing him, while I could relax after 5 rounds of shadow. Yesterday it became my turn to feel the pain – alongside the boyfriend.

It wasn’t as bad, as it sounded – but is definetly one of the hardest WO’s in the Ross bible.

Work capacity 101:
* 5 Pull-ups
* 10 Medicine Ball Slamms
* 15 Burpees
* 20 Jumping Jacks
Aim is 10 sets (or do as many as you can in 20 minutes) – 2 minutes for each set. Finisher – walking with sandbag

We actually finished each set around 1.10 – 1.15 minute, and then had a short break for about 20 – 30 sec. before moving into the next set. I have to admit thou, that doing pull-ups is still something I need to get better at – so I only did between 2 – 4 correct ones, and took the rest (btw. 1 – 3) with a little off-set with my feet. (We did pull up from the ribs).

BF (Liam) doing pull-ups

Everything else was done by the book. By me – and of course, the training wise, impeccable bf. Burpees (by the very nature of its existance) took the price as being the hardest drill by far. And for some reason my body adjusted to do the 10 burpees, so they felt sort of easy (which is A wrong expression to use on burpees) – but the last 5 burpees was ridicoules hard. Around 12 or 13th, the legs really starts to burn. And by the time I reached 15th, I was on Bambi legs, trying to get my body aligned for the jumping jacks.

We got the whole routine down in around 19th minutes, and finished of carrying tires, as there where no sandbags in the gym. After we proceeded to stretch and do some ab work. 200 of different variations – and a back bridge for me  (front and back bridge for bf).

Me training at Muay Thai Academy, with Ed Bilbasoo, North Hollywood

We did a second session in the evening: Muay Thai/ bagwork. My workout consisted of about 10 minutes skipping, and then 3 rounds of shadow. We got a little interrupted by brilliant boxing coach Poul Duvil, whom we had a little talk on Mads Larsen vs Brian Magee, and he got some good advice for Liam and his hand. So after the brief intermission, we continued the session, with 6 rounds of bag work. Kept the rounds at 3 – 4 minutes, with a measly ½ minute breaks in between.

Ended session with 400 knees (boyfriend did 500), before proceeding to 200 teeps. I did an additional 100 knees after my teeps, since I felt the pressure from Liams 500 😉

Knee training with Master Toddy, Vegas

Today is sprint, core and muay thai day

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Happy birthday on a monday?

Not really, but then again – it doesn’t really matter. I’m over the days, where birthday meant wake-up call with chocolate and fresh-baked buns, and nicely wrapped gifts. In fact – I don’t think I ever had a birthday like that. So today I just celebrated with a session of muay thai with Tony Pettas in charge. (Yes, it is him – Nicholas big brother) and a strawberry cake.

Nicholas Pettas

Tony Pettas and Abdul Albarazi at Danish Muay Thai Championship

Had a brilliant class on top of a not so brilliant day. It’s awfull how my mood has been on the downhill, since I realized, I wont be going to Thailand to train, with one of the best trainers I ever met – and who – actually believe I can learn and do good. (And who would put in the time and effort – and not just treat me like a tourist or a Girl) And on top of course going to be separated from my bf. Life just much more fun around him.

But! Yeah! Girls aren’t still that hot on a fight card, so therefor don’t get the same attention from the trainers as guys who are fighting. It’s a bitch, but its real. It’s hard to come across someone, who will actually put in the Time – Effort- and Trust, as Master Toddy has for me (and my friend Hanna). Hanna is now in Vegas training with him, and leaving for Thailand with him, to train and fight. I so wish, I could go and join them. Just to see, how far I could actually get. And Hanna is so much fun to hang with. My all time favorite hardhitting girl!

Better put in a birthday cake too

Thank G for muay thai and Liam. That 1½ hour of muay thai kept my spirit alive.

Oh – and my article got out – still I haven’t got paid! Let’s hope there’ll be a delayed birthday present tomorrow.