40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

A challenge from Liams brother – day 6

Got a challenge from Liam’s brother last night:
*100 push ups
* 200 jump lunges
* 300 mountain climbers
The ‘pick a number and a drill’ is inspired from the Cultfit blog, so Jamie (the brother) ran with that and suggested the drills. I have to admit, at that moment I really regretted telling him about my Lent challenge!

So despite it being KB day at Womens fitness, I decided to go ahead and take on the challenge this morning.

Lent Challenge day 6:
* 3.5K running (walking for the first 400 meters)

5 sets of:
* 20 Push ups
* 40 Jump lunges
* 60 Mountain Climbers
Total of:
100 Push Ups, 200 Jump Lunges and 300 Mountain Climbers. Set 2 was definitely the worst! I contemplated on doing 40 MC the last 3 sets and then just do the last 60 in 2 or 3 separate sets, but when I started 3rd set, I actually felt fine. I had from the beginning set out to take a break btw. 3 and 4th set, and maybe put in a bit of weight training. But Peter, the gym manager came over and started talking, so I ended up with a fair break instead.
Total time amount: 19 min including a 7 min break for talking.

1x 5x 40 kg
5x 5x 50 kg – technique

5x 20x 30 kg

Pull Ups
3x 5 bw

Abs and stretch

Mountain Climbers - don't you just hate em? 😉

And later KB and Boxercise at WFO. I’m thinking of starting my detox on thursday, which mean I won’t be doing any really hard hight intensity challenges from thursday to monday. Have to think of some great low intensity drills for those days. Might have a day in the pool, a day with yoga (if I can remember) and yeah.. hmm.. good ideas are welcoming.
Tomorrow also gonna be a day of low intensity, I’m planning of 1 hour running and then some snatches. Preferably 20, but let’s see how much is left after tonight’s two classes.

Just discovered that Lent is 46 or 47 days this year!!! Still over 40 days to go without sugar! :O
On a good note, I get to enjoy my detox for a while :))

Edited after evening classes at WFO: Tamed the 16kg kb for swings, rows, side bends, Cleans, Pelvic Tilts, press from floor, mid halos and 8 figures. Used the 12kg for rest, except 20 lunges for which I enjoyed the company of a 8kg. Almost felt like nothing.
Had steak for dinner 😀 – if there is something to say about Irish steaks, they’re GREEEAT!! I’ll probably be thinking of this steak during my detox. More on that the next few days.