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I’m getting strong! Last night in Denmark

Nanna – the dog

Made a date with my old employer, that I could stop by for a little weight session, this afternoon. Had a couple of hours between meeting an old dear friend for dinner, so decided to go training and shopping.
In 3 hours, I managed to: Try on about 6 different blouses (choose 3), a ‘gift for Liam’ (that goes on me), and a pair of jeans, which I also left in the amazing cheap New Yorker.
After shopping to Royal, where I chose to do a slighty personalized version of Ross ‘Strength 3’.

Tania’s Strength 3 from Ross 50 days:

* 4x 14kg Long Cycle (instead of 1 arms clean and press)
4 sets
* 6x 18 kg (each hand) Step ups
8x 20 kg (each hand) RDL
4 sets
* One arm clean and press 16kg DB x 4
* 2x 16kg DB Long Cycle
* 2x 16kg DB Long Cycle
* One arm clean and press 18kg DB x 4
* 2x 18kg DB Long Cycle
* 2x 18kg DB Long Cycle
 The One arm and Long Cycle sets, was replacement for sandbag shouldering. There was no sandbags available. 18kg DB Long cycle: I’m getting strong!
* 5 Pull Ups
* 10 Dips (4 last sets revised to only 5 dips, as I was sharing the rack with some impatient man. Was ok by me, my grip was toast after the RDL’s and step ups!)
5 sets
Little shadowbox, working my newfound elbows and backbridge and stretch for end.
Very happy with that work out, even it wasn’t Strength 3 by the book.
Last night in Denmark. Stuffing myself with delicious sushi with my old taekwondo girlfriend Maja (I also had sushi last night with Sana!! Gotta stuck up, as its impossible to get decent sushi in Cork. Unfortunately!!), visiting my parents and my dog. Well, it’s technically mine, but their dog now. It’s a little grey and white Shi Tzu (Nanna), and she is just so cool. So good to see everybody again! Too bad, I’m only here for such a short time!

Had a blast seeing my old fantastic trainer Kru Toy, the girlfriends, my family and Nanna-the dog, who behaves like a cat. Going to Ireland tomorrow with a bag full of summer gear (so it better get sunny!!), massive amounts of liquorice and some tshirts to remind me of home!

Sushi from a place near Sana, not Stick’s style, but still so much better!

Nanna and I at bedtime

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Two hour barriere broken

Today I did something, I’ve told myself to do since I did the half marathon: Go for a run that extend two hours and see how you feel. So I’ve put it off last weekend, but today somehow seemed to be ‘the day’.

About 24K in about 2.12hr– in the hills of Clonakilty. And when I say hills, I mean hills. They’re quite nasty!  Last round was really slow and my right foot was hurting the last 1.5k. I might have been able to walk it faster up hill, than the weird jog I had going on.

So NOT a super fantastic time, but happy to have been out on the road for more than 2 hours!

Run was followed by a very, very cold short bath in the Atlantic Ocean. Had some crazy idea, it might help the recovery, but Liam told me, I was supposed to be in the water for more than 1minute, for it to help. Not sure if I was.

Also: 30 dips in the hot shower. Last 30 dips in the kitchen on chairs later, while waiting for the tea to brew.

Picture from our beach – thou a bit hard to see from this angle, but it’s a rock beach!! (= Av!)


Also have to write this: CORMIER!! I knew you would f****** do it!!! All hail the new Strikeforce HW Champ!

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Weekend challenge time

This weekends challenge will help you target the so-called ‘Bingo arms’ or ‘Grandma triceps’. In short – we’re gonna attack the often less flattering part of the upper arms.

DIPS is the name of the challenge!
3x 10 each day (saturday and sunday) is your number = 60 dips in total.

Two ways of doing them @the home challenge (in the gym, you’ll find specific equipment just for this exercise): With feet on the ground or feet app. the height of your but*
You can use a chair as I did, a sofa, your bed or any other ‘up from the ground’ place.


Dips with feet up

Dips – start position

Dips with feet on the floor




The aim is to bend your arms to about 90 degrees, lower your body weight, so you’ll use your tricep muscles to hold the weight and press you back up.








This is actually the start position

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So you think you’re fit

This could be the headline of todays WO, which I found at the CultfitHQ blog. This could also be the headline on my state of physique right now, except – I would never state, that I’m fit. At least not fit enough. There is always room for improvement!

And todays WO really proved that beyond doubt. I immediately fell in love with it, cause it reminded me of summer joys in Copenhagen, when Liam and I did the 50 day challenge (find Liam’s blog here on Ross
Introducing the KB into the mix was a welcoming addition, which I thought was a fun twist, despite my elbow has been making trouble for over a week now. (after getting overextended during sandbag work).

Todays WO:
8 rds of Swings followed by 400m sprint (or as fast as I could)
Swings were 50 for start, for warming up, but due to elbow and a desire to box soon, I reduced all following rds to 25.
Rd 3 and 5 was probably the fastest. I felt like crying afterwards and am still not sure, whether I did or not. It’s raining again today – of course!
Last three rounds, I remembered what I’ve read in Callaghan’s book for running, and tried to take smaller steps, but faster. I think, it made me able to finish and keep a reasonable pace. No doubt first 200m was faster than the last, but instead of sprinting like I would normally do, the smaller but faster steps made me complete the track, without reducing too much speed.

2x 10x 20kg
2x 10x 30kg
2x 10x 35kg
Superset with 5 dips btw sets
2x 3 OH press with 30kg

5 LC with 12.5kg db (unfortunately no KB available)
2x 25 abs
2x back bridge/ Yoga style backbridge
-the yoga style was much harder than the ‘sambo’ style, when I first tried it out. But after having done it a few times and made the body comfortable in the position, I have to say, hands down – ‘sambo’ style is way harder!

Thanks to CultFit HQ for reminding me of the beauty of sprints!



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Did an early morning boxercise class at CIT – a great way to start the day, once you got out of bed.

Did a small session myself afterwards:
3K running
5min Xtrainer – waiting on the TRX cable
TRX – trying it out for about 15 – 20min. Decided it was not that much fun. Have to try a class and get proper instruction, before I can decide for real. Today was basically a waste of time.

3 set TGU (5 x12.5kg) super set with Dips (bw x10)
3 set BoR (5,6,8x 25kg) super set with Hamstrings (bw x20)

Tonight Boxercise class at K2C 

Someone mailed me about Rhassan Muhareb. He is a muay thai fighter and friend of mine from Denmark. He’s been fighting for years, and has several national and international titles. He trains at Mikenta and is without doubt, one of the most unusual nak muays around – in that sense, that he is strong, powerful, athletic – and he does the craziest things in the ring.
I haven’t seen his fights from I-1 2012, but with 3 KO’s, I’m guessing one or two is probably quite spectacular.  I’ve also had the pleasure of commentating with Rhassan as my guest expert at a Fight Club show.
And as a last note: He is a great guy!! Down to earth, honest, hard working (training), friendly.

Rhassan Muhareb vs Christian Klingenberg, Fight Arena, Albertslund, Denmark, may 2009. (Tania Presutti, photographer)

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34th – Monday fresh

Two weeks from Chocolate, cakes and ice cream (dying to try the new Ben & Jerrys raspberry!), monday was fine despite a weekend with a small bit of training.

Day 34
* 5K running (12.5kph)

* 5x 20
* 5x 30
* 2x 4x 40
* 2x 45, 1x 45
Not so strong day on the bench

Pistols & Dips – Superset
* 4x 2x 3 Pistols
* 4x 10 Dips
Finisher: 2x 5 pistols

Clean & Jerk –  30kg Todays Challenge
* 2x 5x 20kg
* 5x 25 kg
* 5x 30 kg! (PR)
I felt ok strong and could probably have had 35kg today, opted for the 5 reps instead. However goal for C&J must be 35kg – and if that’s good, then a 40kg. Snatch – be absolutely ecstatic with 20kg. Let’s see how it pans out. 2 weeks to go.

* 3000m – 13.42 (lvl 10), not good, not bad

Abs/ Back/ hamstrings
3x 20 of each on Swissball

Decided to do C2 instead of running in the end. Treadmill doesn’t seem so appealing after the outdoor run yesterday, thou I’m sure that will change again. Also thought C2 will help my V02 Max, if you push yourself on the C2, there’s really no machine like it. Which is why I hate  – and love it so.

Overall satisfied with my training so far, have classes and probably some Pt’s at Womens Fitness tonight. Gonna get started on the countdown soon. Only two weeks… Chocolate, I missed you

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So it’s Valentines day and a lot of people all over the world is celebrating! Mostly women I guess, and the men just passively following along. Though, I think some men might enjoy this day as well. A lot of this world great poets, singers and artist are after all men, and they wrote some of the most beautiful love songs/ poems/ stories ever. But my day has just gone from crap to sh**, so I’m not listening to any of them right now!!

That’s the short version of my state of mind anyway. I kind of tried to make the most of it and battle through the dark emotions. Went to the gym. Got 3 sort-of-fast-K down (12.5-15kph), 2000m on C2 (over 2 rounds). Happy enough with that. Tried a different (and better) version of Deadlift (which made me feel like a newbie). – Thanks to my knowledgeable friend Anders Nedergaard (author of, I got corrected my position in the dl – 5 sets of 10 hamstrings and 5 sets of 6 dips + the inevitable ab work.
But it just didn’t cut it!!  Mood just continued below zero. And most other events the rest of my day, haven’t really been positive either.

So in short I’m having a really, really bad day. All of a sudden just not sure, what I’m doing here or why I’m here (in Ireland that is). Not sure why I even bother training anymore, since it seems very unlikely that I would get a fight again. I don’t really care for powerlifting, just did it, cause I was asked to take part – I mean it’s fun to lift heavy things in the gym, but don’t think, I’m gonna compete again. So all of a sudden everything just lost it purpose. I mean training is great and I would probably hate myself if I stopped going to the gym. But…

I don’t know where this is coming from. Maybe it’s a minor life crisis, suddenly discovering my lack of purpose  of doing things or just plain homesick – but that would be weird(!!), cause I’m not missing life in Copenhagen or in Denmark in general! I miss my few good friends and my thaigym, but that’s about it.

Anyway, hoping for a better tomorrow – and NO, I won’t have time to go to the gym!

I found this picture – it illustrates everything to perfection:

Whats the point?