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Second Am*dam Morning

Woke up to the second day of training with Lucien Carbin and the rest of FFC (means who ever, who’re back from vacation). Living in the – I’m not sure if this is the outskirts of Amsterdam, but it’s a bit from center – life is kind of quiet here. (As Lucien very happy have remarked on a couple of times). A neighbourhood were the most life is people dragging their favorite chair outside to sit and have a smoke.

Training in the gym is very different from back home – even Siam has tried to convert to the ‘Carbinsk’ way of doing things (the week before I left at least). But not quiet the same – training with people here, who’ve been under Carbin for more or less all their muay thai life, makes a h*** of a difference. Technique, power and speed – it’s all slightly different.

So far I’m impressed – training has been hard, but on a different level than ‘all out’ training. It’s more complexed, more diversed and you have to use your brain, as Mark very happily told me. I like he says that in a room full of boxer brains. Haha.

A little strange living at Luciens – I would have imagined that the fighterhouse would be located elsewhere. But, on the other hand made us get to know each other better. And the interview just looks great. Only downside thing is it’s looking hard to do some great pictures inside the gym. Room is – despite the light – quiet dark. Have to try to find a way.

Mr Lucien Carbin

But so far – Amsterdam is very lovely indeed! Saturday we go for the city – should be good!