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On a quest for GLORY

Just a quick note, as I have two articles about the GLORIOUS GLORY 5 event in London to finish up – so have some hours of writing ahead of me.

Last weekend was spent in London, where I was lucky enough to witness GLORY 5 at first hand, and get to meet some of the biggest stars in Kickboxing: Tyrone Spong and Remy Bonjasky. Thanks to John O’Regan from Glory’s London office, I even got backstage access and can now provide the two magazines I write for with unique photos!
(As those of you who read my blog knows, I’ve had my share of trouble with the PR woman in London, and unfortunately it didn’t stop there. When I came, I was accredited as an online journalist = no photo opportunities, despite several mails where I specifically asked for photo opportunity.) However  – nothing is as bad, as it can be reversed, and thanks to John, I can now give my temporarily employers what they pay me for: Unique fight report from Glory.

Remy Bonjasky and Tyrone Spong was – if anyone ever thought otherwise – two of the nicest fighters ever. No attitude or diva syndrome despite they both had been talking to media all morning, had no breakfast (cause they had the weight in just an hour before) – and had been to a schedule press conference the day before.
– And to be honest, I guess if anybody had any reasons to act diva-like it would be them, but no. They were both so nice and came across as very open and honest, hardworking guys.
I also met and interviewed Steve Moxon from Australia – he too was a really nice guy, and I got to meet my big photographer hero: Ben Pontier.

The fight event itself was spectacular! I got to experience Lenne Hardt live, see some of the worlds best kickboxers in action – and  no less than 5 highlight worthy KO’s were served to us – the humble audience this evening in ExCeL.

Aside from this, I got to visit an old friend of mine from NYC, who now lives in London – which was awesome. She lives in this perfect apartment and got a new, really nice boyfriend. Couldn’t be happier for her. I also ate sushi all weekend!!! If Liam had been with me, the weekend would have been perfect! (It always better to have someone to share good experiences with!)

Bonjasky and me - sporting Invicta

Bonjasky and me – sporting Invicta

Spong and me

Tyrone Spong and me – still supporting WMMA













My training from last week – still keeping the finger ‘cool’:

Monday: 5K with Liam
Tuesday: 20:20:20 + 2 FighterGirls Classes
Wednesday: Burn & Tone, FighterGirls & Abs Blast
Thursday: Circuit
Friday-Saturday-Sunday: London

This week:
Monday: Thaiboxing at Brucies
Tuesday: 20:20:20 + 2 FighterGirls Classes