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GPP time again

Todays session:

Very short: 1 hour Dancing & GPP2


Dancing was very nice. Just another way to move the body and work with balance, movements and coordination. And as a bonus, I get to feel very female, in a sensual, alluring way 😉
However the main goal is not to be a little ‘Hello’ Kitty – but a mean fighting machine, and whats better for that, than the good ol’ Ross? In the spirit of just that, I tried a GPP today. Ended up picking 2 – and it went pretty well. Was hard, but not as deadly as I had imagined. Did 12 Burpees pr turn – got 30 sec rest btw. circles, except for last one – 15 sec.

GPP # 2
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin jacks
30 sec split jumps
30 sec burpees
30 sec jumpin Jacks
30 sec mountain climbers
– 5 sets – 30 sec rest



Hello Kitty Christmas