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On a quest for GLORY

Just a quick note, as I have two articles about the GLORIOUS GLORY 5 event in London to finish up – so have some hours of writing ahead of me.

Last weekend was spent in London, where I was lucky enough to witness GLORY 5 at first hand, and get to meet some of the biggest stars in Kickboxing: Tyrone Spong and Remy Bonjasky. Thanks to John O’Regan from Glory’s London office, I even got backstage access and can now provide the two magazines I write for with unique photos!
(As those of you who read my blog knows, I’ve had my share of trouble with the PR woman in London, and unfortunately it didn’t stop there. When I came, I was accredited as an online journalist = no photo opportunities, despite several mails where I specifically asked for photo opportunity.) However  – nothing is as bad, as it can be reversed, and thanks to John, I can now give my temporarily employers what they pay me for: Unique fight report from Glory.

Remy Bonjasky and Tyrone Spong was – if anyone ever thought otherwise – two of the nicest fighters ever. No attitude or diva syndrome despite they both had been talking to media all morning, had no breakfast (cause they had the weight in just an hour before) – and had been to a schedule press conference the day before.
– And to be honest, I guess if anybody had any reasons to act diva-like it would be them, but no. They were both so nice and came across as very open and honest, hardworking guys.
I also met and interviewed Steve Moxon from Australia – he too was a really nice guy, and I got to meet my big photographer hero: Ben Pontier.

The fight event itself was spectacular! I got to experience Lenne Hardt live, see some of the worlds best kickboxers in action – and  no less than 5 highlight worthy KO’s were served to us – the humble audience this evening in ExCeL.

Aside from this, I got to visit an old friend of mine from NYC, who now lives in London – which was awesome. She lives in this perfect apartment and got a new, really nice boyfriend. Couldn’t be happier for her. I also ate sushi all weekend!!! If Liam had been with me, the weekend would have been perfect! (It always better to have someone to share good experiences with!)

Bonjasky and me - sporting Invicta

Bonjasky and me – sporting Invicta

Spong and me

Tyrone Spong and me – still supporting WMMA













My training from last week – still keeping the finger ‘cool’:

Monday: 5K with Liam
Tuesday: 20:20:20 + 2 FighterGirls Classes
Wednesday: Burn & Tone, FighterGirls & Abs Blast
Thursday: Circuit
Friday-Saturday-Sunday: London

This week:
Monday: Thaiboxing at Brucies
Tuesday: 20:20:20 + 2 FighterGirls Classes



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Broken but mending

So I had a close encounter with the Irish health system last friday. After two months of swelling and pain in my finger, a doctors visit that led to no-where, I was ready for the A&E test (Accidents & Emergency).
Now, while my finger had gone from an emergency to an accident, it was still severe – being fat & painful. Never the less, CUH (Cork University Hospital) had me waiting for nearly 6 hours for an X-ray.
Only to be told by a severly overweight doctor (who sounded like Apu from Simpsons): ‘If you come two months ago, you would not have this problem’.

I mean: WTF!!%¤#”” No shit Sherlock! I waited 6 hours for that??

Yes I did, and I’m paying 100 euro for it too – courtesy The A&E staff at CUH & The Irish Health Care system.

This is great, so I thought I should wait around a bit more. Just short of three hours waiting the next day, and I do get to see a physiotherapist at the ‘Broken bone clinic’. She is actually listening to me, and I’m told my finger is indeed broken (clean-cut almost), but it’s mending. However, I shouldn’t punch anything – or lift anything heavy.
(So much for slamming the fat doctor and GnP him 😉 )

Anyway, It’s fair to say she restored a bit of my faith in health professionals – and I’m really trying to comply with her perscriptions. No boxing with the right hand – or heavy lifting.

Also mending this week is my relationship with the PR Company in London. Not sure if they just got better at their job, or if it’s due to my friend from Holland /Glory organisation, but I did receive a very informative and almost friendly mail this morning. Which Im very happy for. I hope this will be a great event – and besides watching some of the worlds best K-1 fighters, I also get to see a long lost friend. And with a hopefully friendly PR company to help/ provide me with schedules etc. It can only be a great weekend!

Training schedule since hospital visit:

Saturday: Muay Thai – 1rd of pads (just kicks) + 18 rds of bag work (kicks, Knees, elbows & left hand)
Sunday: 5K easy run/jog
Modified S&C Week 3 programe:

Snatch 4x 4 – 20kg
Goodmornings 4x 4 – 40 kg
Squats 4×4 – 50kg

Rest of the week will probably look like this. No heavy weights – squats & goodmornings and left hand work!

Training schedule before hospital was a lot of classes + 2 weeks of S &C program.

I’m doing a free seminar this saturday (march 9th) in RB Fitness. If you’re an Irish female in Cork, come and join!
Also Saenchai – worlds best p4p fighter is in Cork. He’s a friend of my trainer KruToy and I hope, I’ll have an interview with him this weekend!

the gathering muay thai

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PR-arrogance in London

It might be, it’s just me having a really bad few hours, despite a good start of today – but I have to rant a little!

I just got cc’ed on a mail from a woman in a London-based PR Agency, who handles the press inquiries about GLORY 5, which takes place in London next month.

For about a month ago, I wrote them and applied for media access, as I’m covering the event for two international Fight Sport magazines. Instead of getting back to me, saying something like: ‘We received your mail and will get back to you when we can/ or please fill out and return this form’, I didn’t hear anything! Nothing! Zip! Nada!

I had no idea whether my mail had landed in the trash/ spam filter, if the person I was emailing was alive and existed, so I naturally waited a week and wrote again if I could please receive confirmation for my application. Still nothing!
Now time is money – especially when you’re a freelancer looking to book flights and hotels (the sooner, the cheaper). So I waited another week and then wrote the woman again. This time a bit short in the tone:

“Dear S. C,

This is the third time I’m mailing you, in hope to receive an answer.
I understand you might not be in a position to confirm or deny my press application yet (even the event is just a few weeks from now), but I would really appreciate if you could take the time, to send me a reply, confirming I’ve been sending my application to the right place and person. I’ve checked with GLORY’s people in Holland, and they say it is you to contact!
I need to book my tickets soon, so again – like I wrote in my previous mail – Please get back to me asap. At least to confirm you’re receiving my mails.
Thank you,

It did the job. She finally wrote back to me and send me a form to fill out and send to her colleague. (Now how hard was that??!!)
I filled out the form and returned it to her colleague.
Same thing: No reply! Not a ‘Thank you for your application, we’ll get back to you as soon as we’ve processed it’, just silence. Now this is not the UFC with thousands of media inquiries. Whom I actually dealt with before – and they are great to work with.

Glory 5 is a european K-1 show – biggest of it’s kind, but still no media darling, so I don’t think it’s due to flooding of press applications they can’t answer their emails.

And even if they were: The PR agency hired to handle press, is supposedly professional and well experienced in this field, so shouldn’t things like ‘getting back to the press’ be an automatic thing? It’s after all what they are paid to do.

I wrote the co-worker again today. Underlining, I would really appreciate an answer or again – just a confirmation on receiving. And then it happened: The woman who ignored my mails for three weeks, wrote one of the editors I’m writing for, asking him to clarify my attendance (which is fair, and something she could have done weeks ago), and to tell him, I wrote her an ‘abrupt’ mail!

So Now I just feel really bad about my editor receiving this kind of mail. I feel violated and surprised, that she felt the need to hang me out to my editor, when it’s her who doesn’t take care of her job. And I’m appalled by her and her colleague lack of decency to send out a short reply – is it after all their job.

I’ve used to work in PR in Copenhagen. A job I remembered as fun, stressful and demanding – and I also remember that one of the golden rules is: Be polite on inquiries, respond to emails and be nice to people (you never know, if you have to work with them again).

I guess they have different rules in London?

So now, if I do get my press accreditation, I guess it would be a miracle.