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Olympic Weightlifting – Do we love it?

The past two weeks, I’ve been fortunate enough to do some Olympic weightlifting with the guys from the OLY weightlifting club. It’s been a hard return thou.
After a summer of nearly NO weights, except for Kettlebells + the last few weeks of ol’ boxing injuries popping up (left wrist and right elbow – Go* do I feel old!) – returning to throw around weights are tough.

So tough, that I’d spend the last two weeks throwing the broomstick above my head!  Got my snatch and Clean & Jerk reviewed and fortunate, the technique is still there, but the power is gone. Well – the weight hurt my wrist and elbow.

But one can help it! I’ve been doing clean & jerk with the bar (normal bar) the past two sessions, so far the wrist only made a little trouble in the end, but I’m not sure what’s gonna happen, when I put on weights.
For the snatch I can feel my elbow, as soon as it goes above shoulder height.

It sucks!

But! Despite all the grieve – YES, we do love Olympic Weightlifting because it’s so technical, explossive and a mastermind creation of body and mind working together – and it has great transfer so almost any other sport you can think of.
I want to get back to where I was – and hopefully go beyond that!

Training week:
Monday: Olympic Weightlift training – Broomstick and bar. 5x 10 Clean pulls (bar), 5x 5 Clean & Jerk (bar), 3x 10 ATG Squat (bar), 5 OH Squat (bar), 2x 4 pull ups. Countless broomstick snatches.
Tuesday: Wanted to go Thaiboxing, but got my head full of make up instead (Tom Ford make up artist in Brown Thomas did a very nice job. Almost looked irish!).
: 5.3 K 70% run, followed by Olympic Weightlift training. Same as monday, thou 5 OH Squat (bar) turned into 10. Can sort of feel this!
Thursday: 2 Boxercise classes. CIT & Mayfield Sportscomplex. Great stuff!!
Friday: Let’s seeu


I completely forgot: NO changes in body fat percentage or body weight using Kinetica CLA for a month. From trustworthy sources I’ve later heard, that CLA only been known to prove results in animals and very obese people. No use in spending your money on this. I rather recommend a gym membership, a good pair of runners, sports club membership, a pair of boxing gloves and a bag, a skipping rope, a healthier lifestyle, better eating habbits, a personal trainer or wild swimming in the ocean. Supplements can be good, but make sure you know what you want to achieve – and if you got the right product to do so.
Do research yourself – don’t just trust your gym blindly. They might have alternate motives. (We’ll get back to that)!

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Explosive strength ala Never Gymless style

Pew – day 4th in the new 50 day programme: explosive strength. So very hard!!

Drills performed super settet – 2 excercise paired up and performed 4 sets, before moving on to the next pair. About 45 sec rest btw. excercise.

Muscle Ups (4 sets, 8 reps)
Knee tucks (4 x 12)

Depth Plyometric push ups (4 x 8)
Lunge Jumps (4 x 12)

Clap Pull Ups (4 x 8)
Ankle hoops (4 x 20)

Finisher: Power overs 3x 20

First of all, I’m just starting out here, so my regime does not include muscle ups and clap pull ups. I tried to do just one muscle ups, but couldn’t pull through the second part of the excercise. course my companion did 😉

So my less impressing schedule had:
Muscle ups replaced with Pull Ups (4 x 5 – shifting btw under/ over grip)
Clap pull ups replaced with Pull Ups (4 x 5 – same, same)

Finisher: 1x 12, 1 x 14 and 1 x 16

In the book Ross explains that the muscle up is a tough excercise to master, and it might take a few weeks of practice. I’m not sure he didn’t mean a few months – or maybe never?? Also – right now, no idea on how to train the movement as I’m still struggling on pull ups performed as chin ups. But hey – maybe one day… 😉

Fight Club tonight!