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50 challenges almost done

We actually reached the last day of challenges in the R-bible. At least the part we’ve done together – I’m still down from 800 meter sprints and the Magic 50. Both, I guess, activities for the week to come.  But weeks have definitely been fun-filled with all the craziness from the magic world of Ross and muay thai training.

Today was no exception. Two challenges: 400 meter sprints and a modified Core #10

Sunday sprint time:
8 x 400 meter sprints – which was a very sad story for me, as I was as flat as a flounder. First 200 meters legs were moving quick and I felt like floating just above asphalt level. Then gravity set in, and my body turned heavy and lungs seemed very small. Last 50 meter it more resembled a quick jog, than anything else.
Sprint ended with:
5 x 50 meters – This I can actually do!

Flat flounder floating or me on todays sprints

Modified Core # 9:
–  5 Sets –
* 15 Evil wheel
* 25 Knee hugs
* 30 side crunches (15 each side)
* High rep chinnies (50, 40)
Finisher: Plank for 3 minutes (Auch!)

Sometimes I feel like this, when I think about him leaving

Also, we are still on a countdown for Liam’s departure. I think we both feel really shitty about being apart, but I guess we also reached the conclusion, that if it’s not killing us, its only gonna make us stronger.
So far I still need my paycheck, so for now its impossible for me to know, if I can go anywhere at all. So for now, I’ve stopped worrying about whether I should go Thailand or US – and just worrying if Berlingske will ever pay me.

But this is how I mostly feel

Regardless, days without Liam will be long

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On the rebound

Having kind of an half off day and now relaxing with thai and korean pop music – which I actually really like (even I understand plum cake – all thai songs sounds like love songs anyway – and korean pop like strawberry/ orange lollipops).

The morning started out nicely: 2½ hours morning session with the emphasis on clinch, which my bicep/triceps area really enjoyed, after being pushed through app. 200 push ups a day. I even got the honor of clinching with Mr Puk – a former 5 times Rachadamnern champ. It was really good, especially since yesterdays failure afternoon class. Got partnered up with a russian sissy, who couldn’t take his own medicine, and even proceeding in lecturing me, on how stop kicks to the hip was illegal. And thats really what I hate about classes. Im not training in Thailand to learn others how to… Im here to be corrected and get my muay thai tuned in.

Anyway – proceeded today with a short (50 min) private, which I thought would be grueling hard, but as it turned out – not hard at all. It might be my appearance that made the difference. I was feeling a little sorry for myself – as I ate too close/ too much to training. But my private didn’t break a lot of sweat. So I actually thought about doing the afternoon class also.. but decided I should take the rest of the day off, do some photos and blow my nose. (apparently, I also got a cold now).

So now Im in the bungalow, running nose and music. Later on its Kata beach and seafood – saying goodbye to Julie who’s leaving tomorrow. I kind of wish it was me. I miss my warrior back home!
But after muay thai adventures, tigerpups awaits – so I still have some time to kill and nights to dream, before seeing my hearts warrior.