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Ode to beloved Granny

An ode to beloved Granny
A most remarkable woman in her quiet little way

Roses from Beatrice’s garden (another great mum and gardener)

When I was a child, you were making clothes for my teddys
And I gave you drawings and flower buckets I plucked in your wonderful garden
As a child, you were my ‘happy place’ and nothing would make me feel better, than to know, you were gonna be my babysitter

I remember you cooking 23 different dishes for our family Christmas dinners without breaking a sweat
And bringing me and my cousins lavish easter eggs of the best chocolate
You dedicated your life to helping others – helping the elder and weak
I hope you too felt helped when you were old and ill

As I grew up, you knitted me sweaters and taught me how to make real laces
I visited you alone or with my friends, seeking your always positive company and vice advises learned from a life of lessons
In all these years, I never once heard you utter a negative word on anyone or anything
First time I ever heard you complain, was after you broke your hip and couldn’t bike and walk as you used to

The break of bones and following operation seemed to be the start of your old age
You started telling the same stories and getting confused easily
When I travelled, I would send you postcards and buy you stupid little things
Just to let you know, I loved you even I wasn’t around much

When mum called me and told me you were in the hospital, we dropped everything and went to see you
You lay on the bed sleeping when we came , but opened your eyes and saw me and said’ There is Tania’
I hugged you and we talked a bit
Told you everything was gonna be fine and we would come back the next day

10 minutes after we left the hospital, they called and told us you had died
We turned the car around and went back…
I cried and cried and hugged you again, wishing you would come back to me
But it was your time and I had to be in the world without you

When I think about you, I think about the most wonderful woman I ever met (equal to mum of course)
A woman who never raised her voice against anyone and still managed to held her own
Who loved making laces and kept the most beautiful garden where a child could disappear into sunflowers beds and in the shadow of pear tress
This is my longtime coming Goodbye
When I think about your death, I still tear up – but I’m glad you’re not sick and suffering anymore
You will always stay with me

Goodbye flowers



Ireland vs Denmark II

It’s time again for another Ireland vs Denmark

Ireland vs Denmark II

1. Traffic in Denmark seems to consists of Idioter (Idiots), narrøve (fool asses) and halv hjerner (half brainer) – and of course death-defying taxi drivers in Copenhagen, who stop for no-one and nothing.
Traffic in Cork (city much like Århus)/ Ireland seems to be relatively free of honking, stressed out road rages.. and yet, a few retards, eigits and f***** find their ways to the irish roads as well.

2. Danish houses (private and public)  are warm in the winter season. Irish are not (supermarkets excepted)!

3. Danish 24/7 supermarkets (Døgn Netto) close at 22.00/ 10pm – Irish stays open 24/7 (Tesco 24 hours)

4. In Denmark Handball is perceived as a very physical sport, where you can get hurt! The danes have clearly not watched an Irish rugby match

Rugby - a very physical sport

5. Danish Pastry in Ireland have nothing to do with ‘Wienerbrød’ (danish pastry in Denmark). No comparison what so ever – and that actually goes from countries all over the world. No one makes te-birkes as the danish baker!

6. In Ireland theres rabbits and hares on the fields. In Denmark there’s not.

7. Orange juice in Irish is pronounced Arrrrrrnge juce… which is why, I had to ask Liam several times, what he asked for. (Btw. West Cork accent is in general hard for my danish/ multiworld ears)

8. A rainbow is seldom spotted in rainful Denmark. In rainful Ireland, we sometimes see two at the same time.

And a few personals:

9. My life in Ireland doesn’t have a tv – my life in Denmark had. I don’t really miss it!!

10. All my friends are in Denmark, which is why Ireland sometimes feels a little extra cold and lonely!

Tebirkes - the danish love on a brunch table