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Old plans and new plans

One of the things, I really enjoy about living in Ireland is the amount and variety of training I’m getting down. It’s also – on the other hand, one of the things, that cause my muay thai to tread water.
Since I’m no longer able to jump on my bike and get to training on my own (gym being about 40k away), and the amount of sparring partners are zero, I’m not getting nearly as many hours with gloves on, as I would like to.

On the other hand, I’m re-acquainting myself with Ross 50 days challenge and getting a lot of Kettlebell, Running, Powerlifting and a little Olympic Lifting in on my training schedule.

On the Ross, I’m on day 18th: GPP 4
* 100 Rope turns
*10 burpees
* 10 push ups
* 10 squats
-10 circuits as fast as possible –
My time was 15 minutes for 8 rounds. I forgot to time it from the start, and am still not sure if I did two or three rounds before I looked at the watch. Lost a bit of time on the skipping, got my toes smashed by the wire rope a couple of times (about 2 or 3 times pr set)and had to stop and curse a few times, before continuing.

Yesterday boasted of a vicious circuit with Liam and two of his fitness crazed friends in the morning and thaiboxing in the evening. Oh, and Muay thai at Brucies was cool, and there was another female! Yay!
Today Liam and I did the 8K in the rainy hills, followed by a short core session. I feel almost entitled to eat all my liquorice from Denmark.

On work department it seems like I get the chance to meet one of my big heroes, will keep you posted. But for me – it’s way up there with meeting Fedor Emelianenko, Georges St. Pierre and Saengchai (former Sor Kingstar) Kotmuay Saenchai MuaythaiGym.

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Christmas recap

December 25th: Morning run in the forest. 5k in the snow – very quiet, beautiful and cold!!

December 26th: GPP4 – a session with Ross is never out of style + ate ALL the christmas candy. (Hurt my stomach)

December 27th: Taken out by bingeing on Christmas Candy. Felt pain and bloated stomach, lazy mentally as well as physically. Just not a good day at all!

December 28th: Fitness.dk Classes
Toning: Introduced the one-legged RDL! So much fun!! Also: Saxon, Russian side twists, lunges, squats (as* to the grass), balance dog, plank, push ups
Abs n Back: Ball drills, V-ups w/ ball, one-leg hamstrings curls on ball, plank, back drills
Box: Uh – all the nice stuff incl. Box jump, fitness sparring (hit btw shoulder and hip), evil Wheel, TGU, Medicine ball throws, combos, Cleans w/ sandbags. Finisher: 100 Abs, 100 Push ups

1K  – started out slow, fast paced last 400m
6x 5 Flyes – decreased – 7K
3 x 5 Pull ups – started getting decent, but felt heavy from the christmas dinner/ binge
1K – started out slow – fast paced last 800m
1 min back bridge


Back bridge (Neck training) - the guy on top must be bonus



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Back with Ross

Yesterday was yet another day with Ross. We’re starting  making friends again 😉

Tuesday offered a trip down the GPP lane followed by a Core:

GPP # 4
100 rope turns
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 squats
10 circuits as fast as possible

Core # 8
15  Evil Wheel/ 5 flag
10 pr side Russian twists
15 V-ups
15 Back extensions
40 high rep chinnies
4 sets, change btw wheel and flag

All this followed my three classes at Fitness.dk ABC. Classes was good and consisted of the usual goodies for core, abs, back, thighs and but* 😀
Warm up for boxing: KB Swings and Turkish Get Ups!

Monday we did strength:

Strength # 5
3 DB Push press (14 kg)
3 pr arm snatch (14 kg)
4 sets: 90 sec rest-
5 Pistols
5 Gluteham raises
4 sets: 45/ 60 sec rest-
5 Pull ups
20 push ups
4 sets: 60 sec rest-

Finisher: Farmers walk (2 x 16kg)

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Another day with Ross

Started out by running. 5K in 22.4 minutes. Had to push through today – no runners high for me today 😦

GPP # 4

* 100 Rope turns
* 10 Burpees
* 10 Push ups
* 10 Body weight squats

Actually forgot to look closely at the clock this time. Maybe because I was on my own? Anyway had a real good pace, with only two ‘long’ breaks. My guess is, I was done in about 23 – 24 minutes.

Core #8
* 5 Dragon flags
* 20 Russian Twists (5kg medicine ball)
* 15 V-ups
* 16 Back extensions
* High rep chinnies
4 sets

Should have alternated between Dragon Flags and Evil Wheels, but gym had no evil wheel.. so.. had the ‘pleasure’ of trying to do the dragon flag. (quite some way to go)

Apparently I had a little energy left and decided to do an additional 6 GPP #4 sets this evening. Apparently, I’m not sane…

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On the countdown

After a stupid weekend, where I did managed to put in some work, we’re now at the 44th day. I do however missed the Sweet 16 – which means, I probably have to do it by myself after my boyfriend leaves me for Thailand. Which is also on the count down – both determined to end on monday 22nd.

Today we did the GPP 4:
100 Skips
10 burpees
10 push ups
10 bw squats
– 10 sets, no breaks in between sets

We did 10 or 11 in about 18 minutes. Unfortunately we forgot to count out loud between the sets, so once again, we were not quite sure, how many we were at.

Post GPP work:
2 rounds of shadow box
3 rounds of bagwork
300 knees
200 teeps

Sparring session btw GSP and Phil Nurse, The Wat 08

This afternoon 3 classes in Fitness.dk, Abc. Not quite determined, what to make them do today. But it’ll probably be some wierd Ross/ Phil Nurse hardcore conditioning rounds.

Tonight its movie time with Liam – our 2 movie date in about a year. Looking forward to that!!