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I’m getting strong! Last night in Denmark

Nanna – the dog

Made a date with my old employer, that I could stop by for a little weight session, this afternoon. Had a couple of hours between meeting an old dear friend for dinner, so decided to go training and shopping.
In 3 hours, I managed to: Try on about 6 different blouses (choose 3), a ‘gift for Liam’ (that goes on me), and a pair of jeans, which I also left in the amazing cheap New Yorker.
After shopping to Royal, where I chose to do a slighty personalized version of Ross ‘Strength 3’.

Tania’s Strength 3 from Ross 50 days:

* 4x 14kg Long Cycle (instead of 1 arms clean and press)
4 sets
* 6x 18 kg (each hand) Step ups
8x 20 kg (each hand) RDL
4 sets
* One arm clean and press 16kg DB x 4
* 2x 16kg DB Long Cycle
* 2x 16kg DB Long Cycle
* One arm clean and press 18kg DB x 4
* 2x 18kg DB Long Cycle
* 2x 18kg DB Long Cycle
 The One arm and Long Cycle sets, was replacement for sandbag shouldering. There was no sandbags available. 18kg DB Long cycle: I’m getting strong!
* 5 Pull Ups
* 10 Dips (4 last sets revised to only 5 dips, as I was sharing the rack with some impatient man. Was ok by me, my grip was toast after the RDL’s and step ups!)
5 sets
Little shadowbox, working my newfound elbows and backbridge and stretch for end.
Very happy with that work out, even it wasn’t Strength 3 by the book.
Last night in Denmark. Stuffing myself with delicious sushi with my old taekwondo girlfriend Maja (I also had sushi last night with Sana!! Gotta stuck up, as its impossible to get decent sushi in Cork. Unfortunately!!), visiting my parents and my dog. Well, it’s technically mine, but their dog now. It’s a little grey and white Shi Tzu (Nanna), and she is just so cool. So good to see everybody again! Too bad, I’m only here for such a short time!

Had a blast seeing my old fantastic trainer Kru Toy, the girlfriends, my family and Nanna-the dog, who behaves like a cat. Going to Ireland tomorrow with a bag full of summer gear (so it better get sunny!!), massive amounts of liquorice and some tshirts to remind me of home!

Sushi from a place near Sana, not Stick’s style, but still so much better!

Nanna and I at bedtime

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Muay thai at Fightworld

Yesterday I finally got to train with Kru Toy in Fightworld, Copenhagen. It was very good to see Nick and Kru Toy again and a pleasure to train with Kru Toy. Got my elbow game sharpenend and updated my defense.

Weather in Copenhagen reminds me of Ireland, so not missing that! 😉

Staying with Sana in Copenhagen has been wonderful, most lovin friend annonce could be so lucky to have. So am feelings blessed. I only have one night left, so am up for training and diner today, with another good friend. Oh Well, training is on my own, nothing changed there. Will be a good session in I think. Ross style, that way I won’t get to far behind.

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Blogging: Training sessions & Eurosport, life

4K in 17min (good pace – not too hard)
Cosy Muay Thai with Kru Toy @Butchers Lab

6K in the snow – beautiful run

Training with Pernille in

Made plans to train with Pernille again in – and this time I’d put a program together for us. Which turned out pretty good, except I forgot my trainers. So had to skip instead of run for warm up.

So saturday program:
4 rd of shadow
3rd of bagwork

3rd of Amsterdam combo
4rd of leg tech (2 min rd)

2rd sparring
3rd clinch

Finisher Core & weight work: 3 rds
Pull Ups 5
Saxon 16
Russian 20
Chinnies 30
Back extensions 20
Evil Wheel 10
Flyes 5


What I did on my friday

Main event - Strikeforce 5.12.2010

Life is a funny size. Yesterday was a low – and a high.
To start with the high! Did the first StrikeForce show on Eurosport 2 (Danish TV). Fights were mostly awesome, except for the first one, which I thought should have ended in the second round. Then – one could argue, that Benji Radach (Radai) returned for a small piece of glory in the third – but there was substantial long moments in the first and second round of the fights, where he didn’t defend himself actively (or very intelligent – he turtle up).

Rest of the fights were awesome, and I got really cheering over Paul Daleys KO over Scott Smith. It was beautiful!  Even it would have been fun with a reprise of the Smith vs Sell fight. And Dan Henderson showed that 10 years waiting for a rematch doesn’t necessarily changes the outcome. Once again he beat Babalu Sobral. Peeew…
So that was the high of the day. My low – well, one of the precious lessons I’m learning in this life, is if you put your nose out there – you might get it beaten. If you eat too much – you get fat – and if you trust someone with your heart – you set out for misery (maybe). Given your heart up can set you up for failure, cause it leaves you so vulnerable.  If you trust someone to have your back, you might end up getting beat up…

Or – when your (socall) best friend is choosing to be friends with a man who calls you – among other demeaning things – a racist. A stupid, ignorant man, you could think yes. But also a man – whom of a lot of people I know – should keep himself too good to use the R-word (he’s arab and muslim!). I got annoyed and bothered by him insulting me like that, because I know, that he had encountered a lot of obstacles in the Danish society due to his nationality and religion – and I would never use his origins, religion or looks back on him. But he chose to attack me that way. Totally unfounded btw. as the reason for his attack was a result of his paranoia, rather than reality. So for no reason – and with no right, he calls me a racist. And it annoys me, that he doesn’t hold himself too good to be so low. He has no idea, what its like to be an asian woman in Denmark. Not only the generic difference – but struggling with the battle of sexes as well. It was a low blow by him, not to have any empathy at all to view the world from others pow.

But hurt – no it didn’t.  Hurt was applied from the person I thought had my back – from my friend, who I thought would stick up for me. The people we trust. The ones who supposed to have our back and stand up for us, when the world is unfair. But maybe loyalty is too much to ask – all one have – is oneself?

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Return to the blog

On a lazy snow filled sunday, not much else to do than catch up on whats been a trusted training and travelling diary: My blog.

Malik and me at the afterparty (and Maliks victory)

Last weekend was awesome! Did Rumble of the Kings for Canal 2+ Sporten in Stockholm. Same time I got to do commentary my first two MMA matches! Big fun!! And big men!! Got my pic taken with Bob Sapp, haha. Its like – you kind of have to.. now he was there.
Too bad however he lost his heart in fighting. So obvious its just business for him now. But have to give him – he’s entertaining and know exactly what the media wants!

The wonderful Sana and I

Mr Sapp & me

Mr Sapp & me

Also got to hang with my wonderful friend Sana. One of the strong, fine women I know. She was brilliant company – just too bad we didn’t get access pass for her aswell. Then we could have get lost in the arena together.
– And got to meet up with peeps: Nathalie, Johan, Malik and Peyman! So fu**** great!! Haven’t seen these guys for about 2 years. Too bad Ole was injured.. would have loved to meet him too.

Was a little disappointed about commentating from a small booth, as I had been running around to find a proper ringside dress.. however.. it was quite relaxing and un-stressfull. Just hope next time it be different.
After the show we went to the hotel – and from there to afterparty! Got to practise my moves with Johan. Sana wasn’t feeling the rhythm unfortunately – but that’s how it is sometimes.

And yesterday I got even more practice: Julefrokost with Every dane know what I’m talking about reg. Julefrokost. And it was exactly like that! Freakin’ Awesome Julefrokost.
Just what I needed after a month of…. bs! Sat with ABC crew – and they were just a happy bunch – and luckily a dancing bunch!! And.. a shout to all the dancing fitnisser I danced with.. You guys rock!

But in short: Weather changed for snow. I’m in Copenhagen – and I picked up training again this past monday. Life is returning to normal, and I’m launching  my long-term project within these next few weeks – and hopefully also got a new connection in Sweden that might turn out to be AWESOME!!
A lot of new prospects, projects and ideas are floating – and it’s just about working for the moment and grabbing it.

More of this later as the news hopefully will start to tick in.

To pick it up again: A slow recap of my training week. This time including a PR in pull ups!

Monday: Siam (muay thai)
Tueday: Mikenta w/ my friend Pernille. (muay thai), (teaching classes – YAY!!)
Wednesday: Siam (muay thai)
Thursday: Weight training w/ Katja, Butchers Lab w/ Kru Toy (muay thai)
Friday: Off day
Saturday: Run 6K + Pull Ups PR
Sunday: … snowed in 😉

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Tuesday jam

Day two in my ‘preparing for Amsterdam’ regime consisted of mostly light training. Didn’t felt too bad this morning either, but know, that if I join the muay thai class tomorrow evening, I’ll likely be killed.

Tuesday jam:
Early morning jog/ run with my clever, pretty chinese friend Pui Yee. And she’s also a Practical Wing Chun wizard. Not a girl I ever wanna end up in a fight with…. unless we fight shoulder by shoulder. Then it would be an honour.

Evening – my three favorite classes in
First I was running 5 minutes late, so was kind of warm after sprinting on the ol’ grandmother bike through the city. Secondly had an awesome Toning class with lots of weighted lunges, saxon sidebends, russian sidetwists, walk over push ups finished up with wall squats, squat jumps and the infamous two-minute plank.

Abs n back class also rolled as usual business. Playing with the big balls, the V-up/ knee hug, one minute back and ab dedication and again finished of by three planks.

Boxing rolled a bit differently. Not so intense as usual, several new guys on the team, so a little more instruction and longer breaks. However everyone looked sweaty and tired when they walked out, so hopefully no one felt cheated – or they all were happy that the first day back from summer holiday was sort of easy peasy 😉

Boxing class ABC

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Finally got the Sex

Welcome to a different blog. So I finally got to see, what all the fuzz – all the bad reviews was about. Friday night my friend Julie and I hit the movies to watch the female millenium bible: Sex & the City – part 2.

With all the bad reviews posted everywhere in the Danish media and some from across the big pond, my expectations were low – and before I made the decision to go and see it for myself, I was wondering if it would just be a waste of 100 dkr.

Now – reviewers often have – or pretend to have a higher sense of culture than the mere mortal ones among us. Like with Adorno and Hockheimer and their: Dialectic of Enlightenment, ‘The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception’. Where they scorn popular culture for being easily pleasures and serves as a danger to more high cultural produces. And while a lot of bad things can be said about mass-produced – easily consummated culture, it’s not always just bad and for the stupid.
It will also serve you entertainment, quirky little things to reflect upon and layers, which you don’t always notice. However – a safe bet is to always talk the mass productions down. To ridicule and tear it apart. Cause no one wants to be the stupid, ignorant fool, that’s easily satisfied on popular mass-produced culture?

Well, all the female reviewers wasn’t certainly not going to be satisfied on the SatC sequel, and they relentsly without mercy hammered the movie, that was supposed to close the chapter of a ‘decade’ of female reign. The time where women seriously took over the best tv hour, created a un-heard of buzz for brands – and not least left a swarm of ‘SatC’ educated women, who knew the difference between a teabag and a teebag. Women who didn’t just sit around waiting for mr right to call them – cause ‘he’s just not that into you’. Women who took life into their own hands – but yet, women who still wanted it all.

SatC closes up very nicely for me – except for a few errors. Fashion for one! If NYC was the fifth character, then fashion was the little cousin – and no matter how much anyone tells me, the 80’s are in again – (and I know lots of fashionistas are already banning me here) – but who the hell put Samantha into Michael Jacksons old stage costume?

Where's Michael?

Secondly: Carrie Bradshaw was way uninteresting to follow at times. I would much rather have seen Samantha go shopping for that sexy, yet covering dress for her dinner date with the danish architect.

And third… well there probably is a third – eight and 10th too.. but I’m not going into that now. Instead I’ll address the main critique from the danish reviewers: The scene from Abu Dhabi where the muslim women reveals whats under the hijab: Luis Vuitton spring collection.

Words from the posh reviewers was something like: distasteful message, superficial comment to women oppression in islam etc. And why I haven’t read any convincing argument for this opinion, I can’t really give one for mine. I actually liked the scene, and liked the comment, about women being women. Maybe it’s because I live in a neighbourhood where danish dressed girls in small skirts and high heels get to be called hookers, by their arab neighbours. Or maybe it’s because, I didn’t have any high expectations and was prepared for the scene.

But frankly – I find that the scene solidified Sex & the Citys status as The Show for women. Nothing more, nothing less: The voice of the urban, modern women – but not dressed as hot, as usual.

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Happy birthday on a monday?

Not really, but then again – it doesn’t really matter. I’m over the days, where birthday meant wake-up call with chocolate and fresh-baked buns, and nicely wrapped gifts. In fact – I don’t think I ever had a birthday like that. So today I just celebrated with a session of muay thai with Tony Pettas in charge. (Yes, it is him – Nicholas big brother) and a strawberry cake.

Nicholas Pettas

Tony Pettas and Abdul Albarazi at Danish Muay Thai Championship

Had a brilliant class on top of a not so brilliant day. It’s awfull how my mood has been on the downhill, since I realized, I wont be going to Thailand to train, with one of the best trainers I ever met – and who – actually believe I can learn and do good. (And who would put in the time and effort – and not just treat me like a tourist or a Girl) And on top of course going to be separated from my bf. Life just much more fun around him.

But! Yeah! Girls aren’t still that hot on a fight card, so therefor don’t get the same attention from the trainers as guys who are fighting. It’s a bitch, but its real. It’s hard to come across someone, who will actually put in the Time – Effort- and Trust, as Master Toddy has for me (and my friend Hanna). Hanna is now in Vegas training with him, and leaving for Thailand with him, to train and fight. I so wish, I could go and join them. Just to see, how far I could actually get. And Hanna is so much fun to hang with. My all time favorite hardhitting girl!

Better put in a birthday cake too

Thank G for muay thai and Liam. That 1½ hour of muay thai kept my spirit alive.

Oh – and my article got out – still I haven’t got paid! Let’s hope there’ll be a delayed birthday present tomorrow.