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Lord of the flies

Well home from Austria, we found Liam’s basil plant covered with small flies. Small nasty things over populated the dirt and stems on the plant while we were gone. The whole pot seems alive like an ant nest. Cribling and crawling – it’s my living nightmare.

Before this, his plant was badly infested with lice (I saved it the last-minute with a soapy wash) – now there are flies ruling our kitchen. I’m not sure what the next disease to hit the basil would be. I’ve never met an indoor plant getting so abused before.
It’s gross and disgusting to look at. It’s like they hatch in the dirt or something. I moved my aloe to the bedroom, and just hope the flies won’t find their way in there, but them being flies and outnumbering us 1:1000, they might win in the end and infest every single pot of dirt in the house.

Since we got home, I’ve had also the pleasure of helping out in Deasys again – this time as a waitress. Friday and Sunday – both days really busy. I didn’t take any orders, but was merely the busboy of the restaurant: Cleaning tables – reset tables, polish silverware, fetched cold water and bread and occasionally helped taking food to the tables.
It was busy work, not overly hard thou. Being in the kitchen is harder I think, but like with my kitchen kuli job, I suspect that my waitress career has come to an end. A soup situation developed during Sunday lunch. And to make a longer story short, two patrons got the wrong soup by me. A mistake that shouldn’t happen in any restaurant. Thing was thou, it was either a case of bad hearing or the ‘banana’ case: Ofcourse I did ask the two older women, who was having what soup, but they either had a bad hearing or took one look at me, at decided they didn’t understand me (Banana case= Yellow on the outside, white on the inside). Now, it’s not necessarily an underlying racist action on their behalf. During the two days of work in the restaurant, I got asked if ‘the weather was cold compare to where I came from’ and if ‘I understood  what was being said’. First situation out of sheer, friendly curiosity – second incident out of mere suspicion (yes, believe me, one do learn to spot the difference!). The soup ladies – who know?! When I served the soups, they seemed happy and satisfied, what happened next is anyones guess.

Anyway, that was probably the end to my short, glorious restaurant career.

Photo from Austria – Liam & the hay men

On the more sporty side of life, I finally got to see the inside of a muay thai gym in Cork. Saturday Liam and Brucie took me to Cork Thaiboxing, where I had the pleasure of being squazed on the pads, first by Brucie, then by Anthony. And finally ended up with a few rounds of clinch with a girl! And a couple of rounds of light sparring with Paul – one of their fighters. Very nice day!

Monday and Tuesday had me back to work at WF and KC. WF was amazing: 5 girls in for the KB class. We rocked the room (including 2x long cycle – Men’s style, I may add!) and afterwards a more than full Boxercise class with hardworking happy women. K2C Tuesday was – to be honest – a bit of a disappointment. Only 5 girls in – but they worked hard and dedicated + I kind of trained in with the class to even out the numbers, so it was almost worth the travel (1 hour drive). I wish WF had more of the same equipment as KC- then the classes there, would be much more fun stuff to do in class.

Wednesday: Muay Thai session at Brucies! Great stuff – easier padwork than normal (but yesterday that was fine!)

Today Thursday: Fly population multiplied by 1000’s – not sure about training plans. If any.. a run might be all. Liam is working, so I’m stuck on the countryside.


PS!! I haven’t forgot about the weekend challenges, but I’ve got no Internet connection these days, and won’t be able to get any for this coming weekend. Sorry! Hopefully next weekend will see something new and interesting for you guys. In the mean time – if you’re bored look in the ‘Weekend challenge’ page and select an old one and get to it!

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Tired monday after a long weekend

And No! Didn’t go out drinking. In fact, I rarely, rarely do, but since I’m living in Ireland now, I wouldn’t hold it against anybody, if someone had an ‘hangover’ idea after reading the title.

I spend my whole weekend working in the kitchen as the kicthen Kuli (translate into laborer in english, but the danish or indian term is more fun. Anyway, meant with a lot of warmth and humor!). Prepping vegetables, making starters, making icecream, baking bread, making springrolls, making deserts and well… trying to keep up with one of Ireland’s finest up coming chefs Caitlin Ruth, in Deasys fish restaurant. (and no, we don’t serve fish and chips. Not sure why actually. Hahaha).

Anyway two days and one whole night standing on my feet. Stuffing my face with food (have to taste you know 😉 ) and trying to manage an uncomfortable level of stress made out about 20 hours during two days. I was wrecked this morning!! So I didn’t go to the gym, because – it’s 2 classes day at Womens Only Fitness Gym in Cork!

Started out with a 45 min Kettlebell Class:

Mid halo
Pelvic Tilt
Push Ups
Bench Press from floor

Swings to top
Pelvic w/ press

Swings (1 hand)
Top Halo
Lunges w/ Twist
8 Figures
Push Ups
Pelvic Tilts
BoR in Squat
Clean and Jerk
Wind Mill

Then after a PT session it was time for Boxercise. Ladies did as usual a really good effort. I think they’re getting along, cause despite I put in a bit tougher exercise, the after report was, that it was easier. So!! I think it’s time to shake things next week 🙂

Anyway… tomorrow its LENT and I’m doing it this year along with a very special 40 day challenge, that you’re all welcome to join in! And please don’t be afraid to leave comments if you try out any of the challenges. I would love to hear from you!