50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training

Back off strength + sprints

Saturday: In addition to the previous posted – saturday also included a 20 x 50m sprint routine. (50 meter sprint/ jog back)

Sunday: Back off Strength day:

Handstand push ups 4/ 5/ 5/ 4
Pull ups                          5/ 4/ 5/ 5
Pistols                            5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5
One arm push ups    5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5/ 5.5
Glute ham raises      5/ 5/ 5
Body weight triceps extensions 5/ 5/ 5
4 sets

Last set of Glute ham & Triceps Extension skipped.
Finisher 1K fast run! – Don’t think I ran this fast in a long time – was squashed afterwards

Monday: Day off – run with Pui Yee in Frederiksberg Have + Søndermarken ( a nice app. 4km jog)
@ Eurosport afterwards to do the Creative Breaking show

Tuesday: 6K fast run

Wednesday: Shopping

50 day challenge, functionel strength training, martial arts, muay thai, ross training, training

GPP # 5 and core 10

Saturday with Ross in Siam!! (weiii!!)

GPP #5
* 30 sec burpees
* 30 sec shadow box

6 rounds of 3 minutes, 30 sec break btw rounds

Very hard work! After first round we looked at each other and couldn’t believe we had 5 more rounds to go. My burpees in every 3 min. round was: 12, 11, 11. Tried to push hard in the shadow box breaks – and left my self out of breath several times.

Phillip, Munta and Kasper – had a clinch clinic going, great to see Phillip really upped his game!! The lads are off for Amsterdam tomorrow to train with Lucien Carbin. I so wish, I could join them!!

After this, Liam took me for 4 or 5 rounds of pads. Plain boxing. Felt good to punch something again. But arms feels tired and there was no speed left in my double jab. Just shows that you should never skip training 😉

Finished off with core # 10
* 5 Dragon flags
* 25 Knee hugs
* 15 Supermans
* 30 Side crunches, 15 pr side (slow cadence)
* High rep crunches (todays number: 50)
3 rounds
Dragon Flags are killing me. Wonder if I will ever be able to do just one correct?!

Felt good to be back in Siam. Hope I can remember this feeling, and get my as* back in training. Wonder if I should try to get a fight in September?

Watching Germany vs Argentina! Interesting!!

50 day challenge, Fight club, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training

Another Fast and Furious

A morning with Ross @ Fitness.dk, ABC

Explosive strength

5 Pull Ups
10 DB Swings pr arm
10 Plyometric push ups
10 Knee tucks
– As many rounds in 20 minutes –

Hard awakening – was going dead after second round already. Pulled through and got 10 sets done in 19.43. Fight Club@ Eurosport tonight

50 day challenge, Fight club, ross training

Sprints and skips

Oh.. guess Wednesday skipped. Got a call from Eurosport about doing Creative Breaking – and all of a sudden all my fancy plans were out the window.

Yesterday: Did my sprints – and felt ok.
Sprints with Ross:
Warm up: 2 x 800m (90% sprint), 800 m jog back
Ross Sprints: 10 x 100 m
Finish: 5 x 50 m

Didn’t have time for core, as I was due for yet another show at Eurosport – Fight Club. And again in the evening we went live with Fight Club. We didn’t expect to get any audience, as it was Denmarks crucial match in the World Cup. Had to win to get through to the 1/8 finales. But since Japan made to a 2-0 half time, I suspect we hauled in a few.

Thanks Denmark & Japan

50 day challenge, Fitness.dk ABC, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training

Back with Ross

Yesterday was yet another day with Ross. We’re starting  making friends again 😉

Tuesday offered a trip down the GPP lane followed by a Core:

GPP # 4
100 rope turns
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 squats
10 circuits as fast as possible

Core # 8
15  Evil Wheel/ 5 flag
10 pr side Russian twists
15 V-ups
15 Back extensions
40 high rep chinnies
4 sets, change btw wheel and flag

All this followed my three classes at Fitness.dk ABC. Classes was good and consisted of the usual goodies for core, abs, back, thighs and but* 😀
Warm up for boxing: KB Swings and Turkish Get Ups!

Monday we did strength:

Strength # 5
3 DB Push press (14 kg)
3 pr arm snatch (14 kg)
4 sets: 90 sec rest-
5 Pistols
5 Gluteham raises
4 sets: 45/ 60 sec rest-
5 Pull ups
20 push ups
4 sets: 60 sec rest-

Finisher: Farmers walk (2 x 16kg)

50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training

Density day

Today: Density Day

Ross @home = No DB – only 12 kg KB for all the fun
Density Day
2 DB snatches pr arm
6 Burpees
-Repeat for 10 min
Swing sledgehammer (replaced with woodpeckers and SLAMS)
repeat for 10 min
Heavy bag work (replaced with Slams and thai knees)
repeat for 5 min

Six burpees was all good. Easy peasy work, which affirm the saying – what you train is what you getting good at. And then I instantly think of Phil Nurse and his 20’s – and I feel like I’m cheating doing my app. 12 on the 30 sec challenge. KB was a little harder to control on my left hand, so now I have a nice ‘KB bracelet’.

GPP # 2
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin jacks
30 sec split jumps
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin Jacks
30 sec mountain climbers
5 sets – 30 sec rest

This was tough. We both were.

Core # 1
5 Dragon flags
6 pr side Saxon side bends
15 supermans
8 pr side Medicine ball twist
– 3/5 circuits-
Finisher: Plank 2 min

50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training, Teaching, training

Running day

Yesterday (wednesday) was a running day:

6.3K in a good fast pace
4 x 400m sprints
2x 200m sprints
5x 50m sprints

Core work #
* 15 Evil Wheels
* 10 Russian Twists (pr side)
* 10 High tension Crunches (5 sec hold)
* 15 Back extensions
* 30 High rep crunches
– 5 sets –

As a normal Tuesday – it include my 3 classes in Fitness.dk
But started out by a Ross day: 6 x 400m Sprints, followed by a 5 x 50m Sprints

In Class: Toning class
* 20 Squats n’ kicks
* 20 Saxon Sidebends (5 kg)
* 20 Lunges (5k)
* 20 Russian Sidetwists (5k)
* 15 V-ups – super settet w/ 15 Knee hugs
* 10 V-Ups/ 10 Knee hugs
* Boxing exercises w weights
* 2 Wall Squats supersettet w/ 10 Jumpsquats
2 sets included a few more tricks
* 20 push ups w/ weights
Finisher: 2 min plank (front), 2 x 1min plank (sides)

Abs n back class:
* Warm up w/ ball & weight: 25 front, sides, back
* 5 x 2 Ball stretch/ crunches
* 15 V-ups super settet w/ 15 Side crunches (pr side)
* 1 min. back w/ partner
* 1 min. front w/ partner
* 3 rds GSP/ Calves drill w/ Ball
Probably something I forgot –
Finisher: Plank 1 minute

Strenght #5
* 3 DB Split snatch (11 kg)
* 3 DB Push jerk (14 kg)
4 sets

* 5 DB Bench press (14K)
* 8 Plyometric push ups
* 10 Wall Squats
* 10 Jump Squats
– 4 sets-

Finisher: 3 x 15 Swings (14K)

Strangest thing – my arms been really tired. In Toning class I had to quit on the weight acid drill before some of the class. Maybe it’s because its been so long, since I’ve done muay thai? Still not really motivated… but very happy, I got running yesterday! Today I will need to do some pull-ups – just to keep up.

Hoping I sold my NY piece to tgt.dk, and also considering to offer some pieces of my work to a japanese MMA magazine. Still looking for ways to head back east this summer.