40 day Lent challenge, Sport, strength training, training

1K under 4:00

28th day of Lent Challenge

It seems only appropriate  – halfway there – to start fulfilling some of the personal goals I’d set for my Lent Challenges. Except of course of enduring and doing them, without killing myself (literally!). So 1K under 4 min – done.

Todays challenge was a revenge on Fridays finisher and in total my WO looked like this:

* 10K – 6thK in 3.53min (1K) – total amount of time: 49.08 (Not great overall time! Apparently not as fit this Tuesday)
* Bench Press
5x 30kg
5x 35kg
3x 40kg
2x 40kg

* Deadlift
5x 40kg
5x 70kg
5x 70kg

OL Snatches 
5x 15kg

5x 15kg

Pull Ups
3x 5

10 Dragon Flags

Didn’t feel strong today and forgot a water bottle, so felt uneasy and not as light and powerful as I would have liked. And as I have grown accustomed too – the first day of the week. I also have a feeling, I ate way too much flour this weekend (All my walnut scones, sandwich and dumpling wrappers), and that might also have effected my performance today.

Anyway, I’m still hoping to squeeze out two good gym days this week, even it will be tough, since I’m on the run all day tomorrow and the gym week only last to friday – weekends are in Clonakilty. On second thought – one happy gym day will be plenty this week. Would be good to keep my spirit up, since feeling a little blue and underappreciated these days. It’s strange how Denmark feels close enough, when everything is good, but very far away and lonely, when not so good. Gotta get around to booking tickets soon!

Somebody posted this in the CIT Powerlifters group – which I’m a member in. Thought I would share it – if you’re into any kind of weightlifting, you might have come across one or two of these in the gym 😉