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When do you know if you love somebody

That was the question asked to the protagonist in a movie Liam and I were just watching. The protagonist answer fullfilled every romantic notion: ‘Because without her life doesn’t make sense to me’

I looked to Liam and asked him heartfelt: ‘Why do you love me?’
He looked back and answered without hesitation: ‘Because you make no sense to me’

Needles to say, I’m still laughing

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Day 81 – Do you need to love or be loved?

Met up with an old friend the other day, who put down her gloves to pursue the world of yoga. And just as her adventures with muay thai, she grabbed yoga with both hands. Moved to India for 6 months to study, live and breathe yoga – and when we met, she said this about relationships: ‘The best balance is when someone who needs to love, finds together with someone who need to be loved’.

If you think about it, it can make perfect sense. There is a giver and a taker. Nothing and no one is 100% one thing of course. The giver needs to be loved too – but maybe not as much, as the person who needs to be loved. Likewise the person who needs to be loved, will also love the giver – at least in my world. I can’t picture two people staying together for a long time without any love between them.

Would this also explain if one person feel ‘too good’ for the other person , and therefore holding back on committing?

I guess if relationship could be had with yourself, it would be more simple. Anyways.. yoga thoughts for thought!

Todays training:
1½ hour Muay thai with KruToy in Butchers Fight Gym

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Day 93 – Some men just want to watch the world burn

The famous quote from Batman – or rather Alfred, when trying to explain evil caused by men, that couldn’t be explained by greed, fear, rage, anger, revenge, lust or love. I remember hearing that sentence and it really stuck a chord with me.
How do you react to people’s action, when you can’t understand the background for them. When nothing gives meaning and can’t be comprehended by the normal means of understanding.

I don’t know how that feeling is, and I don’t know anyone, who just want to watch the world burn. People I know, can occasionally act, like they don’t give a care about anything or anyone. But there would always be a selfish reason behind the action. A desire to destroy out of anger, greed or another strong emotion.

All the strong desires for destruction I’ve felt in my life, have been born out of situations that have caused my emotions to escalate. My guess would be, that men with want to burn down their world, would have no such thing as emotions to disturb their path.
I don’t know, if you could call the joker emotionless, but he sure wanted chaos for chaos.

Sometimes, I think it would be nice, not to think, feel or worry about today, tomorrow or ever – and kind of just live to watch the world blossom (rather than burn) – but I’m not sure if the process is reversible? Could you be a (wo)man who just want to see the world come alive?
Training day (if anyone cares):
2 x Thai boxing (Mikenta and Butchers Fight Gym)

Legendary Heath Andrew Ledger as the Joker

Legendary Heath Andrew Ledger as the Joker


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Bustet up, Siam style

Friday night with Muay thai training in Siam.

Really good session with Abdul, that left my triceps burned out!
Lot of pad work, finished of with bag work – that actually did kill the poor upper arms.
3 min drills bag work:
30 sec: Hard n’ heavy boxing
30 sec: Pushing bag (in front of head, switching from shoulder to shoulder)

30 sec: Left/ right kicking
30 sec: Hug bag from squat position/ stand up w bag/ down again

15 sec: Fast hands
15 sec: Hard n’ heavy

Class finished of by 100 push ups! (did 30 on knees)

On the heart attack note:
Calmness has settled in, and I’ve retired to a waiting position.
Heartache is a terrible condition, so exhausting and leaves you for dead.
I need to live again, smile – and maybe feel the warmth of love, so I wait
and see where to go from this.

Choices are always hard, once made it opens a window and closes a door.
When to make the choice, and which to choose is the hard part,
So therefore I wait, and hope for a sign
Waiting for the sun

Love this album btw

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New gym tricks

Besides being a day of heartbreak, yesterday was also the day, where I got to train with Anders Fabricius Nedergaard again. He’s also one of the masterminds behind ‘’ and he knows a lot about functional weight training. He’s the sort of guy, who all athletes should have behind them. So no doubt, I felt very lucky to sneak in on a training session with him.

So what new, did I learn?:

Well for starters, I got my dead lift sorted out. And then Anders told me about the benefits from rotation and stabilization drills.

Did one, which could best be characterized as a straight, half TGU. DB or KB up in one arm straight – and then sit up straight. Weight above head. Will introduce it to my class next week.

Also a push through with barbel – a sort of straight FCT. Works on stabilizing core and push effect – which can be transferred into the same movement as punching.

Last new thing was a variety of one arm push up. In order to get the best from this drill, its important that my wrist gets better (that’s a obvoius) – and then to hold the body straight, instead of compensating by twisting the torso.

Also managed to throw in a small, but fast paced run. Training never fails… when everything else does.. trainings here..

Programme w Anders:

OH Squats: 2 x 10 x 20k
Deadlift: 2x 4x 30Kg
2x 4x 40Kg
4x 4x 50Kg
4x 4x 55Kg

Straight ½TGU:
8 x 4x 8Kg

Straight FCT:
4x 4x 20Kg
6x 4x 25kg
4x 4x 30Kg

One arm push up straight/ against wall:
6x 4

Usefull notes: Keep reps around 4 and sets around 6 – 8

Wrote my heart out, still waiting to be read

I still haven’t sent my letter about love…

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It’s really hard to wake up and be in a bad mood. The day is fresh and the night served images from wonderland, still crisp behind the eyes. But then I remember, I spend all last night on writing this letter, about my love, and I remember why. Then all of a sudden, heartbreak is close by.


I love the way you lie (sic)

“Love The Way You Lie”
(Eminem feat. Rihanna)

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn
But that’s alright because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry
But that’s alright because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

You don’t get another chance
Life is no Nintendo game
But you lied again
Now you get to watch her leave out the window
Guess that’s why they call it window pane

This is the last time you broke my heart

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50 day challenge – here we go again

Except for training and meeting my old coach Kru Toy shortly, day is not great at all. Not sure how – or if – I can change things. They say everything happens for a reason – it’s just so much easier to wise up, looking in the back mirror, than risking making decisions for the future. One thing for sure – I don’t like being this unhappy ;(

1st day: Magic 50

5 db Swings pr arm (10 kg)
5 db snatch pr arm (10 kg)
10 burpees

5 sets – 60 sec rest btw sets

Finish off w/ core work:
5 sets

Set 1 – 3:
20 Russian side twists – 3 kg medicine ball
15 V-ups
20 Supermans
30 high rep chinnies

Set 4:
40 Russian side twists
20 V- ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies

Set 5:
50 Russians
25 V-ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies

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Girls rockin’ it at ABC

Tuesday again, and once again my two 30 minute classes rock. First 30 minutes, as usual pure ‘toning’ class – and even my class is different from other ‘toning’ classes in, the girls buy into it, and my guess is they like it. Using lots of Ross Enamait inspired drills, the ladies get out of their usual comfort zone and get down with the more hardcore drills. I think it’s so awesome the girls are into this – and it warms my fighter heart.

Marlene and I training - Picture from Tiger Muay Thai jan 2010

‘Toning class’:
* Warm up: walk outs, push ups
Drills x 2
* 20 Squats with weights and ball btw knees (tone inner thigh)
* 20 Saxon Sidebends w weight
* 20 Lunges w weight
* 20 Sidetwists w weight
* 3 x 20 Russian sidetwist
End: 2 minute Plank

Second class is an all abb/ back class. Most drills are done with the big ball. Cool class as well, but not as innovative as the toning class. I should work on improving drills for this class.  Abs/ Back ended up with Plank: 2 minute straight, 1 minute each side.

Third class was boxing – so much fun and a great warm up with GPP #4 – only 4 sets thou:
3 minute sets/ 45 sec break btw sets
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Split jumps 30 sec
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Squats/ push ups 30 sec

I felt great today. Lots of energy. And after that – I just lined up the circle , watched time and tried to make them work a little harder. Class ended with a great 3 minute challenge.

Liam - my hearts warrior and I in a smily moment

So did get a little training done in between the teaching – and it felt great, but I also had yesterday off. Liam is back, which my heart both dances and cries about. Ofcourse Im overly happy to be with him again, be in his arms – which is the best place in the world – and on the same note, my heart cries for him, as he came back, because he broke his hand again. We both thought it was good, since he’s been training here for about 3 months without any problems – but about a week out in Thailand, and he hits a hard head, and the bone breaks same place. If I could, I would change bones with him. I would rather had him stayed and fulfill his dreams, than a broken hand and shattered dream.
But I’m sure, it will sort out – we will get that happy ending. I can’t imagine otherwise with my strong warrior by my side.

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Sweet 16 turned 20

It was not the Magic 50 I missed from completing the 50 days challenge, but the Sweet 16. So for my saturday training in Siam, I decided to add the Sweet 16 to my (our, Liam & me) usual saturday schedule. However, as I arrived to the gym, and was about to get started, I forgot if it was one or two rounds heavy bag punches – all I remembered was Ross writing, that one could add burpees instead of push ups to make it harder.

I don’t know if it was the 12 minutes of skipping or the boxer brain – but somehow all I remembered was the 3 exercises: Heavy bag work, push ups and squats – and then the twist with the burpees. I did figured thou, that the Sweet 16, would consist of 4 sets, so this is how my saturday work schedule ended up:

Warm up: 12 minute skipping

Sweet 16 turned 20:
Tabata drill: 4 minute set, 20 sec work, 10 sec break
* Heavy bag punches, 1st set
* Burpees, 2nd set (8 in 4 rounds, 9 in 2 and 7 in 2)
* Push Ups, 3rd set (between 12 – 14 in each round, 3 rounds first 10 correct, rest on knees, second last round on the knees)
* Body Squats, 4th set (between 11 – 13 in each round)
* Heavy bag punches, 5th set

Saturday routine:
* 3 rounds of shadow (2nd round with weights)
* 5 rounds on the bag
– 1st: Only boxing and elbows (really destroyed my right elbow today, rashguard not a really good idea for this)
– 2nd: Only kicks and knees
– 3,4 & 5: Everything

300 knees
200 teeps

'Reach for toes' - This drill probably has a name

Finish off with core:
* 20 Russian side twists (5 kg medicine ball)
* 15 V-ups
* 20 Supermans
* 25 Abs, ‘Reach for toes/ footprint on ceiling
* 16 Russian side twists (5 kg medicine ball)
4 sets

Footprint on the ceiling - this drill might also have a correct name 😉

This week has been lazy with training: Only joined Siam classes on monday and friday – and today was my first Ross training alone. It was hard and I missed my man so much. Training side by side with him, is so inspiring and we have so much fun together. Even watching TUF is missing some of its charm without him.

Happy with my hearts warrior