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Day 86 – Training blog (MT & run)

Morning: 8K at a reasonable pace around the lakes in Copenhagen. Felt good after the first 3 -4K.

Evening: Muay Thai @Butchers Fight Gym. 1½ hour with Kru Toy and the BFG Muay thai team. Training consisted of the usual skipping/ running warm up, followed by a slight change on the pads. We did two rounds: 1 round boxing combo and 1 round box + kick combo – and after that – sparring for 20 min.

I teamed up with Camilla, who is the only other female (in ‘my size’). Even with a difference between our levels, I do enjoy training with her and she got a little stronger since I was in Denmark 18 months ago, and actually pack quite a right kick now.
So it’s a quite nice training when she’s there. The pace and power used on the pads are decent and we take it handy with the sparring.
Liam had a good training for once. He teamed up with a former Danish champion, so for once, he finally had a good strong partner, so he didn’t have to hold back.

I still don’t feel in shape to go toe to toe with the guys. Both times I’ve sparred or clinching with guys here in Copenhagen (BFG and Mikenta), the guys kind of have the ‘life or death’ pace – and I’m just not there yet in my cardio. So can’t really enjoy it – so I politely refused to spare with a guy last night, whom I judged to be ‘beginner’. No need for that – not until I’m in a better place anyway.

If you’ve read my blog from time to time, you’ll know I’ve been haunted by injuries around the wrist and elbows. Last night I got another one for the collection: Ganglion cyst. Plain textbook (most common in women, often in gymnastics or others who put a lot of pressure on the wrist): On top of the wrist, appeared during push ups – not painful.
It also say they usually disappear on their own. Which I hope. It kind of looks like a bone is sticking out of my hand now 😦



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Muay thai at Fightworld

Yesterday I finally got to train with Kru Toy in Fightworld, Copenhagen. It was very good to see Nick and Kru Toy again and a pleasure to train with Kru Toy. Got my elbow game sharpenend and updated my defense.

Weather in Copenhagen reminds me of Ireland, so not missing that! 😉

Staying with Sana in Copenhagen has been wonderful, most lovin friend annonce could be so lucky to have. So am feelings blessed. I only have one night left, so am up for training and diner today, with another good friend. Oh Well, training is on my own, nothing changed there. Will be a good session in Fitness.dk I think. Ross style, that way I won’t get to far behind.

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Sunday: 7K in the mountains

Monday: Travel day

Tuesday: 8K run – morning
Evening: 2 hour class in Fitness.dk + Snatch/ pull ups afterwards

Wednesday: MMA class @Fightcraft. Was really well, except for got the pleasure of sparring with two guys, who didnt know the meaning of taken it easy

Thursday: 1hour Sanda + Cross Fitt circuit @butchers lab (Deadlift, burpee pull up (looked silly, as I had to step up on box to do the pull up), skipping. Think I did 6 or 7 rds.
evening: 1.1/4 hour muay thai


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I know where all the smokers went

They’re standing on my running route – so not only I get to breathe ice-cold air, I get it with a harsh after taste of cigarettes… eeiiiw!!
Its been about a week or so since my last outdoor run, so tonight was the evening to get the sneakers and hat on – and get outside. It’s -3 outside and its freezing cold. My nose felt like it was about to break of the first 7 minutes, but from there it got warm, thighs and butt (and fingers) however never got that warm sensation.

About 23min out for a 5K – in snow and ice – not bad for an evening ice-run.

Also today: Muay thai with Kru Toy in Butchers Lab
Pretty cool training – did spend a lot of time with a newbie, but she was ok. Pretty strong Cross Fit/ Wing Chun girl too – so it wasn’t so bad, and fortunately, not like some of the newbs you come across, that just pushes – and can’t control what they’re doing – and hence injure you – or themselves.

Also got a nice round of sparring with Dennis – an old-time student of Kru Toy. Really nice to let go a little and spare on a 80% level. Felt great! But haven’t forgotten yesterday. Have to pick up Ross again! 😉


BKK 2010: Great evening celebrating Saenchais win over Petchuboom. Saenchai Sor Kingstarr, Kru Toy & me




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50 day challenge – here we go again

Except for training and meeting my old coach Kru Toy shortly, day is not great at all. Not sure how – or if – I can change things. They say everything happens for a reason – it’s just so much easier to wise up, looking in the back mirror, than risking making decisions for the future. One thing for sure – I don’t like being this unhappy ;(

1st day: Magic 50

5 db Swings pr arm (10 kg)
5 db snatch pr arm (10 kg)
10 burpees

5 sets – 60 sec rest btw sets

Finish off w/ core work:
5 sets

Set 1 – 3:
20 Russian side twists – 3 kg medicine ball
15 V-ups
20 Supermans
30 high rep chinnies

Set 4:
40 Russian side twists
20 V- ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies

Set 5:
50 Russians
25 V-ups
30 Supermans
50 High rep chinnies