40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

Last detox day

Monday and last day in the Blessed Herbs detox colon cleansing.

Feeling a little better today, probably because I went to the gym and worked out a bit.

* 20 min on treadmill (11kph)
* 1x 20x 25kg FCT
* 1x 20x 30kg FCT
* 1x 20x 32.5kg FCT

* 2x 10 Hamstrings
* 2x 10 Push ups
* 2x 10 Saxons w/ 5kg

Just got told off by my friend Anders Nedergaard (www.kropogblog.dk) about the detox. Told me I’m loosing muscles and it was good for nothing, which I guess is partly correct, cause I frankly feel weaker and the body would tend to go into a catabolic state without carbs and protein. My reason for doing the detox, was my previous experience where I felt, I could see the results of the internal cleanse on the outside, cause my skin looked much healthier. Also, I think it would be a fault to underestimate the sense of accomplishment, that comes with this kind of fasting. Food – which I love and take for granted, all of a sudden not available for five days and it does take a mental effort as well as physiological to keep at it.
Anyway, I look forward to eat again, whether it will be tonight or tomorrow morning. (It will depend on 2nd training today: KB and Boxercise classes at Womens Fitness in Cork.)

Challenge today: Swings with the 16kg KB in class.

sparring, training, weight

Tuesday: Fitness.dk Class
Snatch: 2x5x 11.5K,  3x 5x 16.5K
Flyes: 6x 5x 9K
5x 5 Pull Ups/ Chin Ups

Wednesday: Fitness.dk Class
7.5K in 30min
3 rds:
10 TGU, 12K KB
20 Russian Twist, 10K
20 Evil Wheel

1 Hr Sparring: box/ Grappling
Deadlift: 5x 30K
FTC: 20x 20K barbell/ 10K weight
Rings Push Ups: 5

50 day challenge, functionel strength training, ross training, strength training

More ICT #1 and strength

Sunday morning:

New Ross challenge: Never Gymless, this time in Siam w/ company.

ICT 1:
* Burpees
* Pull- ups
* Squats
* Pushups
4 round

Round 1: 60 sec
Round 2: 45 sec
Round 3: 30 sec
Round 4: 15 sec
No rest btw rounds

Pull-ups sucked big time. In fact, don’t think I made two good ones in a row. Three other excersises went well. I’m consistanly around 10-12 burpees pr 30 sec, and around 40-something on Squats and Push ups – in the minute round.

After ICT#1, we went for:
2 rounds of shadow
1 rd hands and elbows
1 rd kicks and knees
1 rd everything
1 rd shadow
+ 150 knee on bag
150 knee (walking)

Monday Strength (max)

Deadlift: 10 x 35 kg warm up
1x 4x 55 kg
4x 4x 75 kg

4x 10x 14 kg (each hand)
Pull Ups:
5, 5 (under hand) + 5, 5 (sideway hands)

Hamstring Curls:
2x 10x 20 kg
2x 10x 25 kg
5, 6, 6, 6

Full Contact Twist:
3x 20x 15 kg
Plank: 2 minutes

Was crazy hot in the gym yesterday. Sweat dripping from just standing and waiting, changing weights on the barbel etc. Crazy heat!!
More words on training: It’s been a long time since we did any deadlift at all. The king of excersisses – and I felt it. Measly 75kg – no braggin’ rights. But it’s by far the best full body drill I know! Also – a happy renunion with the Full Contact Twist – gives a blast to core and uppercut speed. I seem to remember a couple of years ago, I would do the drill with 25 or 30 kg. Yesterday I made it 15k – and that was hard. Tells me, theres room for improvement!