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Strength and Conditioning KBTe style

This past weekend I was in Dublin for the KBTe Strength & Conditioning level I course. The course covered Weightlifting (Olympic), powerlifting and Kettlebells.

Despite I was staying next door at O’Sheas Merchant Hotel, I had a good weekend. The course was good, and even I’ve been doing Olympic weightlifting for some time, I learned some new stuff, as they broke down the lifts. When I had my first day with OL lifting, I got a broomstick in my hand and was told to practice the snatch. After about 30 min, I was promoted to the bar. Hahaha. The KBTe guys had a different approach, which was more beginner friendly to newcomers – but then, I doubt most people will try and tackly Olympic weightlifting before they know their powerlifts.

As for the hotel, I really have to say: DON’T STAY there, unless you’re having a hen or stag party – or just want to party, be drunk and awake all night. Staying there just to have a bed for the night (and stuff to do next morning) as I did, is a big! mistake. There is a live band playing from midnight to 2.30am. In my case the first night was George Michael covers (which weren’t terrible) and Tina Turner covers (which were terrible!!) last night. On top of that, you have drunk Irish men (of both sexes) running around screaming, slamming doors and trying to get into your room, because they’re so drunk, they forgot what room they’re in.
And to make matters worse: No breakfast before 9am sunday morning! Which sucks double, when you have to lift kettlebells for 3 hours before noon!
I can never recommend this place to anyone. I’m sorry!

Back to my course – last day sunday consisted of KB work, to which the guys added a compound. After every new technique, we did the compound all over again – adding reps from the new technique. I think, I saw grown men cry in the end, but I’m not sure – was busy crying myself! (It was a tough cookie! – see picture for details).


Last KB Compound of the day

Last KB Compound of the day


Anyway, it was a great weekend even the lifts were simple. (For example did they exclude the split jerk!) It was fun to be ‘in a class’ again for once!

My own training so far in 2013 consist of:
Weight training
Muay Thai (unfortunately not so often as I’ve would like)

For the next 4 weeks I’m following my S & C program, which is also the last part of the assesment!
Day 1, week 1 look like this:
* Snatch 5x 5
* Squat 4x 6
* Military 3x 8
* Pull Ups 3x 8
Everything is 80% , except for pull ups. Going to do some small adjustments in weight, but kept resting times according to program (almost), so everything felt good.


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A day spend travelling

Quite mysterious – it took me about 9 hours to get from Cork to Copenhagen. Same amount of time it would take to get to NYC or from BKK to Cph – if the wind was blowing right way.

Anyway, haven’t done anything! today – except walking the long halls of airports. Dublin Airport is actually quite cosy, and they actually make ‘last call outs’ – which was nice for a danish ‘smock’-kind of guy, as he nonchalant walked to the plane, after last passengers was called for the 8th time or so.
– Uh and I know he was danish, because he was standing in security line, loudly confirming his drinking ability, even he looked forty-family dad -something. Sharply dressed, with the right haircut – a real charmer, who walks to the plane, after having delayed a full SAS flight for 10 minutes.

Last time in Dublin, we had a wonderful time, staying at the lovely Fitz William hotel. Slept one night swept in Egyptian cotton, showered in a beautiful bathroom and had a tasty full irish breakfast. definitely worth recommending for everyone going to the Irish capital for a weekend of self pampering and indulgence. Oh – and the best shopping street is located around the corner. Euro is expensive to the kroner – but prices are cheap and probably gives you more home in the shopping bag than London.

World famous mime - 'the busy man'