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Detox 2nd day

Second day of detox and 10 days into Lent.

Funny thing I noticed about my detox – it almost started working right away this time. First time I did it, it took a few days before I could see the ‘results’, but this time, it’s already here. So maybe my body have been waiting for this?
If you haven’t heard about detox colon cleansing, I found this youtube vid of a guy who is doing it. I have no idea if he is also using the Blessed Herbs products or something else.

Results: mucoid & plaque

Also for the sceptics, truth be told, I don’t know if mucoid and plaque really exists. Or if it’s just the apple juice and the powder reacting in the stomach. But I did experience more tangible results last time – and I hope to see them again this time: brighter, better skin. Feeling overall better – and the feeling of accomplishing the diet itself felt good.

Remember, I am a person who loves to eat! (and do it very frequently)

Todays trip to the gym:

10 min on x-trainer (treadmills were all busy)
4x 5x 40 DL for tech + Im feeling very weak!
150 abs/ 50 back

Yoga tonight for the challenge.

40 day Lent challenge, Sport, training

A challenge from Liams brother – day 6

Got a challenge from Liam’s brother last night:
*100 push ups
* 200 jump lunges
* 300 mountain climbers
The ‘pick a number and a drill’ is inspired from the Cultfit blog, so Jamie (the brother) ran with that and suggested the drills. I have to admit, at that moment I really regretted telling him about my Lent challenge!

So despite it being KB day at Womens fitness, I decided to go ahead and take on the challenge this morning.

Lent Challenge day 6:
* 3.5K running (walking for the first 400 meters)

5 sets of:
* 20 Push ups
* 40 Jump lunges
* 60 Mountain Climbers
Total of:
100 Push Ups, 200 Jump Lunges and 300 Mountain Climbers. Set 2 was definitely the worst! I contemplated on doing 40 MC the last 3 sets and then just do the last 60 in 2 or 3 separate sets, but when I started 3rd set, I actually felt fine. I had from the beginning set out to take a break btw. 3 and 4th set, and maybe put in a bit of weight training. But Peter, the gym manager came over and started talking, so I ended up with a fair break instead.
Total time amount: 19 min including a 7 min break for talking.

1x 5x 40 kg
5x 5x 50 kg – technique

5x 20x 30 kg

Pull Ups
3x 5 bw

Abs and stretch

Mountain Climbers - don't you just hate em? 😉

And later KB and Boxercise at WFO. I’m thinking of starting my detox on thursday, which mean I won’t be doing any really hard hight intensity challenges from thursday to monday. Have to think of some great low intensity drills for those days. Might have a day in the pool, a day with yoga (if I can remember) and yeah.. hmm.. good ideas are welcoming.
Tomorrow also gonna be a day of low intensity, I’m planning of 1 hour running and then some snatches. Preferably 20, but let’s see how much is left after tonight’s two classes.

Just discovered that Lent is 46 or 47 days this year!!! Still over 40 days to go without sugar! :O
On a good note, I get to enjoy my detox for a while :))

Edited after evening classes at WFO: Tamed the 16kg kb for swings, rows, side bends, Cleans, Pelvic Tilts, press from floor, mid halos and 8 figures. Used the 12kg for rest, except 20 lunges for which I enjoyed the company of a 8kg. Almost felt like nothing.
Had steak for dinner 😀 – if there is something to say about Irish steaks, they’re GREEEAT!! I’ll probably be thinking of this steak during my detox. More on that the next few days.

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Training at Pancake day

Wooohooo!! I moved to a country where they actually have a day called PANCAKE day! How cool is that??!!

And it’s today and Liam have promised to make pancakes tonight. So we’re gonna dive in and stuff ourselves on pancakes. For the last time in 40 days and 40 nights. Because tomorrow it’s Lent (and yeah, I think I spelled it wrong in an earlier blog), and this year, I’d be doing my hardest trial so far.

Last year, I got in on Lent about 10 days late, and had a month of coffee and cake, but I drowned plenty of chocolate, licorice, winegums and assorted candies, so it never felt really hard. Coffee was easily replaced by green tea and normal tea, and I really didn’t miss it that much.

But this year it’s goodbye sugar! Not quite sure what I’ve gotten myself into. On top, I’ll detox again and I’ll pull out a special made 40 days Lent challenge.

Anyway, today was a good day in the gym – not so good for running, but my legs are still a bit marked after a weekend in the kitchen:

30 min running (btw 12.5-14.00 kph)
2 min break – Not pleased with myself. Just couldn’t get back at it right away. It’s like the legs just quit working! :0
30 min walk/ running (btw 6.5 – 15.00 kph)

Deadlift – as prescribed by Anders Nedergaard (www.kropblog.dk)
2x 5x 50kg
4x 5x 60kg
2x 90kg

3x 5 Pull Ups

100 abs (incl. 10 dragons)

Pancakes for pancake day


Lift up

I got my lift up on you tube. Form not the best, but as it was a PR I’m quite content with the lift.

Weekend didn’t hold that much training, but we did manage to get saturday thaiboxing down. Felt really good to hit and kick – but f*** those pads always makes me feel out of shape. It’s just a nagging feeling of always needing to be faster and harder, all the time. On every opportunity given. (I kind of feel, like I hear Kenneth, my first real fight coach in the back of my mind: ‘Faster Tania!! Faster, Faster, Faster!!).

Friday evening I enjoyed another trip to the gym:
1000m on C2 (4:35)
5x 20kg
2x 5x 30kg
2x 5x 40 kg

2x 5x 40kg
2x 5x 60kg
2x 5x 80kg

Abs and back with Liam.

1.5 hour of thaiboxing


1h and 7min non stop running (13.5 km) – very nice as I didn’t feel up for a thing this morning. Stepped onto the treadmill and hoping I could last 3k at mediocre speed. So very pleased!!

Squat super settet with Pull Ups/ Chin Ups:
5x 20kg
-5 pull ups-
2x 5x 30 kg
– 4 chin ups inbtw sets –
-4 pull ups btw next set-
2x 5x 40 kg
– 4 chin ups btw sets-
– 4 side pull ups btw next set –
2x 5x 50 kg
-4 side chin ups btw sets-

5x 15kg snatch

100 Abs variants + 2 x 30sec back bridge

Kettlebell and boxercise classes @womens fitness Cork tonight!!


Powerlifting competition, Sport, strength training

Can I have a carrot, please

Spend half the day driving and most of the other part, waiting around in a sports hall, to compete in powerlifting. I have to admit, that I to the last-minute, didn’t feel very up for it, for various reasons.
Like – my deadlift training stopped in the end of december, I’ve been constipated for about a week (yes, it’s that time of the month) and.. we got about 3 hours of sleep from friday to saturday. So things were not lining up in my favor, as I entered my first powerlifting competition.


Aside from feeling tired, wrecked, bloated and constipated, I also have to admit, that I was a nervous wreck or rather a nervous hungry wreck.  So after my first lift – the dreaded squat, which I haven’t been training. Just been doing a little here and there, without dropping to competition depth! (mind you), I went next door, to the restaurant to ask, if they could hit me up with an apple, a carrot or just anything fresh. Judges dumped my third attempt by disqualifying my spotter, who shouted depth (apparently a moment to soon). But I got two meek lifts out. A bad – but expectedly bad start.

The cook, an older warm gentleman seemed confused at first: No irish breakfast?? But then he lightened up and asked me, if I would like a coleslaw, with carrots and cabbage. I answered, that would terrific and if I could get a splash of lemon on top. And then I waited hopefully for my first meal of the day.Out it came, in a big white bowl. Thou, it wasn’t exactly, what I would call raw coleslaw. It was small old bites of diced carrots, with chopped leaks and whole slices of raw potato. And my desired lemon on top (two boats).


I ate the carrots and left the rest in the restaurant. And then I had to bench. Now, I haven’t really trained bench pressing either. Again, it’s just one of those things, I would do on occasion, when I’m in the gym. So now – why would I enter a powerlifting competition one could ask. Well, I sort of tried to up my deadlift before christmas, and was pretty serious about it – and from that, to here.. well, I guess, I must have thought it would be fun. Or for the crack as my boyfriend would put it.

Bench was fine for first lift, I felt strong and confident. Second time around, I thought I waited to press up, till I heard the judge go: ‘Press’, but again apparently I didn’t. Mind you also – the judge really took his time to count on the press. He was later replaced. Anyway, on my third attempt, I went to high and died on the way up. It was a weight I’ve done in the gym, with a fast touch and go lift. I think, my mind got fu*** up by the second lift disqualification, so I payed more attention to the judge, and less to the actual task: Lift that bar.


After benching we went to a gas station to get some food. I found a meal deal offer: triangle sandwich with ham, salat and tomatoes – and as I took the first bite: half the sandwich was actually mayo. Well I did get an old orange and a bottle of water too for my 5 euro. So I won’t complain. Just say, I didn’t finish my sandwich.
Deadlift was coming up next, and my boyfriend had to leave me so he could get to work. So still hungry, alone and a half damaged confidence, I had to do, what I actually know how to do: Lift that iron from the floor.


I chose to start on tiny bit more, than suggested, as I warmed up with my opening. A friend from thaiboxing – Len – who is also a former powerlifting champion, advised me to go a little higher. But still a little scared, I started off somewhat conservative – did so with success. My next two lift was equally, even I struggled a bit on the last.. but it was actually my best lift in my mind. Not only because it was a new personally PR, but because I struggled, thought about quitting and decided not too. Decided to overcome…. That was the best feeling

Later I got my hands on nuts, olives and sugar peas and a banana. What a feast!

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More ICT #1 and strength

Sunday morning:

New Ross challenge: Never Gymless, this time in Siam w/ company.

ICT 1:
* Burpees
* Pull- ups
* Squats
* Pushups
4 round

Round 1: 60 sec
Round 2: 45 sec
Round 3: 30 sec
Round 4: 15 sec
No rest btw rounds

Pull-ups sucked big time. In fact, don’t think I made two good ones in a row. Three other excersises went well. I’m consistanly around 10-12 burpees pr 30 sec, and around 40-something on Squats and Push ups – in the minute round.

After ICT#1, we went for:
2 rounds of shadow
1 rd hands and elbows
1 rd kicks and knees
1 rd everything
1 rd shadow
+ 150 knee on bag
150 knee (walking)

Monday Strength (max)

Deadlift: 10 x 35 kg warm up
1x 4x 55 kg
4x 4x 75 kg

4x 10x 14 kg (each hand)
Pull Ups:
5, 5 (under hand) + 5, 5 (sideway hands)

Hamstring Curls:
2x 10x 20 kg
2x 10x 25 kg
5, 6, 6, 6

Full Contact Twist:
3x 20x 15 kg
Plank: 2 minutes

Was crazy hot in the gym yesterday. Sweat dripping from just standing and waiting, changing weights on the barbel etc. Crazy heat!!
More words on training: It’s been a long time since we did any deadlift at all. The king of excersisses – and I felt it. Measly 75kg – no braggin’ rights. But it’s by far the best full body drill I know! Also – a happy renunion with the Full Contact Twist – gives a blast to core and uppercut speed. I seem to remember a couple of years ago, I would do the drill with 25 or 30 kg. Yesterday I made it 15k – and that was hard. Tells me, theres room for improvement!