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I previous mentioned that Ninna was visiting from Denmark this week. (She just left this morning…. way early!) What I didn’t mention was, that she is a retired fighter with fights in Boxing and thaiboxing – and now is active as a judge and trainer in boxing.
I also didn’t mention, that she came to my FighterGirls classes and took over the teaching process (for about half an hour).

Before she came, ‘d send her my working schedule (which left too little time for us, to hit out on the irish roads and see the country side), and I asked her, if she wanted to come and train with the girls. (I actually offered her to come and train in all my classes/ or gym training, so she wouldn’t get too bored). She said yes to train my girls.

Without realizing it (until now), it was the first test of The FighterGirls Club concept. Since the birth of my ‘FighterGirl baby’ three months ago, the only person who’s been training these girls have been me. The only eyes who spotted errors, mistakes, techniques – was mine. Only voice who asked them to work more and work harder – mine too.

And before even thinking about it, I brought perhaps Denmark’s best female boxing coach to my classes – to see my ‘students’, who are not ‘real’ FighterGirls. (We don’t sparre or have physical contact). Didn’t realize it would open myself and ‘my girls’ up to critique -> but of course it did. Ninna is a strong minded and strong opinionated woman.

So she told me – she actually liked the girls. Could even see potentials in them! I was a very proud ‘mum’ right then and there!

Despite some hard times atm., her remark made my heart warm, and it makes all the effort I put into this worth it. My girls are going to be top class FighterGirls!

Glamour Victoria girl ;)

Glamour Victoria girl 😉


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Happy Valentines day

I’m still alive and kicking here in Ireland, despite the weather and the public transport system continuously trying to get me down. But I’ve been crazy busy the past few weeks. Since I started working with MiFitness and CIT, I’m often doing classes both morning and evening, and its left me really ‘to tired to blog’ – between everything else that’s going on.

Like this week a friend of mine from Denmark (Ninna) have visited, and it’s been good, but sure a little stressful. For her as well. I love working with MiFitness, they are really great guys (Brenda and Conor), but some days it’s tough, to not work 8 hours straight – but here and there, drizzled all out over the course of a day.

feel the burn lego

For my training,  a lot of it goes on in the many classes I’ve started to teach: Burn and Tone, 20:20:20, Abs Blast, Circuit and Kettlebells. For The FighterGirls and the new morning boxercise class, I don’t do much: just demonstrating and sorting kick and punches out. (No kicks in Boxercise). MiFitness embraced The FighterGirl concept, which is so cool (I really love them for this!)! The members seem to love it and I really enjoy teaching my kicks and tricks to more corkian ladies.

However due to Irish public transport or lack of the same, I am actually picking up weights again. To be on work on time, I have to get there an hour earlier: So I might as well use the gym.

Wrist, elbow and now finger all are ‘work-able’, which unfortunately doesn’t mean good. So I’m slowly picking up strength again, and trying new stuff, since the gym carries cables, leg press and hamstring curl. Btw. I love the hamstring curl!

I don’t have enough numbers, but will work on getting my blogging on again, and start posting some numbers!

Anyways, Happy Valentines day, pancake day and ash wednesday-day. For me it’s all the same: It’s GYM Day every day!! 😉

valentines day