40 day Lent challenge, training

A day on the benches

We’re in Dublin today, more accurate at ‘The Eastcoast Barbell’. Liam is doing his first competition in Olympic weightlifting and I’m so thrilled to be here with him.

Currently we’re watching ‘masters and ladies’ divisions and it’s great to know that you can lift when you get old and grey! (and you can start young.. an estimated guess is that the lifters are between 14 -68 here!) I’m guessing most of them (the masters group) just came into the game recently and I’m so excited that they’re taking their training all the way and dare to compete.

But ofcourse I’m mostly super psyched for Liam. It’ll be so cool to see the results of his training. It’s funny in a way, I’m more excited to be here and watch him compete, than I was about my own powerlifting competition.

Liam ended lifting 105kg C&J and 67kg snatch. Nerves got the best of him for the snatch, but he did really, really good! Lifted heaviest in his group on C&J – only other guy to get that much up was 15kg heavier. So am very proud and happy for him!!

I ofcourse got my third day challenge down as well:

* 100 Rope turns
*10 Burpees
* 10Push ups
* 10 Squats
Ten total sets
Aimed on making both burpees, squats and push up to perfect form (a phrase I got from friends at Cultfit )

The series is obviously from Ross again and it’s either a GGP or The fast and furious. I don’t remember.

After the Olympic Weightlifting we drove down to Cork again for a night out with Corks finest – Thaiboxers. We’ve been invited to see The 8 Man Eliminator¬†tournament, and it was a blast. Place was buzzing and for a second it almost felt like Lumpini. People screaming and cheering. What a blast!


Young guy in the white shorts from Siam Warriors Cork had some of the best timed knees. A little doctor Petrosyan in the making perhaps?