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A day spend travelling

Quite mysterious – it took me about 9 hours to get from Cork to Copenhagen. Same amount of time it would take to get to NYC or from BKK to Cph – if the wind was blowing right way.

Anyway, haven’t done anything! today – except walking the long halls of airports. Dublin Airport is actually quite cosy, and they actually make ‘last call outs’ – which was nice for a danish ‘smock’-kind of guy, as he nonchalant walked to the plane, after last passengers was called for the 8th time or so.
– Uh and I know he was danish, because he was standing in security line, loudly confirming his drinking ability, even he looked forty-family dad -something. Sharply dressed, with the right haircut – a real charmer, who walks to the plane, after having delayed a full SAS flight for 10 minutes.

Last time in Dublin, we had a wonderful time, staying at the lovely Fitz William hotel. Slept one night swept in Egyptian cotton, showered in a beautiful bathroom and had a tasty full irish breakfast. definitely worth recommending for everyone going to the Irish capital for a weekend of self pampering and indulgence. Oh – and the best shopping street is located around the corner. Euro is expensive to the kroner – but prices are cheap and probably gives you more home in the shopping bag than London.

World famous mime - 'the busy man'