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50 day challenge – here we go again

Except for training and meeting my old coach Kru Toy shortly, day is not great at all. Not sure how – or if – I can change things. They say everything happens for a reason – it’s just so much easier to wise up, looking in the back mirror, than risking making decisions for the future. One thing for sure – I don’t like being this unhappy ;(

1st day: Magic 50

5 db Swings pr arm (10 kg)
5 db snatch pr arm (10 kg)
10 burpees

5 sets – 60 sec rest btw sets

Finish off w/ core work:
5 sets

Set 1 – 3:
20 Russian side twists – 3 kg medicine ball
15 V-ups
20 Supermans
30 high rep chinnies

Set 4:
40 Russian side twists
20 V- ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies

Set 5:
50 Russians
25 V-ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies

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Girls rockin’ it at ABC

Tuesday again, and once again my two 30 minute classes rock. First 30 minutes, as usual pure ‘toning’ class – and even my class is different from other ‘toning’ classes in, the girls buy into it, and my guess is they like it. Using lots of Ross Enamait inspired drills, the ladies get out of their usual comfort zone and get down with the more hardcore drills. I think it’s so awesome the girls are into this – and it warms my fighter heart.

Marlene and I training - Picture from Tiger Muay Thai jan 2010

‘Toning class’:
* Warm up: walk outs, push ups
Drills x 2
* 20 Squats with weights and ball btw knees (tone inner thigh)
* 20 Saxon Sidebends w weight
* 20 Lunges w weight
* 20 Sidetwists w weight
* 3 x 20 Russian sidetwist
End: 2 minute Plank

Second class is an all abb/ back class. Most drills are done with the big ball. Cool class as well, but not as innovative as the toning class. I should work on improving drills for this class.  Abs/ Back ended up with Plank: 2 minute straight, 1 minute each side.

Third class was boxing – so much fun and a great warm up with GPP #4 – only 4 sets thou:
3 minute sets/ 45 sec break btw sets
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Split jumps 30 sec
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Squats/ push ups 30 sec

I felt great today. Lots of energy. And after that – I just lined up the circle , watched time and tried to make them work a little harder. Class ended with a great 3 minute challenge.

Liam - my hearts warrior and I in a smily moment

So did get a little training done in between the teaching – and it felt great, but I also had yesterday off. Liam is back, which my heart both dances and cries about. Ofcourse Im overly happy to be with him again, be in his arms – which is the best place in the world – and on the same note, my heart cries for him, as he came back, because he broke his hand again. We both thought it was good, since he’s been training here for about 3 months without any problems – but about a week out in Thailand, and he hits a hard head, and the bone breaks same place. If I could, I would change bones with him. I would rather had him stayed and fulfill his dreams, than a broken hand and shattered dream.
But I’m sure, it will sort out – we will get that happy ending. I can’t imagine otherwise with my strong warrior by my side.

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Sweet 16 turned 20

It was not the Magic 50 I missed from completing the 50 days challenge, but the Sweet 16. So for my saturday training in Siam, I decided to add the Sweet 16 to my (our, Liam & me) usual saturday schedule. However, as I arrived to the gym, and was about to get started, I forgot if it was one or two rounds heavy bag punches – all I remembered was Ross writing, that one could add burpees instead of push ups to make it harder.

I don’t know if it was the 12 minutes of skipping or the boxer brain – but somehow all I remembered was the 3 exercises: Heavy bag work, push ups and squats – and then the twist with the burpees. I did figured thou, that the Sweet 16, would consist of 4 sets, so this is how my saturday work schedule ended up:

Warm up: 12 minute skipping

Sweet 16 turned 20:
Tabata drill: 4 minute set, 20 sec work, 10 sec break
* Heavy bag punches, 1st set
* Burpees, 2nd set (8 in 4 rounds, 9 in 2 and 7 in 2)
* Push Ups, 3rd set (between 12 – 14 in each round, 3 rounds first 10 correct, rest on knees, second last round on the knees)
* Body Squats, 4th set (between 11 – 13 in each round)
* Heavy bag punches, 5th set

Saturday routine:
* 3 rounds of shadow (2nd round with weights)
* 5 rounds on the bag
– 1st: Only boxing and elbows (really destroyed my right elbow today, rashguard not a really good idea for this)
– 2nd: Only kicks and knees
– 3,4 & 5: Everything

300 knees
200 teeps

'Reach for toes' - This drill probably has a name

Finish off with core:
* 20 Russian side twists (5 kg medicine ball)
* 15 V-ups
* 20 Supermans
* 25 Abs, ‘Reach for toes/ footprint on ceiling
* 16 Russian side twists (5 kg medicine ball)
4 sets

Footprint on the ceiling - this drill might also have a correct name 😉

This week has been lazy with training: Only joined Siam classes on monday and friday – and today was my first Ross training alone. It was hard and I missed my man so much. Training side by side with him, is so inspiring and we have so much fun together. Even watching TUF is missing some of its charm without him.

Happy with my hearts warrior

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50 challenges almost done

We actually reached the last day of challenges in the R-bible. At least the part we’ve done together – I’m still down from 800 meter sprints and the Magic 50. Both, I guess, activities for the week to come.  But weeks have definitely been fun-filled with all the craziness from the magic world of Ross and muay thai training.

Today was no exception. Two challenges: 400 meter sprints and a modified Core #10

Sunday sprint time:
8 x 400 meter sprints – which was a very sad story for me, as I was as flat as a flounder. First 200 meters legs were moving quick and I felt like floating just above asphalt level. Then gravity set in, and my body turned heavy and lungs seemed very small. Last 50 meter it more resembled a quick jog, than anything else.
Sprint ended with:
5 x 50 meters – This I can actually do!

Flat flounder floating or me on todays sprints

Modified Core # 9:
–  5 Sets –
* 15 Evil wheel
* 25 Knee hugs
* 30 side crunches (15 each side)
* High rep chinnies (50, 40)
Finisher: Plank for 3 minutes (Auch!)

Sometimes I feel like this, when I think about him leaving

Also, we are still on a countdown for Liam’s departure. I think we both feel really shitty about being apart, but I guess we also reached the conclusion, that if it’s not killing us, its only gonna make us stronger.
So far I still need my paycheck, so for now its impossible for me to know, if I can go anywhere at all. So for now, I’ve stopped worrying about whether I should go Thailand or US – and just worrying if Berlingske will ever pay me.

But this is how I mostly feel

Regardless, days without Liam will be long

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On the rebound

Having kind of an half off day and now relaxing with thai and korean pop music – which I actually really like (even I understand plum cake – all thai songs sounds like love songs anyway – and korean pop like strawberry/ orange lollipops).

The morning started out nicely: 2½ hours morning session with the emphasis on clinch, which my bicep/triceps area really enjoyed, after being pushed through app. 200 push ups a day. I even got the honor of clinching with Mr Puk – a former 5 times Rachadamnern champ. It was really good, especially since yesterdays failure afternoon class. Got partnered up with a russian sissy, who couldn’t take his own medicine, and even proceeding in lecturing me, on how stop kicks to the hip was illegal. And thats really what I hate about classes. Im not training in Thailand to learn others how to… Im here to be corrected and get my muay thai tuned in.

Anyway – proceeded today with a short (50 min) private, which I thought would be grueling hard, but as it turned out – not hard at all. It might be my appearance that made the difference. I was feeling a little sorry for myself – as I ate too close/ too much to training. But my private didn’t break a lot of sweat. So I actually thought about doing the afternoon class also.. but decided I should take the rest of the day off, do some photos and blow my nose. (apparently, I also got a cold now).

So now Im in the bungalow, running nose and music. Later on its Kata beach and seafood – saying goodbye to Julie who’s leaving tomorrow. I kind of wish it was me. I miss my warrior back home!
But after muay thai adventures, tigerpups awaits – so I still have some time to kill and nights to dream, before seeing my hearts warrior.