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Day 75 – To Tri or not to Tri (back Online)

Since we were at the KMD Copenhagen Ironman, Liam caught the Ironman bug, and is now talking Tri races. While I have no doubt, that he would be a perfect Ironman and do the various Tri races with gold and glory – I’m not sure, I would. Simply for that reason, I don’t LOVE running, biking or swimming, as I LOVE Muay Thai.

To do a good triathlon – whether it’s the sprint version, the Olympic, the 70.3 or the full Ironman, you need to train hard and consistent. Especially in the swim department. And while I like swimming, and even look forward to ‘learn’ to crawl again, I don’t know, if I would enjoy to do this every day.
I don’t mind going to the gym every day to lift weights for a time. I don’t mind running every day – for a period or as part as a warm up. But so far in my life with sports, there has been only one thing, I love to do day in, day out: Fight Sport (Muay thai, boxing, kickboxing). It’s that simple! This is what I love! (even with a fuc*** up arm!)

Anyway… I have a feeling our training is going to take a change, and I do think, I’m gonna follow Liam into the pool. Then we see, where we go from there.

Previous days of training:
Yesterday: 1 hour of Abs, Buns and Wheels (Mostly BW), 40 min of Cross training
Sunday: 5K
Saturday: 8K
Friday: 5K
Thursday: 1hr Abs, Buns & Wheels, 8K


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Do do run run again

Liam’s been at this running program for the past six weeks, and while I’ve some days been looking a little jealous of his runs and his commitment, I’ve been fine by hanging out at home, Sloughing on the internet. And of course I’ve been (and am) supportive of his running and commitment to the program – but I’ve felt fine about my training in my classes and the extra TRX I’m putting in at the moment, to not really bother getting into running myself.
-And I had that nasty experience with my knee getting all f***ed up after a run, a couple of months ago.

This saturday we somehow managed to get to Brucies for Thai boxing. Which was great – I always love a good thaibox training – especially now that my finger is fine. So had a blast, but also felt it was hard to go on the pads. I mean – of course I could do it for 5 or more rounds, if I had to. But it was tough and I felt my heartbeat in my throat.

'We're on a road to nowhere..and we're running!!'

‘We’re on a road to nowhere..and we’re running!!’

On the way home Liam said, he was happy we went thaiboxing after all. And he added, he felt really good about going on the pads, as he felt more in control of his heart rate (stamina) and could pick up or slow down the pace without getting out of breath. He noted, that it might come from all the running he’s been doing.

I thought about it and it makes sense. And I thought to myself, maybe I should try running too – with the program that is. (It’s a heart rate based program that ensures you don’t go 80% on all your runs and thereby burn out faster). So my mind was positive primed when Liam (yesterday) suggested that I join his program – and my goal is to see it this week out – and then decide from there, depending on knees and limbs.
There is 6 weeks left of the program and if all goes well after week 1, I’ll follow through the last 5.

Training update including past week:

Today (Monday): 6miles on 70%
Yesterday (Sunday): 10 miles 70-75%
Saturday: Muay Thai
Friday: Sprints with Liam (4x 800m + 2 miles jog + 1 mile 100s = 5.5 miles)
Thursday: 30 min TRX, 40 min. Circuit, FighterGirl Class
Wednesday: 1.5 hour Abs/’toning’/ Burpees
Tuesday: 20 min TRX, 20min Barbell ‘blast’, 20 min Core, 2 x FighterGirl Classes
Monday: Nothing


My diet is back to No Gluten – except I’m having a cheat day on saturday, where wheat & sugar is allowed. Needles to say, I’ve spent Saturday stuffing my head with chocolate stuff and a couple of mini pancakes and some Danish liquorice.
I’ve seem to be quite happy about this arrangement.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

When I saw this Weekly Photo Challenge was called ‘Renewal’, I thought of one thing: In between the rounds of a fight, fighters get a short chance to breathe, get advice from their trainers, maybe a sip of water. In short it’s ‘Renewal’ on the double!!

Muay thai fighter Buakaw getting ‘re-newed’ between the round 1 and 2 (Looking a little upset thou)

Buakaw between round 3 and 4, getting a sip of water from his cornerman


Liam napping – another form of getting renewed

In the next photo challenge, I’m gonna try and find inspiration in something else than fighting! 🙂

Photo from the Sukhothai Spa – My favorite form of renewal


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Back-logging: Strength day I & GPP I

Friday Ross 50 day challenge had Strength I on the program. I modified it slightly from 3 reps to 5 and due to not being able to perform proper hamstrings, I settled for back (leg) raises. Also 4 sets became 5 full + a little extra.
Friday’s strength day:
* 5 C&J (each hand)
* 5 Snatch (eh)
* 5 Pistols (each leg)
* 10 Back (leg) raises
* 5 Pull ups
* 10 Push Ups
– 5 rounds –

Extra work:
2×5 C&J
20 Push Ups
20 Back Raises (leg)
– 5 sets-

Happy summer day with Strength I

Saturday GPP I + Core I and Finisher with Liam
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin jacks
30 sec high knee db press – edited: We didn’t have any DB, so did Mountain Climbers.
30 sec shadow box
– 5 sets – no rest

Finisher I: 100 Sledge hammer
Finisher II: Farmers Walk (3)

5 Reverse Curls (Was Dragon Flags)
6 pr side Saxon side bends (+10kg)
15 supermans
8 pr side Medicine ball twist (weight plate 10k)
–  5 circuits-

Saturday was tough! Doing the GPP I on a rock surface, that are sliding uphill, is just too ridicules! But we made it and got on to both core and finisher. However – we still forgot the plank.

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Two hour barriere broken

Today I did something, I’ve told myself to do since I did the half marathon: Go for a run that extend two hours and see how you feel. So I’ve put it off last weekend, but today somehow seemed to be ‘the day’.

About 24K in about 2.12hr– in the hills of Clonakilty. And when I say hills, I mean hills. They’re quite nasty!  Last round was really slow and my right foot was hurting the last 1.5k. I might have been able to walk it faster up hill, than the weird jog I had going on.

So NOT a super fantastic time, but happy to have been out on the road for more than 2 hours!

Run was followed by a very, very cold short bath in the Atlantic Ocean. Had some crazy idea, it might help the recovery, but Liam told me, I was supposed to be in the water for more than 1minute, for it to help. Not sure if I was.

Also: 30 dips in the hot shower. Last 30 dips in the kitchen on chairs later, while waiting for the tea to brew.

Picture from our beach – thou a bit hard to see from this angle, but it’s a rock beach!! (= Av!)


Also have to write this: CORMIER!! I knew you would f****** do it!!! All hail the new Strikeforce HW Champ!

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38 – 41th day of Lent Challenge

Quick recap on the past three days of one day of training:

Friday – day 38th of Lent Challenge:
* 3K running
* 45 min of skipping
*  – something else, I forgot. No real challenge – did three-quarters of skipping, but can hardly call it a challenge.
Got my period this morning, so was cramping up and just felt terrible.

Saturday – No training
Went with Liam to Irish Intervarsities at DCU, Dublin. He got a nice second place in his weight group and did overall a good job. Still tormented by the joys of being female.

Sunday – No training, thou walked for about an hour in the hills of West Cork

Monday – day 41th of Lent Challenge
* 10K, 1min break btw 8 and 9K, but ended up with a good sprint
* Bench Press – lent challenge
2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 35kg – The fast upwards
2x 5x 45kg
1x 50 kg – failed. Almost there… but no cigar 😦

Then evening:
45 min of KB and toning class
Boxercise – I’d let them try ‘The Wat’ test on half: 30 sec of each drill. To my big delight, most of the ladies actually performed at least one more rep in the final test (conducted about 10 min after the initial test.). However a gruesome sight of ‘push ups’ (see drawing below), only one lady (Rae) did perform the knee version, as I shown them. Rest was ATH (as* to heaven)

I know, what I’ll be spending a little more time teaching as well as boxing the next couple of weeks. That sight might have made my old kickboxing coach cry.
+ Rest of my time at Womens Fitness, was spent with a diverse range of Pt stuff.

Note on tuesday 42th day of Lent:
Don’t feel very entusiastic about training today. No real energy or joy. I know that going and getting started sometimes provide that endorfine buzz, but am not in a very happy place these days and with my body raging, it all seems a bit fruitless atm. However, I have a few scores to settle within my Lent challenge, so I guess, I will be doing something this week, whether I like it or not.

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Sunday run in sunny Cork

The ‘misplaced’ challenge day

Had a wonderful run today – first real day of spring, nothing like celebrating running in the sun. Feel the warmth on my skin and enjoy, that I for once wasn’t cold the first 10 minutes, and could even run in my tank top. Legs also felt good and even the hills didn’t kill me or slowed me down much.

Just so very, very nice – and I didn’t get lost, despite I tried a new way, I haven’t walked/ ran before.

Today according to map on walkjogrun.net:
4.66 miles (7.7k) – time was around 38 min. Felt like a very short run, and yet was happy when I came back to the house. Took a glass of water and sat out on the curve when I came back. Soaking up the sun. I’m still quite convinced, that I was born to live somewhere warm. And before anyone thinks anything – no Korea is not particular warm. Country has four seasons, just like Denmark.

Probably last outdoor run in my very old Asics. Thanks friends - you've served well

Anyway, very happy with my choice of challenge  – tomorrow is a new day, and it’s soon time to get my goals for the ’40 days Lent Challenge’ down. 2 more weeks to go – 2 more weeks to easter eggs.

Liam came home around lunch time and we went into Cork for lunch. Weather was so nice, so we decided to buy some food in Mark & Spencer and find a place outside to eat. I got this ‘Make you fuller longer’ king prawn/ beans/ wild rice/ veg + irresistible coriander and lime dressing, salad’. Which is probably one of the best ‘store bought’ salad I’ve ever tasted. But didn’t make me fuller, longer. Already in the car on our way home, I was munching in crisp.

I got a new gym bag for my birthday. Very happy! Will break it in tomorrow 🙂