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Day 94: Too good to be true?

How often do we come across stuff in life, that seems too good, to be true? If we disregard all the stuff we have to pay for, the list get considerably shorter. In (one of) my career as a fitness professional, there seem to be no end on things too good to be true. But you will have to pay for them!

Today I noticed an article circling around on Facebook, being reposted by a lot of my fitness friends. The article is by Andrew Dixon, a personal trainer and fitness professional from NY. His message is to not buy into the latest fitness craze message, just because they’re using ‘undisputable evidence’ like ‘Before and after’ photos. As he shows in his article, these photos can be easily produced with the right lightning and breathing technique. And not least, he makes a good point of not wasting life, looking into the mirror and hating yourself for all that you’re not.

Personally, I’m all for people turning their life around for the better. Won’t we all like to be a little happier, a little lighter – and little more healthy oomph? However, as I wrote about in previous blogs, the fitness industry is full of BS solutions in various shapes and forms – from miracle pills to 2 weeks quick fixes.

However the best thing I can recommend, is really just to start or keep training. Cause it will lift your mood and energy levels, hopefully it will also inspire you to eat better, make you sleep better – and thus feel better. And that’s my last point: You need to feel better with yourself first. When you’re there, you can become and stay the after photo. Cause it’s that’s good, when it’s the true you.

Before/ After photo from Andrew Dixon article. (link in blog). Photos is taken within 1 hour

Before/ After photo from Andrew Dixon article. (link in blog). Photos is taken within 1 hour


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Why do we train?

I just wrote and posted this in The FighterGirls Club today:

So FighterGirls – time to talk a bit about getting fit, strong and loose that weight. Over the time I’ve trained with you guys, some of you have asked questions about diet, training and weight loss.
We gonna address your questions here – please join the talk, comment, like, ask questions etc. We are all here to learn how to be better, stronger and fitter in our happy jeans ♥

First question: Why should I train?

Answer: Training is great for so many reasons!
1) Regular training makes you fitter and stronger and help you lose weight/ tone up = Looking and feeling good!
2) Training reminds you how amazing your body is (in case you forgot). When we were kids, we used to play around: run, jump, skip, climb and as adults, most of us have forgotten how much our bodies are actually capable of. Training teaches us how to move again3) Training lifts your spirit. Endorphins are released during training and make you feel good. You might have to drag yourself to gym after a busy day, but when you leave the gym, chances are 99.9% your mood is much better. (That’s true for the FighterGirls anyway ♥ )

4) Raises confidence: As you grow with your training, you’re gaining the kind of confidence that NO purchase, haircut, new bag or designer clothes can ever buy you – You gain the confidence of knowing what you’re actually capable of! That you can actually kick/ box that hard, lift those weights, make the sprints.
-And it’s the kind of confidence you can apply to other areas of your life: You’re can do it, if you put work into it!

5) …. And bloggers if you got an opinion please bring it: Why should we…
When I started writting the above, I was actually going to adress weightloss first. But when I started thinking about it, traning is so much more than weightloss, and I thought a piece about why training is good to do, would be more in the spirit of The FighterGirls Club. Weightloss/ toning etc. are some of the results of what we are doing in the FigtherGirls Club, but it’s not the main objective.
I should also update this weeks training so far!
6K 70% run
2 x Boxercise classes: FighterGirls Club & Mayfield. Both classes was amazing this Tuesday!! The crew in the FighterGirls Club getting really good and pushing on! And better still, they make me step it up too. A new girl came in – turned out she wasn’t new to the ‘boxercise’ experience at all 😀 Just really happy to see it coming together.
Second class in Mayfield was just as good! Class was packed and despite time running way to fast in this class, I think it be fair to say, all the ladies got their work cut out for them! Couldn’t help feeling a little blessed after these two classes!
Morning PT session: Had a girl in the gym for an hour, to what was her first weight training with free weights (I think). She did really well, pushed through and we worked a lot on technique obviously – but she still managed to pull some decent weight for her size. I did an odd set here and there to give her a little break between some of the sets and let her muscles recover. (We didn’t work to failure, as it was a first time in gym – and I’m a strong believer in proper technique, rather than just lifting something heavy).
I’m looking forward to hear from her today 🙂
Evening set of core: Swissball joys for about 45 min. I’m working with some of my ‘old’ routine from my toning classes in Fitness.dk ABC, and I have to say, they still rock. Especially the one leg roll out, burns the crap out of the calve and bum.
Liam front squatted 110kg wednesday night! Guy is a beast! Can’t wait to my wrist and elbow are fine again – what a boxing/ weightlifting feast I’ll have 🙂
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Laying the foundation for happines

These days, I’ve yet again ‘broke the rules of conformity’ and decided to try it out on my own. First time I did this, was when I quit my very well paid PR job in Copenhagen, to pursue a career as freelance journalist and photographer. (Still working with this: I just turned in a short article on Tivoli, Copenhagen to The Irish Time).
This time around in Ireland – I didn’t quit (was asked to not come back, because of my ethics as a fitness professional), but I once again jumped out and trying to create something on my own  – this time for and with others.

The FighterGirls Club is my new baby. It’s all the best from my years with Martial Arts: Muay Thai, kickboxing, boxing and Taekwondo. It’s all about having a great time – celebrating life. Getting stronger, fitter, better and faster – and getting the girls in my classes to do more, than they thought they could.

Today is one of those days, where it just felt ‘Right’. Like things are starting to come together. The girls (of all ages and sizes) who came in tonight (and day in CIT) just did amazing – and had fun at the same time. The glow on someone’s face who just had a brilliant time is worth gold. Eyes shinning, mouth a big smile, red cheeks and hair wet with sweat.
This is how I love seeing ‘my girls’ – and it makes all the extra trouble of starting ‘my own thing’ worth it.

I’ve come across several sites and stories lately, about how we are afraid to ‘be who we are’. How many people live like zombies to support themselves and their families. It reminds me how I could easily have stayed in my well paid job in Copenhagen and been unhappy, or told the bosses in Womens Fitness what they wanted to hear, instead of my genuine opinion. These realizations made me feel really blessed, that I can do what I love – even I’m living on a stone, and don’t have money for shoes or hairdresser.

Maybe this is my path – sharing what makes me happy (be it muay thai, stories, photos, research). Maybe I’m laying foundation to happiness. I think I’m on some path anyway.. we’ll see in the future, if this is mine!

After my first muay thai fight (with Liam in my corner) – a very happy moment


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Fitness ethics – Take responsibility for your health

Coming to Ireland from Denmark has opended my eyes to the matter of professional ethics in the fitness industry and that have made me thinking about my own ethics as a fitness professional.

I’ve just started up ‘The FighterGirls Club‘ here in Cork, and it’s been really important to me, to be honest about my ‘product’ and the results the girls can get. I don’t want to join the endless list of salesmen in disguise of fitness professionals, who promises quick, pain free, effortless (weight loss) results.

So it’s basically my site is saying: I can help you lose weight – shape up – get fit and toned. Even get you in the ring: But there is no easy short cuts! It’s hard work, but if you’re willing to put in the effort – I be right there beside you.

It pains me to know that a lot of the women, I’ve trained at my old job (in Womens Fitness Plus, Cork), is now being lured into buying expensive supplements, they don’t need – and from the look of Facebook pages it’s not the only gym, who sells ‘magic pills’ and promises of gold.

I understand the need to make money. Heck, I want to make money too! and I understand how tempting it is, if a sales representative from a supplement company tells you ‘If you up the sale by 30%, you can make even more money on selling the stuff‘. But I think Greed is a bad excuse to prey on womens problems with their bodies – the constant weight loss battle most women faces in points of their lives. It’s tasteless and bad form in my opinion.

I’ve joined the fitness world, because I love fitness! I love training, I love fighting (even I’ve been a nervous wreck) – and I love all the people who trained me through my career. All the effort, the knowledge they put into our time together – and that’s why I love teaching – I love giving back. Getting people to feel the benefits of being physical active, share the happiness endorphins bring and the satisfaction when you can slip into your pants, without sucking it in.
Making money from it, is a benefit – and of course a necessary one in our society – but I’m in it for LOVE!

To my sad realization, there is a few people in the industry, who doesn’t have a clue about training, fitness, diets or supplements, who will say anything to make an extra euro. I pity them, and I feel sad for their members/ clients.

But since greed is probably not gonna run out of style anytime soon, you can’t rely on the Fitness industry to follow any ethics for its field. Therefor the best weapon you can get is KNOWLEDGE.
Before you take your purse up to pay 70euro for a bucket of protein powder or what ever – go home, google the product, read up on it (not on the manufacturers site, but independent testers like me with the CLA test) and make your own decision.

For example: Most people eat enough protein through their daily meals (if they lift heavy weights, they’ll benefit from extra ) – but for most a handful of nuts, beef jerky or a slice of chicken would suffice.

So please use your sense and don’t trust gym owners or trainers blindly. It’s not like we’re doctors and bound by a professional ethic to always look out for your best. Unfortunately time here in Ireland have taught me, some only look out to fill their wallet.

Now in the end of my ethic blog: Don’t use this as an excuse to stay home! Most gyms and trainers are just like me: In it for the love and they strive to give the best teaching and up to date knowledge. So go to your gym, train, enjoy yourself and become stronger and fitter than the day before.

Take responsibility for your own health!

Training update:
Thursday: 3x classes (Did two full as the classes was small and uneven numbered). Pretty wrecked today
Friday: Recovery run edited: 30 min on tracks, including x 5 pull ups

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Give me muscles

Training to get the lost back! Been out and away from heavy weight training all summer. Am back now with a bad elbow and injured wrist. It’s not gonna keep me from finding my lost form, however – I’m being careful.

Tuesday: Birth of the FighterGirls Club (my big passion), followed by a class in Mayfield
Before FighterGirls, I walked around in the city handing out (strategically) flyers for the Club to the ladies of Cork. I truly hope some of the women I met, will jump at the chance and give it a go.
Last night was a great class because it was all me – I look forward for Tomorrow

Wednesday: Morning with very light strength training (or re-gaining my muscles slowly)
15 min skipping (warm up)

Warm up set:
10x 20kg DL
10x 20kg Good mornings

Weight set:
5x5x 50kg DL
1x 5x 20kg Goodmornings
4x 5x 25kg Goodmornings

BoR – DB
5x5x 17.5kg – Noticed: Didn’t feel it in my core, so arms are still packing a bit of power (Yay!)

Saxon Sidebends @6kg
5x 20x 6kg

Pull Ups/ Chin Ups
5, 3, 4

In the end a little fooling with the speed ball. Been ages since I’ve played with that one, so was pretty shit 😦  (haha)

In total: I’m pretty satisfied. Kept weights light and easy as to not irritate elbow and wrist, and still managed to work up a bit of a sweat. So hopefully this is the first step in claiming muscles back.

Olympic weightlifting tonight!

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Speed day and the birth of The FighterGirls Club

I don’t know why I do these things to myself sometimes…but I do it again and again!

Yes, today was another speed day and again I almost made myself cry. Of course in the end, when it’s all over, …no, everything was not good. Satisfied by hanging in there and grinding it out, yes! But felt wrecked afterwards – like in being run over on the as* by a truck, or something.

Anyway – as bad as my training was yesterday – I felt just as bad today. (Must that time of the month coming close – female readers know what I’m referring to. Well I guess men with women in their lives, know as well). But today I got the job done – on the track at least.

6x 400m sprints
800m warm up
200m jog/ walk/ gasping for air and crying on the inside in between
200m cool down

Blasted out in the last sprint. Upped my heart rate with 1 – that’s 2 since we started using Heart rate monitor in the end of Sept.

Total distance: 4.66K (a tad more than the believed 3.8K after conferring with the Garmin Forerunner)

2 Boxercise classes at CIT and Mayfield – excellent work for both classes. A lot of upper body work in both, to the ladies big surprise 😉
Did a half hour session with Aoife before the Mayfield class in the gym. Second time in the gym = second time touching the weights! She did really well, but poor thing was tired in the class afterwards.
She told me later, that she thought, you’d only got tired from cardio work. She’s amazing – I can’t wait to follow her and her friends progress on the weights and in class. If they keep at it, they’re gonna witness some changes!!

Next week I’m jumping out – on my own here in Ireland: I’m opening The FighterGirls Club, which will be hanging out in RB Fitness on Tuesdays and Thursdays (for a start anyway). It’s gonna be bang on Boxercise with a kick classes! With sandbags, mats and boxing equipment, my plan is to put some smashing classes up, that’s gonna rock the girls!
I’m a little scared, small bit stressed out – and very VERY excited.

I’ve missed all the wonderful ladies I’ve met in my classes – so hopefully The FighterGirls Club is gonna bring us together again. I’ll save the story on my refusal to sell out of my fitness ethics cost me my girls at the greedy womens fitness plus to a later day – now it’s time to celebrate The FighterGirls Club

Curious? Find the club on Facebook and please share with all the wonderful girls/ ladies/ women in your life

If The FighterGirls Club is something you like the sound of, you find the link to the page here to your right —–>
Feel free to click, read – and if you do: Like (even if you’re not a girl)
It’s just as much a way expressing joy, strength, training, health and feeling good – as it is an actual class!

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Weekend Challenge 9

It’s with deep apologies, that this weeks Weekend Challenge is logged a day late. Storm and sickness are to blame. But never late than never – I give you, Weekend Challenge 9:


One thing we all should love – and maybe fear is Burpees! Burpees are probably the single best body weight exercise, provided it’s performed properly.

This weekend challenge is either:
* 3x 10 Burpees with a press at the top (Lift something heavy above your head, when you jumping/ standing up), or perform:
* 4x 10 normal burpees during the rest of the weekend.

Perfect form for Burpees ladies. Remember if you choose the 3x 10, you’ll be lifting a weight of some sort in the end of the drill


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Boxercise classes and long cycle

NB. I am no longer doing this class or am a part of Womensfitnessplus in Cork. Big differences in our professional ethics (or lack of same) put an end to our collaboration. I will miss all the wonderful women I’ve met in my classes and PT sessions, but I will not miss being treated with condesenting arrogance for my professional knowledge and/ or as a fellow human being.
Since Womensfitnessplus made it mandatory for their trainers to sell at least 3 Kinetica products on each shift, I had to say I wouldn’t do it. I’d give information about the products, but under no circumstances would I push the products to women, who didn’t need them. I don’t believe in selling useless stuff, or even worse telling lies to make a profit like.
I’m a fitness professional with ethics and beliefs on what’s right and whats wrong – I work for results, not for greed.
As a result our ways departed – and despite I miss the happy women – I would choose to stand by my ethics again.


On todays program at Womens Fitness:

5 PT sessions
2 Boxercise classes

Total amount of work (that has to be a guess thou) – and mostly work done by my PT clients and boxercise ladies (but as always, I’m doing it too…):
* 100 Swings
* 80 Squats w oh press
* 20 Lunges
* 40 Russian
* 10 triceps ext
* 20 Twist on knees
* 2x 5x 8kg Long cycle
* 2x 5x 10kg LC
* 10x 12kg LC
Had fun with trying out LC’s with real kettlebells and not dumbbells!

Other stuff:
20 Walking planks
20 Saxon w/ MB
50 Push ups

-All my clients also did 500m on the rower (100/300/100) and lots of various sit ups and three of them, finished the session with a plank.

Boxercise classes today was brilliant, consisting of a good about 10min warm up, then proceeding into combination work, bw drills, more combination, playtime, bw drills, combination etc.
Had a full class this evening and an almost full this morning – everybody leaving was happy and sweaty. So I think that’s all one can ask for.

Uh – I also managed to squeeze in a ‘quick’ 3K for recovery: 13:00.

One of my photographs from the serie: ‘From a different world’

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Recovery run, TGU and long cycle

Besides doing 2 Boxercise classes today – one at CIT and one at K2C, I also had time for a small session myself

3K recovery run (1.5k normal paced and 1.5 fast paced). I actually intended to do a normal to slow pace, but as I was in a hurry for time, there was only one option: faster (bigger, better, stronger).

3x 10x 15kg Long cycle with db’s – as gym doesn’t have KB’s. (edited 5 reps to 10. Apparently my memory flunked when I made the first entry)

3x 5x 12.5kg TGU (again DB’s)

Evening class with some hardworking ladies at K2C, inspired me to go for a little extra:
65 sit ups
85 Squats
40 push ups
-after class: 50 knees, 2x back bridge, 3x 6 pull ups (alt.grip) and a small bit of shadow box

Tomorrow it’s Boxfit craze at Womens Fitness!

I came to another training realization today: When I don’t have my thaibox, it’s hard for me to commit to a strict training plan. Like the program for improving my lifts for the powerlifting competitions or now: running programs to improve my time. I really suck at it.. cause I love go to the gym, and just do a bunch of crazy stuff, that I just feel like doing – not that I have to. Muay thai is different!! I’m always in the mood for that :p

Training with Master Toddy in Las Vegas – 2yrs ago.

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A challenge from Liams brother – day 6

Got a challenge from Liam’s brother last night:
*100 push ups
* 200 jump lunges
* 300 mountain climbers
The ‘pick a number and a drill’ is inspired from the Cultfit blog, so Jamie (the brother) ran with that and suggested the drills. I have to admit, at that moment I really regretted telling him about my Lent challenge!

So despite it being KB day at Womens fitness, I decided to go ahead and take on the challenge this morning.

Lent Challenge day 6:
* 3.5K running (walking for the first 400 meters)

5 sets of:
* 20 Push ups
* 40 Jump lunges
* 60 Mountain Climbers
Total of:
100 Push Ups, 200 Jump Lunges and 300 Mountain Climbers. Set 2 was definitely the worst! I contemplated on doing 40 MC the last 3 sets and then just do the last 60 in 2 or 3 separate sets, but when I started 3rd set, I actually felt fine. I had from the beginning set out to take a break btw. 3 and 4th set, and maybe put in a bit of weight training. But Peter, the gym manager came over and started talking, so I ended up with a fair break instead.
Total time amount: 19 min including a 7 min break for talking.

1x 5x 40 kg
5x 5x 50 kg – technique

5x 20x 30 kg

Pull Ups
3x 5 bw

Abs and stretch

Mountain Climbers - don't you just hate em? 😉

And later KB and Boxercise at WFO. I’m thinking of starting my detox on thursday, which mean I won’t be doing any really hard hight intensity challenges from thursday to monday. Have to think of some great low intensity drills for those days. Might have a day in the pool, a day with yoga (if I can remember) and yeah.. hmm.. good ideas are welcoming.
Tomorrow also gonna be a day of low intensity, I’m planning of 1 hour running and then some snatches. Preferably 20, but let’s see how much is left after tonight’s two classes.

Just discovered that Lent is 46 or 47 days this year!!! Still over 40 days to go without sugar! :O
On a good note, I get to enjoy my detox for a while :))

Edited after evening classes at WFO: Tamed the 16kg kb for swings, rows, side bends, Cleans, Pelvic Tilts, press from floor, mid halos and 8 figures. Used the 12kg for rest, except 20 lunges for which I enjoyed the company of a 8kg. Almost felt like nothing.
Had steak for dinner 😀 – if there is something to say about Irish steaks, they’re GREEEAT!! I’ll probably be thinking of this steak during my detox. More on that the next few days.