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Muay thai at Fightworld

Yesterday I finally got to train with Kru Toy in Fightworld, Copenhagen. It was very good to see Nick and Kru Toy again and a pleasure to train with Kru Toy. Got my elbow game sharpenend and updated my defense.

Weather in Copenhagen reminds me of Ireland, so not missing that! 😉

Staying with Sana in Copenhagen has been wonderful, most lovin friend annonce could be so lucky to have. So am feelings blessed. I only have one night left, so am up for training and diner today, with another good friend. Oh Well, training is on my own, nothing changed there. Will be a good session in I think. Ross style, that way I won’t get to far behind.

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Denmark – home of my muay thai and polite pedestrians

I’m going home for a few days, so I won’t be making any Ross trainings until monday. I will however be training with my old trainer Kru Toy in Fightworld, which I look very much forward to!  And I’ll tell you all about it later this weekend:)

Friday challenge will be up friday afternoon as usual!