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Day 75 – To Tri or not to Tri (back Online)

Since we were at the KMD Copenhagen Ironman, Liam caught the Ironman bug, and is now talking Tri races. While I have no doubt, that he would be a perfect Ironman and do the various Tri races with gold and glory – I’m not sure, I would. Simply for that reason, I don’t LOVE running, biking or swimming, as I LOVE Muay Thai.

To do a good triathlon – whether it’s the sprint version, the Olympic, the 70.3 or the full Ironman, you need to train hard and consistent. Especially in the swim department. And while I like swimming, and even look forward to ‘learn’ to crawl again, I don’t know, if I would enjoy to do this every day.
I don’t mind going to the gym every day to lift weights for a time. I don’t mind running every day – for a period or as part as a warm up. But so far in my life with sports, there has been only one thing, I love to do day in, day out: Fight Sport (Muay thai, boxing, kickboxing). It’s that simple! This is what I love! (even with a fuc*** up arm!)

Anyway… I have a feeling our training is going to take a change, and I do think, I’m gonna follow Liam into the pool. Then we see, where we go from there.

Previous days of training:
Yesterday: 1 hour of Abs, Buns and Wheels (Mostly BW), 40 min of Cross training
Sunday: 5K
Saturday: 8K
Friday: 5K
Thursday: 1hr Abs, Buns & Wheels, 8K


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On a quest for GLORY

Just a quick note, as I have two articles about the GLORIOUS GLORY 5 event in London to finish up – so have some hours of writing ahead of me.

Last weekend was spent in London, where I was lucky enough to witness GLORY 5 at first hand, and get to meet some of the biggest stars in Kickboxing: Tyrone Spong and Remy Bonjasky. Thanks to John O’Regan from Glory’s London office, I even got backstage access and can now provide the two magazines I write for with unique photos!
(As those of you who read my blog knows, I’ve had my share of trouble with the PR woman in London, and unfortunately it didn’t stop there. When I came, I was accredited as an online journalist = no photo opportunities, despite several mails where I specifically asked for photo opportunity.) However  – nothing is as bad, as it can be reversed, and thanks to John, I can now give my temporarily employers what they pay me for: Unique fight report from Glory.

Remy Bonjasky and Tyrone Spong was – if anyone ever thought otherwise – two of the nicest fighters ever. No attitude or diva syndrome despite they both had been talking to media all morning, had no breakfast (cause they had the weight in just an hour before) – and had been to a schedule press conference the day before.
– And to be honest, I guess if anybody had any reasons to act diva-like it would be them, but no. They were both so nice and came across as very open and honest, hardworking guys.
I also met and interviewed Steve Moxon from Australia – he too was a really nice guy, and I got to meet my big photographer hero: Ben Pontier.

The fight event itself was spectacular! I got to experience Lenne Hardt live, see some of the worlds best kickboxers in action – and  no less than 5 highlight worthy KO’s were served to us – the humble audience this evening in ExCeL.

Aside from this, I got to visit an old friend of mine from NYC, who now lives in London – which was awesome. She lives in this perfect apartment and got a new, really nice boyfriend. Couldn’t be happier for her. I also ate sushi all weekend!!! If Liam had been with me, the weekend would have been perfect! (It always better to have someone to share good experiences with!)

Bonjasky and me - sporting Invicta

Bonjasky and me – sporting Invicta

Spong and me

Tyrone Spong and me – still supporting WMMA













My training from last week – still keeping the finger ‘cool’:

Monday: 5K with Liam
Tuesday: 20:20:20 + 2 FighterGirls Classes
Wednesday: Burn & Tone, FighterGirls & Abs Blast
Thursday: Circuit
Friday-Saturday-Sunday: London

This week:
Monday: Thaiboxing at Brucies
Tuesday: 20:20:20 + 2 FighterGirls Classes



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Laying the foundation for happines

These days, I’ve yet again ‘broke the rules of conformity’ and decided to try it out on my own. First time I did this, was when I quit my very well paid PR job in Copenhagen, to pursue a career as freelance journalist and photographer. (Still working with this: I just turned in a short article on Tivoli, Copenhagen to The Irish Time).
This time around in Ireland – I didn’t quit (was asked to not come back, because of my ethics as a fitness professional), but I once again jumped out and trying to create something on my own  – this time for and with others.

The FighterGirls Club is my new baby. It’s all the best from my years with Martial Arts: Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and Taekwondo. It’s all about having a great time – celebrating life. Getting stronger, fitter, better and faster – and getting the girls in my classes to do more, than they thought they could.

Today is one of those days, where it just felt ‘Right’. Like things are starting to come together. The girls (of all ages and sizes) who came in tonight (and day in CIT) just did amazing – and had fun at the same time. The glow on someone’s face who just had a brilliant time is worth gold. Eyes shinning, mouth a big smile, red cheeks and hair wet with sweat.
This is how I love seeing ‘my girls’ – and it makes all the extra trouble of starting ‘my own thing’ worth it.

I’ve come across several sites and stories lately, about how we are afraid to ‘be who we are’. How many people live like zombies to support themselves and their families. It reminds me how I could easily have stayed in my well paid job in Copenhagen and been unhappy, or told the bosses in Womens Fitness what they wanted to hear, instead of my genuine opinion. These realizations made me feel really blessed, that I can do what I love – even I’m living on a stone, and don’t have money for shoes or hairdresser.

Maybe this is my path – sharing what makes me happy (be it muay thai, stories, photos, research). Maybe I’m laying foundation to happiness. I think I’m on some path anyway.. we’ll see in the future, if this is mine!

After my first muay thai fight (with Liam in my corner) – a very happy moment


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Beachsprints and muay thai

It’s been a good week for training so far! Very happy and very soar!

Morning: Skipping etc. (logged earlier)
Evening :Kickboxing with the legendary Ian Kingston

Morning: Beach sprints 25’s, 50’s, 100’s, 200’s and a 300 in the end (Think totally amounted to around 4-5K). Sprints were great and it feel so good to run barefoot on the beach. (Like I was ‘Born to run‘). However the skin of my big toe, didn’t like me making lines in the sand. Felt like I’ve scrubbed it with sandpaper in the evening class. Haha.
Evening: Muay thai at Brucies gym (pad work and bag/ knees)

Morning: Thaibox/ bagwork at Cork Thaibox
Evening: If my legs hold up, it’ll be a run in the hills

Wrecked is how I feel thou… so not sure at all. But, I’ determined to have a great training week, so something have to give!
This saturday two of the finest female fighters are facing off in US: Julie Kitchen (UK) vs Miriam Nakamoto (US). Would really love to see the fight, but am stuck on the country side with no internet or nothing. So have to guess a result. Still really battling with myself. There was a time, when I thought Julie would take it hands down. She’s so good, technical and experienced. I’m not so sure anymore, Nakamoto was fierce in her last fight and she’s known to be ‘In your face’ in the ring. I’m on a tie here…

Two of muay thai finest are facing off this saturday! Who’ll take the W?