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Magic 50 and Penny the Cat

After Liam maxing out and getting a new PR (85kg snatch), we packed up and left for Clonakilty. As stated earlier we’re planning to do a third run on Ross Emanait’s ‘Infinete intensity 50 Day Challenge’ and since we started on day two yesterday, today was ‘day 1: Magic 50’.

Liam brought down the barbell and two 10kg plates and I was lucky enough to borrow a 12kg KB. The Magic 50 is a simple, heart pumping drill:
* 5 Swings pr arm
* 5 Snatches pr arm
* 10 Burpees
– 60 sec rest between rounds, 5 rounds total –

Training outside was lovely. Sun in the back, ocean view – but the lawn is slightly leaning and I was jumping upwards, when retracting my legs. Grass, barefoot and uneven soil made the burpees a small bit tougher than indoors, but it was definitely worth it.
I did 6 sets first, three of them with 6 reps instead of 5. Liam was doing Cleans and Snatches (Oly style) with the 40kg, for 10 reps, so he was toast after 5 rounds.
I went in the house to get a glass of water and decided to do 4 more rounds, since 10 is such an even number.

As you can see from my picture, Penny – the neighbours cat decided to keep me company, so I did all the stand up work first: 4x Swings & Snatches. Again with a 6 reps for the two sets.
Then Penny finally left and I had the blanket for myself: 40 Burpees – here you go!! I did 2x 20.

It’s with shame I have to write, we forgot to do both finisher and Core I. I guess we won’t be bored this weekend.

Magic 50 with Penny on the blanket

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Lent Challenge 2 day

Second day of Lent and I had to give myself a new challenge:

My second day challenge I decided was from Ross Enamait‘s 50 day challenge: The Magic 50:

* 5 db swings
* 5 db snatch
* 10 burpees
5 sets , breaks in between sets is optional, thou max 60 sec

Since I’m a bit squashed from yesterdays 100 burpees challenge, I thought the Magic 50 would be a good option. Don’t look so tough on paper and I actually discussed with Liam, if I remembered the circuit wrong – that it was supposed to be 10 swings/snatches instead of 5. Fortunately for me, I did got the numbers right!

Todays training:

* Run 6.6K in 31 min
Magic 50
* 5 db swings 15kg (first set with 17,5kg)
* 5 db snatch 15 kg (first set with 17.5kg)
* 10 burpees
5 sets, break btw 2-3 and 3-4

* Farmers walk:
1 walk: 17.5kg db
2 walk: 22.5 kg db
3 walk: 17.5 kg db
= result: Dead arms!! Was supposed to do pull ups after the farmers walk, but had to take a break and do abs and back! My forearms was absolutely crushed after farmers walk. I gotta work on my grip!!

2x 20 russians
20 reach ups
20 reverse curls
20 ½TGU w/ 5kg mb
20 obliques
2x 20 back

Pull Ups:
3x 5

Mariusz Pudzianowski farmer walking with probably more than 4 times my bw!

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Magic 50 & Girls Tuesday

3 classes at ABC and followed by the Magic 50

Toning class (30 min):
* 50 Lunges (step bench + 5 kg)
* 20 Saxon Sidebends
* 20 Russian Sidetwists
* 20 Push Ups (‘walk over bench’)
3 sets: 1 min. Wall Squats + 10 Jump Squats
* 20 Leg drills (20 each side)
* 30 Saxon Sidebends
* 20 Torso Turnings (w/ 5 kg)
* 30 Russian Sidetwists
* 20 Push Ups (legs raised, + weight)
* 20 Push Ups (‘walk over bench’)

Abs n’ Back (30 min)
Warm ups: On Ball// 25 front, 2 x 25 side, 25 back (+ 5 kg)
Ross combo:
* 15 V-ups + 15 Knee tugs
* 10 V-ups + 10 Knee tugs
* 5 V-ups + 5 Knee tugs
Ball combo drill – GSP style (x 3)
* 1 min. Intensive Back
* 1 min. Intensive Abs
* Plank 2 min front, 1 min each side

Boxing (60 min)
Warm up – partner drill:
* 10 Burpees for A – B does push ups (then reverse)
* 10 Burpees for A – B does Abs (then reverse)
* 10 Burpees for A – B does body weight squats

Circle box drill:
4 stations w different combos x 2 circles

Circle training:
* Boxing (w/ 1 hand)
* Push Ups (walk over bench)
* Weight drill w bag
* Plank (against wall)

3 Minute Challenge: Continues boxing – NO pause, no breaks – hard and fast as possible for 3 min.

Still so proud of my Toning class. Real sports!! Told Liam about the new push up drill and he seemed impressed: ‘Are you breathing power bitches up there?’ (but it came from him misunderstanding me a little, I think *s*) Anyway – as we were going through the motions, I couldn’t help feel impressed by the ladies. They’re doing it! No sobs, no excuses – No ‘I can’t’. On the other hand – several girls stopped during the Ross Combo challenge in Abs n back class. Had to ask them to perform – if not 15, 10 & 5 – then 8, 5 and 1. At least a combo – and not just the abs, they usually do. So they at least can tell themselves, they didn’t give up. I really want them to succeed in the drills – to not quit.

* 5 DB Swings (11 kg)
* 5 DB Snatch (11 kg)
* 10 Burpees
5 sets

3 Farmers walk (2 x 11 & 2 x 13 kg)
6 x 4 Pull Ups

Was really toast after the Magic 50, but then miraculously recovered after the Farmers walk. I didn’t lift that much either, which turned out to be good, as I did have a little left for the pull ups.
Pull ups starting to come back. Thank G! Now – just have to keep it up!

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50 day challenge – here we go again

Except for training and meeting my old coach Kru Toy shortly, day is not great at all. Not sure how – or if – I can change things. They say everything happens for a reason – it’s just so much easier to wise up, looking in the back mirror, than risking making decisions for the future. One thing for sure – I don’t like being this unhappy ;(

1st day: Magic 50

5 db Swings pr arm (10 kg)
5 db snatch pr arm (10 kg)
10 burpees

5 sets – 60 sec rest btw sets

Finish off w/ core work:
5 sets

Set 1 – 3:
20 Russian side twists – 3 kg medicine ball
15 V-ups
20 Supermans
30 high rep chinnies

Set 4:
40 Russian side twists
20 V- ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies

Set 5:
50 Russians
25 V-ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies