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Detox day 4, Lent day 12

Horrible, horrible weekend!!

Detox this year has turned out to be exact opposite of my first experience! Day 1 seemed to be fine, I was hungry but it wasn’t too bad and mucoid and plaque started coming out, day 2 kind of the same, but day 3 and 4 has been hell!!
I’ve been cold, in pain, mucoid and plaque started to slow down on day three and today has been soso. But I’m in so much pain – my backside is one big knot and I think, I can turn water to popsicle with my hands.

In hindsight, going on detox when we were coming of the flu – and on that time of the month (you ladies know what I’m talking about) – might not have been the most ideal conditions, but I had set my mind on thursday, so, I felt I had to do it.

Now with only one day left, I am thinking about only doing half a fasting day tomorrow. I have two classes (one KB class) and probably some PT sessions as well. And I really need some energy and strength to pull it off after 4 days on apple juice and powder.

Blessed Herbs powder in Innocent Apple juice. Been living of this drink 5 times a day for 4 days now.

My yoga challenge for the weekend were soso fulfilled. I managed to do around half -I think – of the Vinyasa Astanga series and repeat, but no runs in the beautiful hills of Simons Cove. A few walks on beach was what I managed.
Buhuu! Feel like a puss, a wuss and a failure – oh and I’m also whining. Sorry!

Strong fit girl will be back on the blog at the latest by Tuesday.

Ps, Tomorrows 40 day Lent challenge will be not to whine!

Liam taking care of me saturday. The black dot in the corner is the neighbours cat. We just borrow (and spoil) him from time to time

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Detox 2nd day

Second day of detox and 10 days into Lent.

Funny thing I noticed about my detox – it almost started working right away this time. First time I did it, it took a few days before I could see the ‘results’, but this time, it’s already here. So maybe my body have been waiting for this?
If you haven’t heard about detox colon cleansing, I found this youtube vid of a guy who is doing it. I have no idea if he is also using the Blessed Herbs products or something else.

Results: mucoid & plaque

Also for the sceptics, truth be told, I don’t know if mucoid and plaque really exists. Or if it’s just the apple juice and the powder reacting in the stomach. But I did experience more tangible results last time – and I hope to see them again this time: brighter, better skin. Feeling overall better – and the feeling of accomplishing the diet itself felt good.

Remember, I am a person who loves to eat! (and do it very frequently)

Todays trip to the gym:

10 min on x-trainer (treadmills were all busy)
4x 5x 40 DL for tech + Im feeling very weak!
150 abs/ 50 back

Yoga tonight for the challenge.

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

100 burpees challenge day

– 2nd day of Lent

Had originally planned to do it yesterday on the first day of Lent, but with 13 hours on the run, I just had to be realistic and do something else. (Yes, I had my first (and succesful) attempt at taming the 16kg KB!)

So today was the day: 100 burpees challenge: How fast can I do it?

Burpees! I aways try to make mine with a little push up on the floor.

The challenge and I actually met before. Around two years ago, after Liam and I did the Ross 50 day challenge, we came across the 100 burpees challenge and decided to try it out. Have to be said – thou no excuse – but I was 2 years younger, 2 – 3 kg lighter and was fit!! Thaiboxing 3 – 4 days a week + Ross = super fit!

My first meet and greet with the 100 burpees was around: 6.23  and Liam of course faster than me!!

Today given the circumstances (no Ross, no muay thai – just running and weightlifting), I aimed for a time below 7 min.

My time for 100 burpees challenge was 6.40!
Not a great time, but happy I survived and did it without puking!

After the first 50, I took a break. Desperately trying to catch my breath and convince my aching legs, that I had to continue.
Next break came after 75 and it was around here, I forgot all about doing them on time. From here it was merely a question of finishing and not quitting. So I took a break again on 90.  Afterwards of course, I feel like, I could have pushed through the last 25 and avoided that last break. So both disappointed and happy with my effort. In 38 days things should get better 😉

Minutes after the 100 Burpees challenge it was time for a little normal training:

4.1k – first 3 min walking, as I wasn’t sure my legs could hold me up. Last 500m was at 15kph. (In btw time was 12-14)

2x 5x 20kg
2x 5x 40kg
-Superset with 3x 5 pull ups)

2x 5x 20kg
2x 5x 30kg
4x 40kg

3 x20 – they almost made me cry today
Pull Ups

Little crying 😉

Not sure what to do for my challenges the coming days, but gotta work on something good. We’re off to Dublin tomorrow for Liam’s weightlifting competition! Class! So have to be something….. Ross like. My good, earnest old friend, I guess we meet again!

40 day Lent challenge, Sport

1st day of Lent

First day of Lent is almost done. And Liam already been mentioning chocolate cake twice! 😉 And I’ve worked non-stop from morning to late evening. Which meant, I had to revise my original first 40 day challenge goal.

So between this morning at 8 clock and evening at 9, I’ve done 2 boxercise classes and around 10 PT (personal training sessions). And with very little time to eat or rest, my new goal became the 16kg KB in the gym!

My own training and my goal today became focused around PT sessions and KB sessions. And I got to swing the new heavy ball, in a total of – I think:
* 50 doubble hand swings
* 30 doubble to the top swings
* 60 one arm swings
* 2 x Clean and Jerk


No bananas or oranges… its gonna be a long lent! 😉

Sport, training

Training at Pancake day

Wooohooo!! I moved to a country where they actually have a day called PANCAKE day! How cool is that??!!

And it’s today and Liam have promised to make pancakes tonight. So we’re gonna dive in and stuff ourselves on pancakes. For the last time in 40 days and 40 nights. Because tomorrow it’s Lent (and yeah, I think I spelled it wrong in an earlier blog), and this year, I’d be doing my hardest trial so far.

Last year, I got in on Lent about 10 days late, and had a month of coffee and cake, but I drowned plenty of chocolate, licorice, winegums and assorted candies, so it never felt really hard. Coffee was easily replaced by green tea and normal tea, and I really didn’t miss it that much.

But this year it’s goodbye sugar! Not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into. On top, I’ll detox again and I’ll pull out a special made 40 days Lent challenge.

Anyway, today was a good day in the gym – not so good for running, but my legs are still a bit marked after a weekend in the kitchen:

30 min running (btw 12.5-14.00 kph)
2 min break – Not pleased with myself. Just couldn’t get back at it right away. It’s like the legs just quit working! :0
30 min walk/ running (btw 6.5 – 15.00 kph)

Deadlift – as prescribed by Anders Nedergaard (www.kropblog.dk)
2x 5x 50kg
4x 5x 60kg
2x 90kg

3x 5 Pull Ups

100 abs (incl. 10 dragons)

Pancakes for pancake day

Sport, Teaching

Tired monday after a long weekend

And No! Didn’t go out drinking. In fact, I rarely, rarely do, but since I’m living in Ireland now, I wouldn’t hold it against anybody, if someone had an ‘hangover’ idea after reading the title.

I spend my whole weekend working in the kitchen as the kicthen Kuli (translate into laborer in english, but the danish or indian term is more fun. Anyway, meant with a lot of warmth and humor!). Prepping vegetables, making starters, making icecream, baking bread, making springrolls, making deserts and well… trying to keep up with one of Ireland’s finest up coming chefs Caitlin Ruth, in Deasys fish restaurant. (and no, we don’t serve fish and chips. Not sure why actually. Hahaha).

Anyway two days and one whole night standing on my feet. Stuffing my face with food (have to taste you know 😉 ) and trying to manage an uncomfortable level of stress made out about 20 hours during two days. I was wrecked this morning!! So I didn’t go to the gym, because – it’s 2 classes day at Womens Only Fitness Gym in Cork!

Started out with a 45 min Kettlebell Class:

Mid halo
Pelvic Tilt
Push Ups
Bench Press from floor

Swings to top
Pelvic w/ press

Swings (1 hand)
Top Halo
Lunges w/ Twist
8 Figures
Push Ups
Pelvic Tilts
BoR in Squat
Clean and Jerk
Wind Mill

Then after a PT session it was time for Boxercise. Ladies did as usual a really good effort. I think they’re getting along, cause despite I put in a bit tougher exercise, the after report was, that it was easier. So!! I think it’s time to shake things next week 🙂

Anyway… tomorrow its LENT and I’m doing it this year along with a very special 40 day challenge, that you’re all welcome to join in! And please don’t be afraid to leave comments if you try out any of the challenges. I would love to hear from you!