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First try on EIT

Third day in the next Ross 50 day cycle was EIT #1 and it came directly after two hours of teaching classes at Fitness.dk ABC. Maybe not the best idea.

ABC Classes:
1 hour of Core + but* (lots of lunges, push ups)
1 hour of boxing = ICT #1 as warm up – replaced pull-ups with Military press)

Still totally into my ABC classes – thou a little sad the boxing class is suffering from the holiday, but girl classes (toning and core) still managed to pick up. Whats really good about this, is when I can see, that I can actually make a difference in someones appearance. When the result of the mental side of the training shows: ‘I can actually do this!!’ and ‘I can do much more, than I thought I could’. That’s when I know, I succeeded in class.

* 12 Burpees
* 24 pushups
* 36 squats
* 400 meter run (took of 50m)

–          4 circuits

Perform as fast as possible, no designated rest

EIT #1 was hard!!! Especially after two hours of training in ABC + the grueling heavy weight training monday. My body is still wrecked and hurts. EIT made it perfectly clear that my burpees was the only thing, I could do very well. Push Ups and Squats hurts – as for the run… I have no idea, on how I got through with it, even I only did 4 x 350m.

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Running day

Yesterday (wednesday) was a running day:

6.3K in a good fast pace
4 x 400m sprints
2x 200m sprints
5x 50m sprints

Core work #
* 15 Evil Wheels
* 10 Russian Twists (pr side)
* 10 High tension Crunches (5 sec hold)
* 15 Back extensions
* 30 High rep crunches
– 5 sets –

As a normal Tuesday – it include my 3 classes in Fitness.dk
But started out by a Ross day: 6 x 400m Sprints, followed by a 5 x 50m Sprints

In Class: Toning class
* 20 Squats n’ kicks
* 20 Saxon Sidebends (5 kg)
* 20 Lunges (5k)
* 20 Russian Sidetwists (5k)
* 15 V-ups – super settet w/ 15 Knee hugs
* 10 V-Ups/ 10 Knee hugs
* Boxing exercises w weights
* 2 Wall Squats supersettet w/ 10 Jumpsquats
2 sets included a few more tricks
* 20 push ups w/ weights
Finisher: 2 min plank (front), 2 x 1min plank (sides)

Abs n back class:
* Warm up w/ ball & weight: 25 front, sides, back
* 5 x 2 Ball stretch/ crunches
* 15 V-ups super settet w/ 15 Side crunches (pr side)
* 1 min. back w/ partner
* 1 min. front w/ partner
* 3 rds GSP/ Calves drill w/ Ball
Probably something I forgot –
Finisher: Plank 1 minute

Strenght #5
* 3 DB Split snatch (11 kg)
* 3 DB Push jerk (14 kg)
4 sets

* 5 DB Bench press (14K)
* 8 Plyometric push ups
* 10 Wall Squats
* 10 Jump Squats
– 4 sets-

Finisher: 3 x 15 Swings (14K)

Strangest thing – my arms been really tired. In Toning class I had to quit on the weight acid drill before some of the class. Maybe it’s because its been so long, since I’ve done muay thai? Still not really motivated… but very happy, I got running yesterday! Today I will need to do some pull-ups – just to keep up.

Hoping I sold my NY piece to tgt.dk, and also considering to offer some pieces of my work to a japanese MMA magazine. Still looking for ways to head back east this summer.

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GPP, ABC Class and what not

Lost track of days – and I also just realized I’m one or two behind, after last weeks bedridden sick days. Anyway, today was GPP # 3 and Core #6.

Did GPP #3 as planned:
* 30 sec burpees
* 30 sec jumping jacks
* 30 sec split jumps
* 30 sec burpees
* 30 sec jumping jacks
* 30 sec squats/ push ups
4 sets, 1 min rest btw sets, alternate btw squats and push ups

Burpees are as usual pretty tough! Otherwise todays GPP wasn’t that tough and it makes a good promise for tomorrows Sweet 16 (probably turned 20).

Core I waited to do with my class at Fitness.dk, ABC. Tuesday cores are as usual reserved for the girls and ladies in my ‘Toning’ and ‘Abs n’ back class’. It helps me with inspiration for the programme, and gives me company to get through it.

Todays classes:
ABC Toning – 30 min:
Warm up: Stretch and back
* 50 ‘ski-squats’ with ball and handweights

* 16 Saxon sidebends (incl. 5 kg weight)
* 15 V-ups
* 15 Supermans
* 15 Crunches (slow side)
* 15 Knee tucks
3 sets

Wall squats x 3
Jump squats (10) x 3
1 minute on the wall, then straight to the floor jumping, then straight to the wall and sit again

Wall squats

Push-ups with weights (10 pr arm)
Plank: 2 minute

Push ups with weight

ABC Abs n’ backs
Warm up with ball: 20 straight, 2 x 25 side, 25 backs, 2 x hugging

Pair ups:
* 1 minute Crunches with ball and partner (switch position after 1 minute)
* 1 minute back work, sides, straight, different levels (switch after 1 minute)

2 hugs
6 x core
6 x shin + core
20 back (split and double)

Push ups w/ weights (5 pr arm)

Toning class and Abs n’ back class was full and really good! Have to say I admire the girls for rockin’ it week after week. And I definitely happy with them coming back for more, as I know that my schedule is a little different from what else is out there, I mean, who else would do wall squats and jump squats? (other than Ross *s* )

Finished ABC session with Boxing class. They were happy with todays schedule and so was I. Not much to say, than I feel better and better each day. Just get small relapses into pain and fever from time to time, but I hope I can put on my gloves and rock it again soon!

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Girls rockin’ it at ABC

Tuesday again, and once again my two 30 minute classes rock. First 30 minutes, as usual pure ‘toning’ class – and even my class is different from other ‘toning’ classes in Fitness.dk, the girls buy into it, and my guess is they like it. Using lots of Ross Enamait inspired drills, the ladies get out of their usual comfort zone and get down with the more hardcore drills. I think it’s so awesome the girls are into this – and it warms my fighter heart.

Marlene and I training - Picture from Tiger Muay Thai jan 2010

‘Toning class’:
* Warm up: walk outs, push ups
Drills x 2
* 20 Squats with weights and ball btw knees (tone inner thigh)
* 20 Saxon Sidebends w weight
* 20 Lunges w weight
* 20 Sidetwists w weight
* 3 x 20 Russian sidetwist
End: 2 minute Plank

Second class is an all abb/ back class. Most drills are done with the big ball. Cool class as well, but not as innovative as the toning class. I should work on improving drills for this class.  Abs/ Back ended up with Plank: 2 minute straight, 1 minute each side.

Third class was boxing – so much fun and a great warm up with GPP #4 – only 4 sets thou:
3 minute sets/ 45 sec break btw sets
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Split jumps 30 sec
* Burpees 30 sec
* Jumping jacks 30 sec
* Squats/ push ups 30 sec

I felt great today. Lots of energy. And after that – I just lined up the circle , watched time and tried to make them work a little harder. Class ended with a great 3 minute challenge.

Liam - my hearts warrior and I in a smily moment

So did get a little training done in between the teaching – and it felt great, but I also had yesterday off. Liam is back, which my heart both dances and cries about. Ofcourse Im overly happy to be with him again, be in his arms – which is the best place in the world – and on the same note, my heart cries for him, as he came back, because he broke his hand again. We both thought it was good, since he’s been training here for about 3 months without any problems – but about a week out in Thailand, and he hits a hard head, and the bone breaks same place. If I could, I would change bones with him. I would rather had him stayed and fulfill his dreams, than a broken hand and shattered dream.
But I’m sure, it will sort out – we will get that happy ending. I can’t imagine otherwise with my strong warrior by my side.

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Easter beatings and cab drivers

I’m not sure how I like my week so far. It’s been a bit lazy, but still alive, so that’s gotta count for something.

Main focus on the blog these days – training, training and more of that:
Morning session at Mikenta. Pelle taught the class. Only about an hour of training, but pretty good class with emphasis on different combos. Hardest part – was to get up at 6, get on the train and bike from the station. I was ridiculously hungry on the way back.
Afternoon: Training with my two half hour classes in Fitness.dk ABC. They’re going quite strong, and I applaud the ladies for hanging in there!!
First class 30 min:
20 Deadlift Twist w 5 kg
20 Side twist (5k)
16 Saxon side bends (5 k)
6 Turkish get ups (8 k KB)
25 Lunges w 5 k
25 Supermans

3 x 1 min wall squats/ 10 squat jumps
Finish off: 2 minute plank

Second class 30 min:
Lots of drills with the big ball + 1 session of tabata abb drill (inspired by Rasmus, Thanks)
Finish off: 2 min plank

1 hour full drill with the company of a student from the girl class:
* 1 round of warm up on the bag
* Sweet 20-I actually grown quite fond of my elaborated Ross drill
(5 sets of 4 minutes pr set. Tabata style sets: 20 sec work/ 10 sec break)
– 1 set: Heavy bag work
– 2 set: Burpees (8 – 9 pr round)
– 3 set: Push Ups (12 – 16)
– 4 set: Squats (12)
– 5 set: Heavy bag work
* 3 rounds of explosive bagwork
* 100 teeps
* 200 knees

Evening: FIGHT CLUB – got to air the K-1 MAX Europe elimination show from Budapest, Hungary. Not that impressed with the level of the fighters – or maybe it was just not their night. Guy who won – Phillipe Salmon, had really heavy hands and very precise in his boxing, but sorry – can’t really see him against any of the K-1 MAX warriors like Kyshenko, Petrosyan, Holtzken, Buakaw. That would just seem a ridicules match up.
Also ‘La Nuit des Titans’ from Tours, France was aired. Unfortunately only 3 fights from this exiting France vs Thailand event. Anuwat and fellow thai fighter Sittichai (Sitpongpeenong) ended up in the finale, with Sittichai getting the win from the judges.
I hope the young nak muay send a thankful thought to the judges, it was really close fights, both of them – and I’m not quite sure, he was the true winner after the ordinary fight time against Pinca – and again in the finale against Anuwat. I actually think, Anuwat finished of the strongest.
Going to be interesting to watch with Liam.

– Oh yeah, and the cab drivers!! Whats with these people? Do they really hate everyone else, or do they have a bet going on how many bicycles they can run over in one shift?
I can almost picture it: Cab driver calling his hit n’ run into the central, ‘this is car 666, we’ve just had two more hits, that should put us in first place’.
Dam** – just because you’re in a Mercedes for a living all day, doesn’t make you special! At the most it makes you a lazy as* driver, who thinks he’s put on earth to rule the roads. News Flash!  It’s not cool to drive Mercedes when it’s not your own. Doesnt make you sexy and doesnt make you a good driver either. Just a lazy hazard!

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Bustet up

This week has so far been he** on earth, and it’s just today I’ve started to feel a little normal again. Big thanks to Julie – my beautiful korean/ danish ‘sister’, whom I met for a short coffee before training. Always so lively and good to be around – and due to our similar circumstances with non-danish boyfriends, we have a lot in common. And it felt good to share some thoughts, none of my other girlfriends get.

Training wise – it hasn’t been that great of a week. I still need to do the Magic 50 (think it’ll be a saturday test) and th 800 m sprints (no plan yet). But lets sum it up:

Monday: Hanging out with Liam and enjoying our last day together. Muay thai class in the evening with Tony Pettas @ Siam. Very good class – did a lot of left/ right work.
Tuesday: Liam read about the 100 Burpees challenge on the Ross forum page and decided we should give it a go. I was not up for it – had one of those ‘female’ days and felt generally heavy and tired, but of course I stepped up to the challenge – and to support him – and hopefully give him the extra drive to give it a little extra.
I did 100 in 6.23 – as I stated before, I did have a ‘dump’ day, so I think I could do a little better on a day, where I felt good, light with lots of energy. But this Tuesday, I gave it my all! Liam – the boyfriend warrior did 100 in 6.17!

I also taught my first 30 min class in Fitness.dk ABC. I’m really growing fond of my class – its women of all ages, shapes and sizes who are attending, and many of them are coming in very Tuesday. I would like to believe, that they like my way of teaching, and the fact, that we do different stuff, than what they usually do in this class.
Tuesdays program:
* Saxon sidebends w/ weight
* Deadlift sidecrunch
* Lunges w weight
* Screw driver push ups
* Supermans
* Turkish get ups
* Sideways push ups
* Wall squats
* Jump squats

Except for the words, the image match my Wednesday mood perfect

Wednesday: First whole day after Liam left. Was really down and just stayed in all day – eating crap and feeling sad.

Tuesday: Great walk in the spring sunshine. Love this time of the year. So beautiful, fresh air and the sun is starting to power it up. Teaching girls class in Siam. Was fun – only 4 girls, but great fun none the less.

Friday: Coffee with Julie and then off to evening class at Siam. Got a lot out of training with Abdul, who was great in showing me different counter moves. Spring is still dominant – had my first bike ride today without my jacket and only half gloves. Fantastic. Spoke with my boyfriend again today (+ got the sweetest mail), he had a good, but hard 1st training back in Legacy. 6 rounds of sparring –  but his hand is good, and that’s all that matters. Oh – and he got a fight the 9th. So good for him, I can’t wait.  Even we’re once again so far apart, I did feel close with him today. I know he felt the same, so guess you could say, our love is still in springtime.

Spring time - best time!

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Camera, lights, action

Headline doesn’t really have anything to say about this blog. It just sounded really good in the Britney Spears song ‘Kill the lights’. And why would I listen to that? I’ve been running for the first time in.. uhm… days…yesterday after my class. So Ipod logged on, music to the max – and away we go. (Or so I always hope, before I start out). Yesterday however, wasn’t ‘away we gooooo’. It was more like… ‘uh puf… here we come.. wait up’.In other words, not the best running performance and the worst thing is – you just feel too heavy, after a run like that.But the heart was light, as I saw my classes perform brilliantly!

The happy feeling came from two of my Tuesday classes: I teach 3 classes in Fitness.dk (ABC). Two short 30 min. (tighten up, abs & back class) classes and a 1 hour boxing conditioning class. ‘Unfortunately’ for my class, I’ve began experimenting with Ross Training programme as a supplement to my muay thai training, and this means, that my classes often gets exposed to single Ross drills. Sometimes I alter them a little, but basically I make them do different GPP’s, Density day and different core routines.

Ross Training

Yesterday we did half the strength workout: Wall squats and squat jumps (x5), in the end of the 30 min. class. In class I’d took some core exercises and paired them up with one back excercise, so we did have 4 drills (V-ups, Russian side twists, push ups and back excercise), each going for 30 seconds – for 4 sets. Only one minute break between set 2 and 3. It has to be said, that this class only consists of women (in all ages and shapes) – so it could be a very feminine class – but luckily these ladies like to push them selves, and I couldn’t be more proud, than seeing them pull through the class, and giving that little extra.

Especially the last 5 minutes of wall squats and squat jumps. How incredible these ladies just bite their teeth, and went along! I’m full of awe – not ONE of them gave up! They all strived to do their best!!

For my boxing class its mixed group: both men and women, the age spread is not as remarkable as in the first two classes, but there’s a good variety. And ‘my regulars’ likes to be pushed, so that’s what I’m aiming for in my classes. Challenge them and their ability to push through. Naturally we do different stuff than the ‘All ladies class’,  but the main focus is the same. Stay with the programme. Dont give up. Your body are capable of more than you think. And in most cases this is true. However – I did send someone to the locker room before time.. and it wasnt intended. Appearances can deceit. She was one of those young, slim girls, who looks like they’re in good shape, but the conditioning and muscle part is missing. ‘Funny’ enough, its like the girl in the ad for Fitness World. She’s also slim -bording to skinny, and doesn’t look, like she has a muscle in her body. A state which apparently is called Skinny-fat. (A skinny person, without a muscle in their body. Who therefor has a high fat percentage).
Anyway, I hope the poor girl feels better today!

Skinny-fat girl in Fitness World ad

The guys liked the challenge of course, and the regular girls are also into the ‘Hitler-drills’, as my boyfriend so ‘lovingly’ called my training one day. But hey! If you don’t make people sweat, they feel cheated! And yes – I always do the dreadful drills with my classes. Who am I to demand this workload from them, if I can’t perform myself? And like I tell them – its true for me – the body adjust. What seems like a killer one week, will the next month be a walk in the park. Quite magnificent!

Back to the run, there wasn’t anything magically or magnificent about my 4.5 km for 20 minutes work. Legs were tired after wall squats and alternated GPP Workout 3 (Burpees, jumping jacks, squats, burpees, jumping jacks, pushups: 30 sec each= 1 set. we did 5 sets, 1 min or 45 sec rest between the sets). But the music was good.